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1.前置詞+名詞 - dlmarket-jp.s3. · PDF fileIt had escaped from the zoo early that morning. ① at large ② in tune ③ on duty ④ for fun ... 4.前置詞+冠詞

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Text of 1.前置詞+名詞 - dlmarket-jp.s3. · PDF fileIt had escaped from the zoo early that...

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    () The people trapped in the elevator were happy when they were told that help was close at

    ( ). The fire department had just arrived.

    head foot mind hand

    () Diane didnt have time to research her report properly, so she just had to use the information

    in the books she had close at ( ).

    heart hand times large

    () Harriet is 82 years old, but she is still young ( ). She listens to the latest pop music, and

    she plays tennis every weekend.

    at heart in time at once in line

    () The problem at ( ) is not whether taxes will be raised but how large the increase will be.

    risk issue ease all

    () The special news report on TV warned residents of Springfield that a tiger was ( ) in the

    area. It had escaped from the zoo early that morning.

    at large in tune on duty for fun

    () A: Officer, Im Jill Smith of the Daily News. Do you have any new information about this

    mornings bank robbery?

    B: Not ( ). But if we do get more, well let you know.

    in fear for short at present with caution

    () Free vacations will be given to three contest winners, all selected at ( ) from a list of over

    two hundred names.

    most heart random peace

    () A: Do you enjoy living in New York, Sundar?

    B: Yes, mostly. But ( ) I miss my family in India. I call them about once a week.

    with ease in advance on purpose at times

    () Carl started taking piano lessons from the best teacher in his town, and ( ) he was able to

    play quite well.

    on purpose at hand until then before long

    (10) As a result of the heavy traffic, the bus was running behind ( ) this morning.

    plan program schedule timetable

    (11) The beauty of the sunset was ( ) description.

    up beyond over above

    (12) I met an old friend by ( ) while I was walking down the street. We decided to have lunch


    happening chance opportunity occasion

    (13) When Roger noticed the bicycle coming toward him, he had no time to think. He simply

    jumped to one side ( ).

    on duty by instinct for good with respect

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    (14) Mark is a sales manager at his company, and he often has to take his clients out for dinner.

    He is a very friendly person ( ), so he enjoys this part of his job.

    on hand by nature in time at once

    (15) We know the policeman by ( ), but we dont remember his name.

    ourselves heart sight choice

    (16) A: Did I tell you I ran into Sally at the supermarket last week?

    B: Sally McKinney from high school? Wow, I havent seen her for ( )!

    good miles long ages

    (17) A: I havent seen Carlos for ( ).

    B: Neither have I. Lets drop in at his house after school and see how he is.

    periods terms ages numbers

    (18) Jiro studied in Italy for a year and liked it so much that he decided to stay there ( ). Now

    he lives in Rome and works for a company there.

    for good by accident in return on schedule

    (19) A: When will you get back, Janet?

    B: Oh, Im not coming back. This time Im leaving Japan for ( ).

    late good better last

    (20) A: I havent seen Arnold today. Is he sick again?

    B: No one knows ( ) because he hasnt called the office yet.

    on duty above all in public for sure

    (21) Margaret didnt do very well on yesterdays exam. Shes decided to work much harder ( )

    now on.

    along after from by

    (22) All the tickets for todays concert are sold out. We should have bought ours in ( ).

    advance order front public

    (23) Please let us know at least two weeks ( ) if you are going to cancel the trip.

    on demand to the front on time in advance

    (24) The president said his country would send $10 million in ( ) to help people who were

    affected by the earthquake.

    data scenery temper aid

    (25) After taking the entrance examination, Toshihiro waited in ( ) to see if he would be able to

    enter the university.

    separation principle anticipation retirement

    (26) After many years of hard work, the Booters finally had a hit song. Soon, they were ( ) at

    all of the major TV stations.

    on patrol on purpose in danger in demand

  • 3

    (27) A: Did you talk about the new advertising campaign at the meeting today?

    B: Yes, but there wasnt enough time to discuss it in ( ). Were going to work on the details at

    a special meeting next week.

    memory trouble cash depth

    (28) A: Could you explain to me in ( ) what the lecture was about?

    B: Im afraid I can only give you the general outline. I wasnt listening very closely.

    variety detail fact length

    (29) Well have to examine the data from our last experiment in ( ) before we know what went


    general common detail turn

    (30) ( ), the people in this town are really friendly. Still, there are always some exceptions, so

    be careful.

    By the end In general By contrast In the meantime

    (31) A: Whats the weather like in Brazil, Mario?

    B: Well, in ( ), its warm and humid throughout the year.

    natural total general typical

    (32) A: Is there anything ( ) that youd like to have for dinner tonight, Tom?

    B: Lets have pizza. I can help you make it, Mom.

    in use in particular in detail in vain

    (33) Jenny loves playing sports. ( ) particular, she loves tennis and plays every day after school.

    On In By As

    (34) A: Im going to the grocery store. Is there anything in ( ) you want?

    B: No, thanks.

    total common particular place

    (35) Jerry and Steve work for the same company, but they are in different cities and have only

    talked to each other on the telephone. Next week, they will finally meet in ( ) at Steves office.

    case person place control

    (36) Ive written many letters to my pen pal in China, but Ive never met her ( ) person.

    as for in with

    (37) A: Can I talk to you ( )? Its about the surprise party for Tiffany. I dont want her to hear


    B: Sure. Lets go over there.

    in private on duty above all for instance

    (38) A: Ive got something important to discuss with you. Is there anywhere we can speak ( )?

    B: Yes. The meeting room upstairs should be empty right now.

    in private on purpose in return on target

    (39) A: Matt, thank you so much for helping me move. How can I repay you?

    B: Oh, dont be silly. Im your friend, and Im always here to help. I dont want anything ( ).

    in return for certain with pleasure by chance

  • 4

    (40) Ted helped me with my homework all day yesterday, so in ( ) I took him to lunch this


    return charge particular advance

    (41) A: Playing video games is a pointless activity. There are a hundred better ways to spend an


    B: ( ), you think theyre a waste of time.

    On schedule At random In tran

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