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10 Best Foods. According to Mayo Clinic 根據 梅約醫學中心之 10 種最佳之食物. By Dr. Dos Santos 山度士醫生 Assistant Professor – Loma Linda University School of Public Health. 10 Best Foods 10 種最佳之食物. 1. Apple 蘋果 2. Almonds 杏仁 3. Blueberries 藍莓 4. Broccoli 西蘭花 5. Red Beans 紅豆 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • 10 Best FoodsAccording to Mayo Clinic

    10By Dr. Dos Santos Assistant Professor Loma Linda University School of Public Health

  • 10 Best Foods101. Apple 2. Almonds 3. Blueberries 4. Broccoli 5. Red Beans 6. (Salmon) Flaxseed / walnuts / 7. Spinach 8. Sweet potatoes 9. Vegetable juices10. Wheat germ

  • WHY?

  • They meet at least 3 of the following criteria3Good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients High in antioxidants - vit A, vit E and betacarotene -A,E -

  • Lower risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases Low calorie density - larger portion size - few calories - - AvailabilityThey meet at least 3 of the following criteria 3

  • 1. Apples Pectine lower cholesterol and glucose - Vitamin C CAntioxidant protects cells against cancer Protects against damage to arteries - heart disease - Increase iron and folate absorption

  • 2. Almonds Fiber, vitamin B BMinerals magnesium, iron, calcium (richest in nuts) ()Rich in proteins Good for the heart Lower cholesterol

  • 3. Blueberries Richest source of antioxidants Also might prevent urinary infections - similar to cranberry -Help memory Anti aging Rich in vitamin C CRich in antioxidants for the eyes

  • Dr James JosephTufts University, Boston, USALab rats fed with blueberry extract less memory loss and motor behaviour decline as they aged

  • Dr James JosephResults are promising but these are animal studies...But since then, I am eating 1 cup of blueberries every day

  • 4. Broccoli Rich in calcium Antioxidants Rich in vitamin A and C ACIndol - prevent digestive cancers Indol -

  • Main Cancers in Asia Hong Kong Lung ColonLiver Stomach Breast Nasopharynx

  • 5. Red Beans Rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper Vitamin B1 B1Rich in fiber Antioxidants that prevent heart disease and cancer Rich in proteins

  • High risk of mercury, heavy metal contamination - prefer vegetarian source - Flax seed, walnuts, nuts, green leaves 6. Salmon (omega 3 fatty acids) ( 3 )

  • Lower blood coagulationImprove arrhythmias Decrease triglycerides Lower blood pressure 6. Omega 3 fatty acids 3

  • Spinach High in vit A, B and C ABCBoost the immune system Keep hair and skin healthy High in minerals Calcium, iron and magnesium

  • Sweet Potatoes High in antioxidants - betacarotene - -Anti aging Reduces risk of cancer High fiber High in vita B, C and E BCEHigh in potassium

  • Vegetable juicesMore vitamins and minerals than the original food Tomato juice and other vegetable juices - rich in lycopene - reduce heart disease, prostate cancer, ovary cancer and other cancers - -

  • () 1 cup tomato juice1 cup of peppermint tea (cold)1 cup of fresh spinach leavesSpinach Cocktail

  • Beet drink1 1 cup of carrot juice1 1 cup green bell pepper1/2 1/2 cup beets

  • Cauliflower drink1 1/2 cups carrot juice2 cups cauliflower steamed2 celery ribs1/2 beet

  • Cucumber4 inches cucumber slice4 small peppermint leaves1 cup of water

  • Variations with CarrotsCarrots, spinach and kaleCarrot, cucumber and celeryCarrots, parsley and celeryCarrots, small amounts of garlic (w clove), ginger

  • Tomato variationsTomato, cucumber, parsley, celery, broccoli.Tomato, green pepper, celery, cucumber and parsley.

  • Wheat GermRich in vit B and C BCRichest source of vit E ERich in protein Rich in minerals magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc.

  • 1.2. 3. Aleurone layer Endosperm GermWheatRiceCornHull

  • Quiz TimeMention 5 of the ten best foods!Why broccoli is good?What are the benefits of eating blueberries?What is the problem with fish?

  • WHY?

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  • What do these animals have in common?They are all vegetarians!

  • 12 - 56% decrease in risk of death for all causes 12-56For more than 20 years being vegetarian - plus 30% of decreased risk20-30Vegetarian Nutrition, J. Sabate, CRC 2001, page 40Vegetarians and longevity

  • Less risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, Alzheimers disease, cataracts, aging process, and mental performance Antioxidants in Fruits and Vegetables ANTI-OLDANTS

  • Antioxidants in Fruits and Vegetables Oxidation is literally decay. Oxidation in our environment is seen as rusting of metal, rotting of meat, browning of apples, and the brittle changes in old rubber

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  • Free RadicalAntioxidantSource: American Family PhysicianOctober 1, 1998/Volume 58, Number 5Antioxidants can stop the free radical damage by giving up an electron to the free radical so that the oxygen molecule may return to its stable oxygen configuration. - , ANTI-OLDANTS

  • ORAC - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (antioxidant measure)Prunes 5770Raisins 2830Blueberries2400Blackberries2036Kale1770Strawberries1540Spinach 1260Brussel sprouts1260Raspberries 1220Plums 949Alfalfa sprouts930Broccoli florets 890Red Bell Pepper 840Oranges 750Red Grapes739Beets 710Cherries 670Onions 450Corn 400Eggplant 390Food and Nutrition Research Briefs - USDA Research ServiceANTI-OLDANTS

  • How much fruits and vegetables should we eat?8 - 10 servings810

  • Reasons to abandon animal foods:Read meatFishSea foodChicken Civet cats Barbecue Sushi Butter and eggs

    SARS BenzopyreneCholesterol Worms Mad cow disease Mercury, lead H5N1, SalmonellaOcean contamination

  • 10 Best FoodsAccording to Mayo Clinic

    10By Dr. Dos Santos Assistant Professor Loma Linda University School of Public Health