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  • Title Page Title Page Vision Vision Career Goals Career Goals Career Goals Continued Career Goals Continued My School Courses * My School Courses Resume Introduction Resume Introduction Letter of Application Letter of Application Resume Resume College Course Examples College Course Examples College Requirements College Requirements Employment Examples Employment Examples Places Aerospace Engineers Might Work Places Aerospace Engineers Might Work Common Requirements for Aerospace Engineers Common Requirements for Aerospace Engineers Sources Sources My Website http://www.freewebs.com/sjfelectport/ * http://www.freewebs.com/sjfelectport/
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  • Lois Kwon Lawyer Table of ContentsRole of a Lawyer
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  • I believe that in order for one to achieve one must work hard and make good choices. One must be able to defend and support with all their ability until justice is brought to society, and one must be able to listen and collaborate with their client. Table of Contents Lawyer Table of Contents
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  • My career interests and goals begin and end with the ability to think fast and the ability to skillfully organize my thoughts. My favorite subject in school included English and journalism, and I was able to achieve success in both classes. I am taking English Honors class this year, and I am planning to take a journalism course next year. To learn how to apply evidence and skillfully manipulate that information into getting what I want. Help bring justice and win the rightful properties for my client and learn to think quickly and respond with alacrity and precision. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsLawyer
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  • I hope to obtain a job, anywhere from a layer to a judge, anything that deals with a law firm while attending college. I hope to one day work myself up to the top of such a company by my middle or late working years. Table of ContentsLawyer
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  • Radnor Senior High School Western Civilization Honors English Honors Honors Algebra 2 Honors Biology Band Honors Honors Latin 2 Journalism (next year) Table of ContentsLawyer
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  • My resume seeks to provide evidence confirming that I will make a good lawyer, and that I will excel in my interest area. You may notice that in my resume, it mentions a no absence award, as well as umpiring being listed as a job. The no absences award symbolizes that I am a hard worker, and umpiring requires excellent decision making, especially for such a young age. I do many extra-curricular sports, as well as two major educational extra-curriculars as well. I work well with people and have a dedication in learning. Table of ContentsAerospace Engineering
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  • Princeton University Law 504. Introduction to Law Law 550. Criminal Justice Law 505. Laws Law 512. Case Support Law 553. Structural Dynamics Table of ContentsLawyer
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  • B+ or higher in math 140, 141, English 012 or 17, and Literature. 211 >4.00 GPA: Entrance Guaranteed with the previously listed courses Minimum of 3.00 GPA required Table of ContentsLawyer
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  • Usually works with New York Corporations Top Salary-$140,000/yr Director of Law Quality Assurance Lawyer Lawyer Client Analyst Law Verification and Validation of Masters Degree Table of ContentsLawyer
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  • Arnold & Porter Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr Latham & Watkins Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky Finnegan Henderson Table of ContentsLawyer
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  • At Least 10 yrs. in school 5 yrs. in employment Various Degrees (Masters, Bachelor, PhD) Table of ContentsLawyers
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  • http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/b usinesscareers/2163.html http://www.nevadaappellatelaw.com/2008 /09/articles/wednesdays-are-for-women- lawye/the-50-best-places-for-a-female- lawyer-to-work/ Table of ContentsLawyers