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商業智慧 (BI)

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商業智慧 (BI). 謝邦昌 教授 輔仁大學統計資訊系教授 中華資料採礦協會 理事長 [email protected] WWW.CDMS.ORG.TW. 商業智慧. 讓資料為您開啟智識大門. KDD 過程 ---. 資料轉換到可採取行動結果上. 根據結果 採取行動. 評估結果. 資料採礦流程. 識別商業問題. Decision Trees. Clustering. Time Series. Naïve Bayes. Association. 完整與強大的演算法. 資料來源 :Microsoft Taiwan. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of 商業智慧 (BI)

  • (BI) [email protected]

  • KDD---

  • Sequence ClusteringNeural NetLogistic RegressionLinear Regression:Microsoft Taiwan

  • Text Mining90%Text Mining. SQL 2005 SSIS/ ASIBM Intelligent Miner for TextSAS Enterprise Miner for TextSPSS Clementine for Text:Microsoft Taiwan

  • PMML (Predictive Mark-up Language)Data Mining GroupXML1998PMML 0.9 19991.02000IBM (Intelligent Miner) KXENMagnifyMicrosoft MicroStrategyOracle Prudential Systems Software Salford SystemsSAS (Enterprise Miner)SPSS (Clementine)StatSoft:Microsoft Taiwan

  • (1)Hypothesis(2)Bias(3)Dependency/ Independency(4)Distribution(5)

  • Its Hot !!! Data mining didn't exist as a field until he helped pioneer it.--Usama M. Fayyad

  • It is NewInformation DeliveryData mining DM ( )

  • ? Pattern? Trend? Relationship?

  • Business Understanding (Domain)

  • Data Mining

  • DM


  • GUS3.8%

  • 30

  • CRM ePlatform : : : : ::

  • BI BI AP Data MiningEIS /OLAP/ReportingInternetB2CBusiness DiscoveryAnalyticServicesValue-added BI& Presentation Information Preparation & StorageAPICRMSFAIntranet

  • Single UserSingle View!! BIBIAd hoq Query(X-Sell)CRMSFABI Portal SecuritySingle Sign on

  • Data Mining MicroSfot SQL Server 2005 UNICA (ZENII)INDEX MINERKepler (rp) Clementine (cp) DataMind DataCruncher (cp) Darwin (cp) Intelligent Miner (cp) INSPECT (cp) NeoVista Solutions (cp) Nuggets (cp)Partek (cp) Polyanalyst (cp)SAS Data Mining (cp) StatiaticaSGI MindSet (cp)Knowledge Explorer (cp)DataEngine (cp)Delta Miner (cp)S-PLUS (cp)MATLAB (cp)Mathematica (cp)XGOBI (pd)Crystal Vision ne ExplorNsphinxVision Graf-FXIRISSpotfireNetmapVisible Decisions Inc.Visual Mine

  • Data Mining-Useful Analysis Tool

  • =+Data Mining -- Find the MODEL

  • Data Mining Its New ! Its Hot ! What are you waiting for ?

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