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Vietnamese lacquerware

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The traditional Vietnamese lacquerware process practiced in Vietnam is quite complicated and can take up to 4 months to finish just one piece. Even a simple tray takes a minimum of 75 days.

The Silk lamp base made from fibreboard is examined and any cracks or indentations are sealed with lacquer from the native lacquer tree (rhus seccedanea" tree) found in Phu Tho

www.aurijinal.comAfter checking that the lacquer has not affected the intended shape of the item, the product is covered with fine cotton gauze to ensure that there will be no cracking at a later stage.

Next, the piece is covered with a thick coating which is a mixture of natural lacquer, finely ground mountain rock, sawdust and alluvial soil.

www.aurijinal.comWhen this coating has dried, the product is placed under water and sanded.

The base is left to dry and then the process of applying lacquer, sanding and drying will repeated at least fourteen times, thats why is takes so long to make just one piece.

www.aurijinal.comThe lacquerware is given a final hand polish to enhance its lustrous, glassy sheen.

Here an artist paints a lamp base in Van Gogh style before applying 14 coats of clear

www.aurijinal.comThe craftsman carefully applies broken eggshell before the coats of clear lacquer are applied.

After over 75 days of making the lacquerware, it is carefully packed ready to be shipped to waiting overseas

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