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  • 1. DM365 // TI Proprietary information

2. DM365 DM365 3. DVR/DVS Segmentation MetricLowMid High fps 120/240 non real-time 120/240/480 real-time240/480/960 real-time Inputs/Hybrid 4/8/16 No 4/8/16 Yes 8/16/32 Yes Video MJPEG MJPEGMJPEG CodecsMPEG4 MPEG4MPEG4 H.264 BPH.264 BP H.264 BP/MP/HP Custom, AVS-SCustom, AVS-S, SVC Transcoding/Univ Dec Transcoding/Univ Dec ResolutionCIF CIF-D1 CIF-D1 Video Analytics NoneSimple Motion DetectionApplication Intelligence Simple Motion Detection Intelligent Motion Loss prevention, Detectionphysical security, riskmanagement, businessIntelligence IP Transport10/10010/100 optional SRTP 10/100/1000 with SRTP Audio CodecsNoneNone-G.711 G.711, G.726, G.729ab, Audio Analytics NoneNone AAC-LDGlass break, shot spot,PTZ focus, etc. HW BOM$50-100 $100-200 >$200 Note: Hybrid is Ethernet RJ45 and Analog BNC input fps includes total frames for triplex support (Record, Monitor and Playback) 4. DaVinci Multi-Channel Roadmap4 - 16 D1 Resolution Complete Video Security Portfolio 2 - 8 D1 ResolutionDaVinciityNext Device .dens + TVP5158 Productionh Ch 1 - 2 D1 Resolution Hig SamplingDaVinci DaVinci DevelopmentDM6467TNext Channels/Performance erf.+ TVP5158 4x P8D1 H.264 + TVP5158DaVinciCIF ResolutionDM647/8 2D1 H.264 sityDaVinci M id denNextDaVinci DM6467+ TVP5158 f.+ TVP5158DaVinci 4x Per DM642 DM6441/6 4D1 H.2644 devices 1D1 H.264sity DaVinciDaVinciLow den NextDaVinci H.264DM365 + TVP5158 + TVP5158 DM355 2D1 H.2642D1 MPEG4Time 5. Low-end DVR/DVS DM355 Ultra low endCoprocessors 4 CIF MPEG4/JPEG 30fps 2 D1 MPEG4/JPEG 30fpsARM9 216/270MHz Linux Host DVR Controller Network Interface Motion detection AudioDM644x 4x H.264 CIF stand aloneC64x+ 600MHz 4 CIF H.264/MPEG4/JPEG 30fps 1 D1 H.264 30fps 2 D1 MPEG4/JPEG 30fps Video AnalyticsCoprocessors SD VICP Motion Estimation Filtering De-interlacingARM9 300MHz Linux Host DVR Controller Network Interface Encryption Audio 6. Mid-end DVR/DVS DM6467C64x+ 600MHz/729MHz Available for Video AnalyticsCoprocessors HD VICP- 16 CIF H.264/MPEG4 MP/SP 30fps- 4 D1 H.264/MPEG4 MP/SP 30fpsencode plus 4 CIF H.264/MPEG4BP/SP 30fps 2nd streams encodes6D1 H.264/MPEG4 MP/SP 30fpsdecodes- Provides HW support for MPEG-4ASP and H.264 MP tools such asQPel, Field Coding, CABAC- Graphics Engine capable of down-scaling 4 D1 channels into 4progressive CIF channelsARM9 300MHz/360MHzLinux Host for DVR ControllerNetwork InterfaceEncryption and Audio 7. New Low End - DM365 DVR/DVS 8 CIF or 2D1 H.264/MPEG4/JPEGDM365 8 CIF H.264/MPEG4/JPEG ARM9 270-300MHz Linux Host DVR Controller HighNetwork Interface TVP5158 DefinitionMotion detectionMonitor Audio HDD Chain Mode DM365Requires Interface chipCoprocessorsTVP5158 BT.656 8 CIF H.264 HP/MPEG4/JPEG 30fps 2 D1 H.264 HP/MPEG4/JPEG 30fpsEMACPHYBenefitsMulti format encode and decodeIPIPUltra low cost DVR with H.264Network NetworkIntegrated Ethernet MACIntegrated Audio CodecSmall size and better integrationHD monitoring outputHDD attach 8. DM365 @ 1Mbps vs DM355 @ 4 Mbps DM355 MPEG4 @ 4 Mbps DM365 H264 @ 1 MbpsDM365 provides up to 4x bitrate reduction for comparable DMOS scores over DM355 at low bitratesDM365 generates better subjective qualityreduced level of noisereduced blockinessSimilar DMOS scores 9. DM365 @ 1Mbps vs DM355 @ 4 MbpsDMOS Quality comparison of TI codecs - Park Run Clip 7060.. Poor4x TI DM365DMOS Quality Score (lower is better) .Fair50 TI DM355 MPEG4SP 40 2.7x . 2xGood 302.2x 20 2.2x .Excellent 10 0 0.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps 2.0 Mbps 3.0 Mbps 4.0 Mbps5.0 Mbps 6.0 Mbps 7.0 Mbps 8.0 Mbps 9.0 MbpsBit Rate 10. Comprehensive and Cost-effective Electronic BOMDigital Video Server=