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臺大公共論壇 禽流感真的那麼可怕嗎 ?

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臺大公共論壇 禽流感真的那麼可怕嗎 ?. 王金和 台灣大學獸醫學系 2005/10/30. Electron microscopy of influenza virus. Structure and Gene Fragments of the Influenza Virus. H1-16 N1-9. 禽流感病毒的病原性. H5, H7 為高病原性家禽流行性感冒 (Highly pathogenic avian influenza, HPAI) ,高病原性毒株引起全身感染。 很多具有 H5, H7 毒株為非 HPAI 。. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 臺大公共論壇 禽流感真的那麼可怕嗎 ?

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  • Electron microscopy of influenza virus

  • Structure and Gene Fragments of the Influenza VirusH1-16N1-9

  • H5, H7 (Highly pathogenic avian influenza, HPAI)H5, H7HPAI

  • Susceptibility of avian and mammalian species to H5N1 (A/Ck/HK220/97)Mortality Birds8/8: Turkeys, chickens, quail, guinea fowl, pheasants, Zebra finches6/8: Partridges, H finches, budgerigars,0/7: H sparrows (death in Italy, Ab in Tainan)0/8: geese, ducks, gulls, starlings, pigeons, rats, rabbits [AD47:956]

  • High susceptibility Low susceptibilitySome H5N1 in 20022005

  • AI-2000-20012290 (HI)H63.5% (127/3650)4-5RT-PCR311AI (, 2001)

  • H5H7HPAILPAI 21(Panigraphy et al., 1996) H5N9 (Narayan et al., 1969) 19121 (Slemons and Easterday, 1972) 1997H5N1 (Laura et al., 2002; Perkins and Swayne, 2002)

  • 2003E-319

  • 20-30

  • H5H7RT-PCR

  • RT-PCR20% imported lotsRandom sampling27 samples in one detection including 3 sites from3 lumps from 3 boxes in one lot.

  • Diagnosis of AI by Multiplex PCR

  • Egg Inoculation

  • (receptor) Avian: H1 H 15, N1 N9 -2,3 linkage

    Human: H1, H2, H3; N1- N2 -2,6 linkage

    Avian H1human H1

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  • Isolation and characterisation of H5N1 and H9N2 influenza viruses from pigs in China (2002-2003)4.7 and 8.2 per cent of serum samples collected from Guangdong and Fujian provinces were H5 subtype influenza positive. 6 H9N2 and 2 H5N1 subtype influenza viruses were isolated from the samples that were collected during 2001-2003. Sequence analysis confirmed that these viruses are [closely related to] the H9N2 or H5N1 subtype avian influenza viruses that have been isolated in China. This study confirms the H9N2 influenza infection in pig flocks in China, and also is the 1st report of the emergence of the H5N1 influenza virus in the pig species. Therefore, for both the veterinary and public health [sectors], urgent attention should be paid to the pandemic preparation [for] these 2 influenza subtypes.

  • (reassort) (Orthomyxoviridae)AA16HA9NAReassortmentH5N2+H6N1 = H5N1, H6N2HA, NA 16x9=144 6 internal genes

  • Postulated evolution of the influenza A viruses currently circulating in humans

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