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一、形容词和副词的基本 用法

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一、形容词和副词的基本 用法. 1. 形容词做表语 2. 形容词做宾语补足语 3. 形容词做定语. 4. 副词的基本用法. 二、形容词和副词的 等级. 1. 形容词副词原级 , 比较级,最高级的常见用法 2. 形容词等级间的转换. 三、常见形容词和副词的 用法比较. 1. 易混淆的形容词副词. The money problem becomes______. (serious, seriously) 2. Fish soon goes ______ in hot weather. (bad, badly) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 一、形容词和副词的基本 用法

  • 1.2. 3. 1.,

    2.1. 4.

  • The money problem becomes______. (serious, seriously)2. Fish soon goes ______ in hot weather. (bad, badly)3.The girls made a big cake __________. (happy, happily)4.I tried to make myself ______. (clear, clearly)5.The sun keeps us _______. (warm, warmly)


  • The usages of Adjectives and Adverbs Lu Qin

  • be look, sound, feel, taste, smell go, get, turn, grow, become keep, stay seem

  • make/keep/find /leave sb./sth. +adj. make us happy, keep the window closed, keep us safe find him dead / alive, leave the door open

  • 1.What made the children so ____ ? A. exciting B. excited C. excitingly D. excitedly2. The sun keeps us ________. A. warm B. warmly C. cold D. coldly

    3. We find it____ to do some reading every day. A. easily B. be enjoyable C. helpful D. interested 4. You must wear glasses. They can keep your eyes______ A. save B. safe C. safely D. safety5. Are you going to leave _______ ? A. the open window B. the window opening C. the windows open D. the windows openedBACBC

  • 2. I can tell you _____ about my friends.A. something different B. different anythingC. different something D. anything different3. This kind of book is ____ for the children to read. A. enough well B. enough good C. well enough D. good enough1. My _____ brother is in Beijing. A. old B. older C. the older D. elderDAD

  • some,any,every,no There are a lot of important people in the hall.I have something new to tell you.


  • Usages of Adverbs: I hardly know any French. He studies French hard. He is seriously/badly ill/ injured. He sings very well/beautifully.

    Luckily, he won a Japan Airlines scholarship.

  • friendlylovely likely, lonely,

    1) He talked with us ____.

    A. friendly B. lovely C. politely D. likelyc

  • 1. as + + as ---- not as/so + + as ---Surfing is as interesting as swimming.

    Surfing isnt as/so interesting as swimming

  • 2. + than English is much more important than Japanese, I think.He is fatter than any other student in his class.

  • much / even / far/ a little / a bit/ a lot/ rather/ still/ no / any + .In our city, its __ in July, but it is even __in August.A. hotter; hottest B. hot; hot C. hotter; hot D. hot; hotter .I am so tired that I cant go any ___ now. A. far B. farer C. farther D. farthestDC

  • Tom is taller than _____ _____ student in his class. Tom is taller than _____ student in his sisters class. any other + any+ China is larger than ____ ____ country in Asia.China is larger than ____ ____ in Africa.

    He is taller than _____ _____ boy in his class.He is taller than _____ girl in his class.anyotheranyanyotheranycountryanyotherany

  • Canada is larger than ____ country in Asia. A. any B. any other C .other D. another

    The Yellow River is longer than ____ in Japan. A. any other river B. other rivers C. any river D. any other rivers AC

  • 3.(the)+ in/of/among

    Jim is the tallest of the three.Jim runs fastest among them.Jim is the tallest in his class.Jim is taller than ____ ____ student in his class. any other

  • 2.

    1.He is not as tall as his brother. - He is _____ ______ his brother. - His brother is ____ ____ him.shorter than taller than(1) He is the tallest student in his class.He is _____ _____ any other________ in his class.He is taller than ______ _______ in his class. ______ _____ in his class is taller than him.

    taller thanstudentanybody elseNobody else1.

  • 1. bad ,badly The milk easily goes ____ in hot days. He was sad because he did _______in the exam.

    2. freezing, frozenPeople usually wear coat in _________ weather He likes eating _______ food.


  • 3.frightening, frightened, amazing, amazed surprising, surprised, exciting, excitedYour idea sounds ______ He got a bit _________ and raised his voice.4. hard, hardly How _____ they are working in the field! It ______ snows in Shanghai, does it?


  • . ill, sickTake the ____ boy to hospital at once. He looks _________. . . lonely, aloneThe rich man who lives ____ has few friends.He has few friends and feels _______ from time to time..sickalonelonelysick / ill

  • 9.pleasant, pleased It was a ________ journey I am ________ to meet you again 8.happy, happily Mom looks ____ today. Mom looks ____ at the photo taken in Beijing.happyhappilypleasantpleased

  • 1.These cheese tasted so ______ that the kids asked for more. A) delicious B) well C) bad D) badly (05) 2. Nowadays science fiction isnt as _____ as cartoons among teenagers. (05) A) popular B) more popular C) less popular D) the most popular 3.Taiwan is _____ island of china. I hope to visit it soon.(06) A) big B) bigger C) biggest D) the biggest 4.The lake looks ______ in the moonlight. I often take a walk around it.(06) A) wonderfully B) famous C) beautiful D) well


  • 7.The snow storm which hit this area last night was____ in recent years.(08) A) heavy B) heavier C) heaviest D) the heaviest 5.This motorcycle is not as____ as that one, and it uses less gas.(07) A) expensive B) less expensive C) more expensive D) the most expensive8.George was frightened to see a snake in the grass. His face turned ____.(08) A) pale B) clean C) sadly D) happily6.Mr Smith said to Billy, Your idea sounds_______A) clearly B) fluently C) good D) loudACDA

  • 9.Thanks to the new inventions, our lives are much ___ than before.(09) A) convenient B) more convenient C) most convenient D) the most convenient 10. The home made ice-cream in this restaurant tastes .Would you like some?(09) A) softly B) greatly C) nice D) wellBC

  • Fill in the blanks with some adj. and adv. Reading newspapers has become important in our d_____ life. People read newspapers in their f_____ time. So they can learn what is on in the world. Sometimes, we do not have e______ time to read all the news c______, so we just take a q_____ look at the front page. At other times, we may be so b_____ that we j____ look at the headlines. Newspapers can be found e_____ in the world. We can get many different kinds of newspapers in big cities, but in some mountain villages we can see f____ newspapers. reeailynougharefullyuickusyustverywhereew

  • Some newspapers are published once a week, but most of the papers are published once a day, some e______ come out twice a day. You know different people like different newspapers. They just choose what they are i_______ in. Today newspapers in English have the l______ number of readers in the world. The English language is so p______ that many Chinese students are reading English newspapers.