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  • 1. Garrett starts by reviewing his short list of graduate schoolsthat offer science journalism programs.

    4. The link leads to an article entitled Stony Brooks School of Journalism Unveils Newsroom of the Future. The article is dated October, 2007, a full nine years ago---an eternity in the internet age. He wonders if the schools newsroom is as cutting edge as the website copy claims. Maybe theyve kept pace, but he cant find any recent information about the schools technical resources to evaluate. technical resources to evaluate.

    5. About to give up, he clicks around on a few more links, this time one for videos. One the videos page, he finds a section called SOJ Resources (whatrever that is). Clicking on a video, there, he finds that it was recorded much more recently--just two years ago. The video includes a narrated tour of the newsroom that explains its technical capabilities which have, in fact, been modernized since the newsrooms 2007 opening.modernized since the newsrooms 2007 opening.


    6. The newsroom looks great, but the school really went out of itsway to make it hard for prospective students to learn about it online. Garrett thinks the web folks at this school arent paying attention. It leaves a bad impression for a school thats tyring tosell its communications program..

    2. He reviews the Stony Brook University School of JournalismGraduate Programs home page and is intrigued by the prominent mention of an up-to-date $1.3 million dollar newsroom. Soundspretty exciting but there are no links or details to be found.

    3. Garrett thinks it odd that a school boasting of that kind of reource wouldnt go into detail. He gets creative and decides touse the sites search function, entering the exact phrase found on the home page. He gets a hit for an article about the newsroom and clicks the link.

    Garrett follows technology trends and he feels that a successful communicator has to be able to take advantage of the latest trends--social media, sophisticated video software, websites, and more. He want to find a school thats been keeping up, one that will give him access to the latest hardware and techniques.