12 Strikes At Midnight

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  • 1. The Twelve Strikes of Midnight Mi Hai Ting G Lc Na m

2. The twelve strikes of your clock at midnightwill bring my wishes to youfor the next twelve months. Mi hai ting g ca chic ng h lc na ms mang n cho bn cc li cu chc ca ticho mi hai thng sp ti. 3. First Strike Wish of Health [health that all the money in the world cannot buy ] Ting g u tin Chc Sc Khe [chc bn c sc khe m tt c tin bc trn th gii khng th mua ni ] 4. Second Strike Wish of Love [that life around you be filled with love,not with hatred and war] Ting g th hai Chc Tnh Yu [chc cho cuc sng chung quanh bn chan ha tnh yu,ch khng y hn th v chin tranh] 5. Third Strike Wish of Luck [that you never lack of anything in this life] Ting g th ba Chc May Mn [chc bn khng bao gi thiu bt c iu g trong cuc i] 6. Fourth Strike Wish of Dreams [ that you have dreamsso as to see them come true] Ting g th t Chc c nhiu Gic M [c hc bn c nhiu gic m v thy chng nn hin thc] 7. Fifth Strike Wish of Courage [courage to accept what you cannot change] Ting g th nm Chc Can m [chc bn can m chp nhn nhng g khng th thay i] 8. Sixth Strike Wish of Encounters [that you taste the sweetness of friendshipand never feel lonely] Ting g th su Chc c nhiu Cuc Gp G [chc bn cm nm c s ngt ngo ca tnh bn v khng bao gi cm thy c n] 9. Seventh StrikeWish of Family Unity [ that you enjoy the enduring ties of a loving family] Ting g th byChc Gia nh Hp Nht [c hc bn c vui hng nhng dy lin kt bn vng ca mt gia nh thn thng] 10. EighthStrike Wish of Success [that all your projects be fruitful] Ting g th tm Chc Thnh Cng [chc tt c cc k hoch ca bn mang li kt qu] 11. Ninth Strike Wish of Peace [that your heart be free of anxiety, hatred, and envy] T ing g th chn Chc Bnh An [chc cho tri tim bn thot mi u lo, hn th v ghen ght] 12. Tenth Strike Wish of Gratitude [that you rejoice for being alive each and every day] Ting g th mi Chc c Lng Tri n [chc bn lun vui v cn c sng mi ngy v mi ngy] 13. Eleventh Strike Wish of Imagination[that you can see even beyond the wonders of creation] Ting g thmi mt Chc c Tr Tng Tng[chc bn c th nhn vt sang c bn kia nhng iu k diu ca cng trnh sng to] 14. Twelfth Strike The Most Important Wish [that youreceive blessingeach and every day of this new year] Ting g th mi hai Li Chc Quan Trng Nht [chc bn nhn c phc lnh tng ngy v mi ngy trong Nm Mi ny] 15. Happy New Year! May all my wishes to you come truein 2009 Chc Mng Nm Mi ! c g tt c cc li chc ti gi n bn nn hin thc trong Nm 2009