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Standalone Cash Flow Statement 59 Notes on Standalone Financial Statements 60 Consolidated Independent Auditors’ Report 94 Consolidated Balance Sheet 100 Consolidated Statement

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  • Standalone Cash Flow Statement 59

    Notes on Standalone Financial Statements 60

    Consolidated Independent Auditors Report 94

    Consolidated Balance Sheet 100

    Consolidated Statement of Profit & Loss 101

    Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 105

    Notes on Consolidated Financial Statements 107

    Form AOC - 1 154

    Notice 02

    Boards Report 09

    Extract of Annual Return 17

    Annual Report on CSR Activities 27

    Report on Corporate Governance 28

    Secretarial Audit Report 47

    Standalone Independent Auditors Report 49

    Standalone Balance Sheet 56

    Statement of Standalone Profit & Loss 57

    CIN : L15491WB1997PLC082808


    Mr. Chandra Kumar Dhanuka, Chairman

    Mrs. Aruna Dhanuka, Managing Director & CEO

    Mr. Purushottam Jagannath Bhide

    Mr. Mrigank Dhanuka

    Mr. Brijesh Kumar Biyani

    Mr. Ramesh Kumar Chandak

    Mr. Raj Vardhan Kejriwal

    Mr. Amit Gupta


    Mr. Pawan Kumar Lath


    Ms. Priya Agarwal


    State Bank of India

    HDFC Bank


    U S Agarwal & Associates

    Chartered Accountants


    Dhunseri House

    4A, Woodburn Park, Kolkata 700 020

    Phone: 2280-1950 (5 Lines); Fax: 91-33-2287 8995

    E-mail: [email protected]



    Maheshwari Datamatics Pvt. Ltd.

    CIN: U20221WB1982PTC034886

    23, R. N. Mukherjee Road, 5th Floor, Kolkata 700 001

    Phone: 2243-5029, 2248-2248

    Fax: 91-33-2248 4787, E-mail: [email protected]


    M/s Dhunseri Ventures Limited

    (Formerly known as Dhunseri Petrochem Limited)

    (CIN: L15492WB1916PLC002697)


    M Shahnawaz & Associates

    Practicing Company Secretaries


    M/s Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd.

    (CIN: L15500WB1997PLC085661)

    M/s. Dhunseri Overseas Private Limited

    (CIN: U74999WB2016PTC217771)


    Friday, 25th September, 2020 at 11:30 A.M.




    Damle Dhandhania & Co.

    Chartered Accountants

  • Dhunseri Investments Limited



    By Order of the Board

    For Dhunseri Investments Limited

    Priya Agarwal

    Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

    ACS 38800

    Place: Kolkata

    Date: 28th July, 2020


    NOTICE is hereby given that the 23rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Members of DHUNSERI INVESTMENTS LIMITED will

    be held on Friday, 25th September, 2020, at 11:30 A.M. through Video Conferencing (VC) or other Audio Visual Means (OAVM)

    to transact the following businesses:-


    1. Adoption of the Financial Statements

    To receive, consider and adopt the Audited Standalone and Consolidated Financial Statements of the Company for the Financial

    Year 2019-20 and the Reports of the Board of Directors and Auditors thereon.

    2. Declaration of Dividend

    To declare Dividend on the Equity Shares of the Company @ of ` 1.50 per Equity Share for the Financial Year ended 31st March,


    3. Appointment of Director

    To appoint a Director in place of Mr. Mrigank Dhanuka (DIN: 00005666), who retires by rotation and being eligible offers himself

    for re-appointment.

    CIN : L15491WB1997PLC082808

    Dhunseri House, 4A, Woodburn Park, Kolkata 700 020

    Tel : 91 033 2280 1950 (5 lines); Fax: 91 033 2287 8995

    Email : [email protected]; Website :


    1. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed on the movement of people, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

    vide its Circular dated 5th May, 2020 read with Circulars dated 8th April, 2020 and 13th April, 2020 (collectively referred to

    as MCA Circulars) and SEBI vide its Circular dated 12th May, 2020 have permitted for holding of the AGM through Video

    Conferencing (VC) / Other Audio Visual Means (OAVM), without the physical presence of the Members. Accordingly, in

    compliance with the provisions of the Act, SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (SEBI

    Listing Regulations) and MCA Circulars, the AGM of the Company is being held through VC / OAVM.

    2. Since this AGM is being held pursuant to the MCA Circulars through VC / OAVM, physical attendance of Members has been

    dispensed with. Accordingly, the facility for appointment of proxies by the Members will not be available for the AGM and hence

    the Attendance Slip and Proxy Form are not annexed to this Notice.

    3. The Register of Members and Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from Saturday, 19th September, 2020 to

    Friday, 25th September, 2020 (both days inclusive).

    4. Institutional Shareholders (i.e. other than Individuals, HUF, NRI etc.) are required to send scanned copy (PDF / JPG Format) of

    the relevant Board Resolution / Authority Letter etc. with attested specimen signature of the duly authorized signatory(ies) who

    are authorized to vote, to the Scrutinizer by e-mail to [email protected] with a copy marked to [email protected]

    5. Subject to provisions of Section 126 of the Companies Act, 2013, Dividend for the Financial Year ended 31st March, 2020, as

    recommended by the Board if approved at the AGM will be paid on or after Thursday, 01st October, 2020.

    a) To those Members whose names appear in the Register of Members of the Company as on 25th September, 2020.

    b) In respect of Shares held in Electronic Form, to those Deemed Members whose names appear on the Statements of Beneficial

    Ownership furnished by National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (CDSL), at

    the end of the business hours on 18th September, 2020.

  • Annual Report 2019-20



    Notice (Contd.)

    6. Members holding shares in Electronic Form are hereby informed that Bank particulars registered against their respective Depository

    Participants, with whom they maintain their demat accounts, will be used by the Company for the payment of dividend. The

    Company or its Registrar cannot act on any request received directly from the Members holding shares in electronic form for any

    change of Bank particulars or Bank mandates. Such changes are to be intimated only through the respective Depository Participants.

    Members holding shares in demat form are requested to intimate any change in their address and / or bank mandate immediately

    to their Depository Participants.

    7. Pursuant to the Income Tax Act, 1961 (IT Act) read with the Finance Act, 2020, dividend income is taxable in the hands of

    the Members with effect from April 1, 2020 and the Company is required to deduct tax at source from such dividend at the

    prescribed rates. A communication providing information and detailed instructions with respect to tax on dividend for the Financial

    Year ended 31st March, 2020 is being sent separately by the Company to the Members.

    8. The Members who are unable to receive the dividend directly in their bank accounts through Electronic Clearing Service or any

    other means, due to non-registration of the Electronic Bank Mandate, the Company shall despatch the dividend warrants to such

    Members, upon normalisation of postal/courier services and other activities.

    9. Members holding shares in Physical Form are requested to intimate any change of address and / or bank mandate to the Company

    at the Registered Office or Companys Registrar & Share Transfer Agent, M/s. Maheshwari Datamatics Private Limited, at 23, R.

    N. Mukherjee Road, 5th Floor, Kolkata - 700001.

    10. The details of Director seeking appointment / re-appointment under Item no. 3 of this Notice is annexed hereto.

    11. In compliance with MCA Circulars, Notice of the AGM along with the Annual Report for FY 2019-20 are being sent only through

    electronic mode to those Members whose e-mail addresses are registered with the Company or NSDL/ CDSL (Depositories).

    12. Members holding shares in physical mode and who have not updated their email addresses with the Company are requested to

    update their email addresses by writing to the Companys Registrar and Share Transfer Agent, M/s. Maheshwari Datamatics Private

    Limited at [email protected] Members are requested to submit request letter mentioning the Folio No. and Name of Shareholder

    along with scanned copy of the Share Certificate (front and back) and self-attested copy of PAN card for updation of email address.

    Members holding shares in dematerialised mode are requested to register / update their email addresses with their Depository


    13. Members with physical holding may also directly register their email id/update their PAN by visiting the link of the Companys

    Registrar and Share Transfer Agent M/s. Mahes

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