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解釋名詞 Key Terms – Business Intelligence – Chap. 2, P. 79

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Key Terms Business Intelligence Chap. 2, P. 79 Slide 2 List three systems for linking the enterprise Enterprise system (ERP) Supply chain management systems Customer relationship management systems Knowledge Management systems Chap.2, P. 81 Slide 3 List the three interrelated changes in technology area of the new themes in business use of information systems The emerging mobile digital platform The growth of online software as a service The growth of cloud computing P. 36, chapter 1 7, Slide 4 List any 3 of Strategic business objectives of Information systems 1.Operational excellence 2.New products, Services, & Business models 3.Customer & Supplier Intimacy 4.Improved Decisions Making 5.Competitive Advantage 6.Survival Page 42, Chapter 1 14, Slide 5 List the three dimensions of information systems Organizations Technology Management P.48, chapter 1 22, Slide 6 List any 3 key organizational complementary investments which are required to optimize returns from information technology investments Supporting organizational culture Appropriate business model Efficient business processes Decentralized authority Distributed decision-making rights Strong IS development team P. 57, chapter 1 33, Slide 7 List 3 typical business processes for the sales and marketing functional area of business Identifying customers Making customers aware of the product Selling the product P. 73, table 2-1, chapter 2 49, 2-1, Slide 8 List the 3 components of DSS Data source Internal: TPS, MIS External: stock prices, competitors prices Variety of MODELS to analyze data User-friendly software (interface) P. 78, paragraph 3, chapter 2 55, , Slide 9 List the 4 Enterprise applications Enterprise systems Supply chain management systems Customer relationship management systems Knowledge management systems P. 82, chapter 2 61, Slide 10 List any 3 collaboration and communication systems as vital management tools for jobs in todays global economy Internet-based collaboration environments E-mail and Instant messaging Cell phones and smartphones Social networking Wikis Virtual worlds P. 90. chapter 2 Slide 11 List 3 disruptive technologies Microprocessor chips Personal computers PC word processing software World wide web Internet music services PageRank algorithm Software as web service P. 113, Table 3-1, chapter 3 96, 3-1, Slide 12 List the 4 dimension of organizational resistance P. 119, chapter 3 103, Slide 13 List the 4 generic strategies for dealing with competitive forces which is enabled by Information systems Low cost leadership Product differentiation Focus on market niche Strengthen customer and supplier intimacy P. 124, chapter 3 109, Slide 14 List the 3 building blocks of network-based strategies Network economics Virtual company model Business ecosystems P. 134, chapter 3 122, Slide 15 List the 2 companies which use data from multiple sources to create information on individuals DoubleClick ChoicePoint P. 154, (profiling), chapter 4 146, , Slide 16 List the 3 higher-order values Freedom Privacy Protection of property Free enterprise systems P. 157, chapter 4 149, Slide 17 List the 2 core principles of FIP Notice/Awareness Choice/Consent P. 161, chapter 4 153, Slide 18 What legislation was established to regulate spamming in Europe and United States -- Europe ban on unsolicited commercial messaging United States does not outlaw spamming ban deceptive email practices P. 174, chapter 4 170, Slide 19 List any four elements of the data hierarchy Bit Byte Word Field Record File Database P. 237, chapter 6 246, Slide 20 Develop an example to explain the multiple views of data within a database. p. 241, chapter 6 250, Slide 21 What does the following query means? SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT AUTO.CUSTNUMB) FROM (AUTO, HOME, CUSTOMER) WHERE HOME.CUSTNUMBAUTO.CUSTNUMB AND HOME.CUSTNUMB = CUSTOMER.CUSTNUMB AND CUSTOMER.CITY = Kaohsiung; Note:means not equal. The number of people in Kaohsiung city who has home insurance ( ) but not auto insurance ( ) Slide 22 List the 4 types of information which is obtainable from data mining -- Association Sequences Classification Cluster P. 256, chapter 6 268,

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