{ Making friends with evidence and evaluation Rachael Trotman – Weave Ltd @xtra.co.nz September 2015

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Pres 18 sept 2015

Making friends with evidence and evaluation

Rachael Trotman Weave Ltdrachael.trotman@xtra.co.nzSeptember 2015

{1Accidental evaluatorSociologyHuman ecologyJungian and transpersonal psychologyTheory U www.presencing.com Auckland basedFreelancer/collaboratorANZEA - www.anzea.org.nz Centre for Social Impactwww.centreforsocialimpact.org.nz 2


4E valu ation

Evidence value action

Kate McKegg developmental evaluation - Youtube5E valu - ation

Head heart - hand6Change direction, the tyranny of the inevitableOpportunities - Cartoon

7What do you and those you serve gain by showing value and telling a robust story?

Clarify value8

Measure what matters to those who matter9What types of data and how to present it?

Rich picturesInfographicsSlide docs (Duarte.com)DVDs, photo methods Summary documentsPresentations/testimonials by participantsWhat speaks to them?10Use your languageMake time for this work - experimentLet passion to make a difference be the driverAsk powerful questionsFocus more on success and positive changeDo what energises you

Do it your way11Who do you measure and evaluate for?What is real change for the people you serve?Are they involved in how you track and show your value do they need to be?What story of change would they tell?

Who is at the centre of your story?12Share responsibilityParticipatory data collectionHorses mouth dataReflection as a tool for transformationDo it together13What do you have (people, data, systems, approach)?What to keep and let go?What mix of head, heart and hand can steer?What skills do you need to develop within?What skills do you need to hire in?Start where you are14

15What would this look like for you?What would need to change?16When getting helpNegotiate purpose and briefSeek right mix of head, heart and handConsider their grasp of your contextConsider fit with your teamIf large scale ask for EOIs then interviewResults presented in ways you can use17

18Measure what matters to those who matterDo it your wayFind it valuable, energising and meaningfulDo it collaborativelyTell a compelling performance story

Evidence and evaluation are your friend if you19What Works websiteMSD funded, Community Research leadingwww.communityresearch.org.nz Support NFP sector to evidence and tell their storyLaunching November 2015To contribute a short case study contact Manu Caddie on manu@ahi.co.nz 20