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савицкая васильева проект по английскому

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Text of савицкая васильева проект по английскому

  • Wonder treeBoth children and adults around Russia love playing.We invented the game and called it the Wonder Tree. It is game about tales.The Wonder tree is a game for two to six players. To play it you need cardboard surface, a dice and some counters. You start on square START and you move your counter the number of squares shown on the dice.

  • If you have the green square you have to guess it and go up the arrow, and if you do not guess, you stay on the same square and lose your turn.

    If you stand on a blue square go down the arrow. The winner is the one who goes to finish line first.

  • Here is the cardboard surface. We drew this picture ourselves on the computer.

    Savitskaya KseniyaVasileva Alexandra4-Which a fantastic character skillfully went to different characters but was caught by the fox?14-What fantastic character bought a samovar, gave a tea party, and then fell into the hands of a spider?19-Which soldier cooked porridge of ax with help of ah old woman?21-Who went on a chair, singing songs and telling stories?27-Which character had long blue hair?

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