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(+) / A1. transformationsA1()aberrationabichiteablation, abradentabraderabradingabrasion, abrasion hardness abrasion marksabrasion test as-pressed densityas-sintered densityabrasion tester abrasive belt , abrasive cloth abrasive cut-off machine abrasive dust abrasive grain abrasive hardness abrasive paste abrasive powder abrasive wear abrasiveabsolute error absolute humidity absolute pressure absolute temperature absorbed energy absorbentabsorber , absorbing column absorbiteabsorptionabsorption capacity absorption chromatography absorption edge[=absorption limit] absorption extraction absorption spectrum absorptivityAC arc-welder AC arc-welding AC electrode accelerated creep accelerated-life test Acceptoracceptor impurity acceptor level accerated cooling accessory minerals accomodation strainaccretion()acetyleneacetylene cutting acetylene cutting-torch achroite achromatic lens acicular cast-iron acicular iron oreacicular martensite acicular powder acicular structure acid [=acdic] slag acid()acid (Bessemer) converter acid (Bessemer) process acid (Bessemer) steel acid bath acid brick acid brittleness acid bronze acid dipping acid leaching acid lining acid open hearth process acid resistance[= acid-proof]acid resistant alloy acid steelacid value[= acidity]acmiteacoustic diagnosis acoustic emmission acoustic fatigue[=] acoustic testing[=] , actinium[=Ac]actinoliteactivated alumina activated carbon activated sintering activationactivation energy activation overvoltage activation volume activatoractive power active solvent activity , activity coefficient[=] actual [=real] solution actual breaking load() actual load() actual throat ( )adamiteaddition agentaddition compound addition reaction additiveadhesion test adhesion[=adherence] , adhesiveadhesive bond() adhesive film adhesive strengthadiabatic calorimeter adiabatic shear band adiabatic transformations admiralty brass admiralty metal admiralty gunmetal(bronze) adsorptiionadsorptiion chromatography adsorptiion isotherm adsorptiion overvoltage adsorptiion surface area adular(ia)advanced ceramicsaeration corrosion aeration , aeration tank aerometer[=hydrometer]aerosolaerospace materials aerugo , affinity()afterblowafter-contractionaftercoolerafter-effectafter-treatmentag(e)ingag(e)ing crack ag(e)ing resistance ag(e)ing stability agalmatoliteagateage hardening agentagglomerant[=]agglomerateagglomerated cakeagglomeration,,agglomeration charge agglomeration machineagglomeration plant[=] agglomeration roasting[=] aggregate , aggregationaggressionaggressivenessaging treatmentagitating vane agitationagitation leach(ing) agitation tank agitatorairair bath air blast air blast quenching air blast temperature air boxair bubbleair chamberair channelsair classification air cleaner air compressor air conditioning()air conduit air conveyer air cooler()air cooling()air damper air distillation air draft [=aid draught]air drying air exhausterair filter air furnaceair gate air hammer air hardened steel air hardening air hose air inlet air jacket air lift air manometer air patenting air permeabilityair pipeair port air preheter air pump air purification air quenching air rammer air refining air regenerator air reservior air separation air uptake air valve air ventairbond airingair-tight joint air-tight test aislealabandite() albion metal albitealbronze alchemyalclad alcoholaligned composite materials aligned eutectic alloy aligned structure alitizingalkali metal alkali resistance alkali salt alkali solution alkaline battery alkaline earth metal alkaline electrolyte alkaline fusion alkaline leaching alkalinityall sliming process allemontitealligator()alligator shears alligator skin effect alligatoring all-mine ironallomerismallomorphyallotriomorphicallotropeallotropic transformation allotropyallotropyallowable error allowable load allowable pressure allowable stress allowable stress allowable variation alloyalloy cast-iron alloy hardening alloy pig-iron alloy plating alloy scrap alloy steel alloy structure alloy system alloysteel castings alloyingalloying constituents alloying elements alluvialalluvial deposits alluvial goldalni alnico alpaca[=alpakka] alpax alpha brass alpha bronze alpha decayalpha iron alpha particle alpha ray alpha solid solution alphatizing alternate current [=AC]alternate layered wire rope alternating bending test alternating current [=AC]alternating stress amplitude alternating load aludel alumalumelalumin(i)um[=Al]aluminaalumina brick aluminatealuminate inclusions aluminic acidaluminiferous aluminized coating ()aluminizingaluminosilicate aluminothermic reduction aluminothermic welding aluminothermy aluminum alloy aluminum base alloy aluminum brass aluminum bronze aluminum foil aluminum powder aluminum solder alumstonealundumamalgamamalgam test amalgamated metal amalgamating bath amalgamationamalgamation process amberambient temperature americium[=Am]amethystammoniaammonia alum ammonia leaching ammonia water ammoniumAmonton's law of friction amorphismamorphous alloy amorphous carbon amorphous film amorphous metal amorphousnessampereamperemeteramperometry amperostaticamphoteric compound amphoteric electrolyte amphoteric element amphoteric ion amphoteric oxide amphoterism()amplitudeanalog computer analyzeranataseanatomical alloy andalusiteandraditeanelastic behavior anelastic strainanelasticityangle,,angle butt-weld angle of bite()angle of contactangle of neutral planeangle of nipangle of nonslip pointangle section angle steelAngstromangular carbide angular powder angular velocity anhydrideanhydriteanimal charcoalanionanion exchanger anionite anionite membrane aniosotropic constitutive relations aniosotropic materials aniosotropyanisothermal()anisothermal annealinganisotropic crystal anisotropic elastic constantsanisotropy of ductility annealed powder annealed steel annealed structure annealingannealing box annealing cycle annealing embritttlement annealing furnace annealing of defects annealing texture annealing twin annular furnaceannular kiln anodeanode (potential) drop()anode copper anode effect anode mud anodic brightening anodic coating anodic corrosion anodic oxidaton anodic polarization anodic protection anodic treatment anodizinganolyte()anorthic[=triclinic] system3anorthiteanthraciteanthraconite anti-carburizer anticathode()anti-clastic curvature anti-corrodant anti-corrosion , anti-corrosion paintanti-ferroelectricityanti-ferroelectricsanti-ferromagneticsanti-ferromagnetismanti-foaming agent anti-friction alloy anti-friction bearing antimonateantimonial lead antimonial nickel antimonic[=antimonous] acid antimonideantimonite[=stibnite, Sb2S3]antimony glance[=stibnite]antimony[=Sb]anti-oxidant anti-phaseanti-phase domain anti-phase domain boundary()anvilanvil blockAOD converter- AOD process- apatiteaperchromatic lens aperture()apophylliteapparatus , apparent density apparent particle density apparent power apparent specific-gravity apparent modulus of elasticity approach angle()approach roller approximate analysis apronapron conveyer apron feeder aqua regiaaquadag(-)aquamarine()aqueous medium aramid fiber arborarc blowarc brazing arc cutting arc discharge arc furnacearc gouging arc heating arc image furnace arc spot-welding arc spray arc stabilizer arc strike(-start) arc voltage arc welding alternator arc welding electrode arc welding arcarc-air gouging arch brick Arcos arc process area reduction argental mercury argental[=Ag]argentan[=German silver, white copper]argentiferous galenaargentiferous leadargentiferous ()argentiteargentum[=silver, Ag]argilaceous rock ()argon (-shielded) arc argon [=Ar]argon- arc welding- argon blowing argon rising treatment argon stirring argon-oxigen decarburization[=AOD]- argon-oxygen decarburization[=AOD]- armco iron armo(u)r platearmo(u)r plate rolling mill armo(u)r steel arrest point()arsenatearsenic acid arsenic copper arsenic poisoning arsenic[=As]arsenical tough-pitch copper arsenidearsenitearsenous acidart bronze art castings artificial aging artifitial aging artifitial draught artifitial gas asbestosasbestos packing asbestos paper asbestos plate asbestos wool as-castas-cast condition as-cast metal as-cast structure ascending pipe[= tube]ashash cellar ash content ash cooling ash pan ash pit[=ash pocket] aspect ratio aspect ratios 1 . .asphaltaspiratoras-rolled state assayassay balance assay furnaceassayingassemblage[=assembling]assembly markastatine [=At]asterism()astigmatism atacamiteathermal growth athermal nucleation athermal transformation ativation polarization atmospheric corrosion atmospheric pressureatmospheric rust atomatom fraction atom magnetic moment atom percent atomic absroption spectrometry atomic arc welding atomic arrangement atomic binding[= atomic bond] atomic heat atomic number atomic percentage atomic radius atomic reactor[=atomic pile]atomic stacking sequenceatomic vibration atomic volume atomic weightatomizationatomized powder atomizeratomizingattached test coupon [= cast-on bar] attackattenuationattraction forceattritionattritor grindingaugiteauric, ()auriferous ()aurous, ()ausag(e)ing ausforming ausrolling austemperingausteniteaustenite grain size austenite stabilization austenite[=austenitic] cast-iron austenite[=austenitic] structure austenitic alloy steel austenitizing [= austenitization] austenitizing temperature austenoferritic steel- austenomartensitic steel- autocatalysisautoclaveautoclave leaching autofrettage, autogeneous grinding autogeneous ignition[=autoignition] autogeneous smelting autogeneous welding automatic arc welding automatic control automatic ga(u)ge control automatic gas cuttting automatic spot-welding automatic[=free cutting] steelautomobileautomobile body sheet automobile steel automoliteautoradiography autuniteauxiliary anode auxiliary arrangement auxiliary[=secondary] air aventurine fedsparaverage sample avional Avogadro's number axial force axial porosity axial pressure axial ratioaxial stress axial symmetry axial vector axially-


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