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  • Starling: unraveling Starling:

    Performance on mobile devices

  • Starling



    Starling Android

    Agenda A short story about

    Starling Framework Example of using Starling

    in a real project Performance

    benchmarking on mobile devices

    Benchmarking results, graphs

    Minimum system requirements for mobile games development with Starling for Android

  • Starling - 2D-, , .

    Target audience The target audience for Starling are 2D-game developers, who dont need a three-dimensional graphics, but who want to keep up the hme and add hardware accelerahon to their game.

  • Starling Framework AchonScript 3 2D-, Stage3D API.


    Starling .

    What Is Starling? Starling? Starling is an 2D

    framework for AchonScript 3 developed on top of the Stage3D APIs.

    Starling is designed for game development mainly.

    Starling makes it possible to write fast GPU-accelerated applicahons.

  • Starling features Starling Adobe Disney,

    Zynga, Rovio Entertainment

    Open source Large community The relahvely rapid Easy to use Easy to migrate Support from Adobe Can see in games

    from Disney, Zynga, Rovio Entertainment

  • 2D-: (Parhcle System, Tilemap, , ..)

    Realisahon What is usually needed from 2D-framework: Object pooling Texture atlases Batched Geometry Extensions and tools

    (Parhcle System, Tile map, Dynamic light and shadows, isometric sort, etc.)

  • zombieLab top-down , .

    My project ZombieLab project is an arcade shooter with a top-down camera, with levels based on real maps, and a very large number of enemies.


  • zombieLab

  • zombieLab

  • zombieLab

  • Performance

    Version Plaborm Zombies FPS Hardware Accel.

    Pure Flash Windows 500 15 - Starling 0.9 Windows 500 60 + Starling 0.9.1 Windows 1500 60 + Starling 1.0/1.1 Windows 3000 60 +

    Version Plaborm Zombies FPS Hardware Accel.

    Pure Flash iOS / Android 25 15 - Starling 1.0/1.1 iOS / Android 500 / 300 30 - 40 +

    Windows: Intel Core i5 760 2.8 GHz, 4Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

    iOS: iPad 2; Android: HTC Desire S, 480x800, CPU 1GHz, 768Mb RAM

  • Starling Benchmark: Open Source (GitHub) Google Play Starling Wiki

    Features of Starling Benchmark: Open Source (GitHub) App on Google Play Gathering of stahshcs Public access to the

    stahshcs All collected data will be

    posted on the ocial Starling Wiki

    Starling Benchmark (iOS, Android)


  • Starling Benchmark (iOS, Android) Classic benchmark Stress benchmark

  • iOS

  • iOS

  • iOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Android

  • Android

  • Android

  • Android

  • Android

  • Users readiness

    Asus Eee Pad HTC Desire

    LG Ophmus 3D Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Samsung Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus






    3300 HTC Desire S Motorola Triumph

    Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100G) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    HTC Endeavor Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)

    Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-I727) Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 725


  • : Starling 30fps

    Conclusions for Starling on mobile devices: For now, best way to use Starling on mobile develop simple games with low amount of graphics elements. Dont overload your games by parhcles or dont use them at all 30fps limit for fast and cool animahon


  • Thank you for your a}en~on!

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