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  • Significant Designers Contributions to FashionDior: bell suit, wasp waist

    Balenciaga: tunic dress, high-low dress, sleeve, sack dress

    Fath: plunging necklines, hourglass figures

    Chanel: boxy suit, chemise dress, quilted handbag


  • Christian Dior



  • Original


  • Original


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  • Popular Music

  • Popular Movies of the Decade

  • Glamour, Wholesome, and Pin-up Styles

  • Basic and Timeless Uniform of the Greaser

  • West Side Storyhttp://youtu.be/aenJ5V43Xvk

  • Abstract Expressionism

    Jackson Pollock

    Willem de Kooning

    Mark Rothko

  • Are You a Square?

    A time of both squeaky-clean Disneyland and unkempt, edgy beatniks.

  • Beatnik: the first Hipsters? Hangouts: coffee shops

    Instrument of Choice: bongos



    -black turtleneck

    -horizontal striped shirt

  • GreasersCuffed Jeans

    White or Black T-shirt

    Leather Jacket

    Pompadour Hairstyle

  • Rock-A-Billy 2015


    Slicked back hair

    Cuffed jeans

    Converse shoes

    Actually brought back in the 70s to react against disco. Blew up again in the 90s.

  • Teddy Boys: British Fashion Edwardian-style, tailor made clothes paired with brothel creepers and chunky brogues.

  • Father Knows Best

    This was the quintessential family of the fifties, what every family was aspiring tothe good life from the fruits of good living.

  • The Womans Role

    Woman, get in that kitchen and make me a sammich!

  • 3 Most Recognized Dresses Circle, Shirtwaist, and Coat Dresses

  • The Everyday Dress

    Practical housedresses

    ChoresQuick errands

  • Women in the Workforce


    Phone Operator


  • The Conservative ManIvy League or Preppy

  • Other Mens StylesPink Was All The Rage The Western Look

  • The Mans Role

    Men were expected to carry the financial burden of the family.

  • Social ActivitiesDrive-Ins Sock Hops

  • The Eisenhower Economy

    Overall grew by 37%

    Median Family had 30% more purchasing power.

    Cheap oil from domestic wells kept industry running

    Federal deficit to grow to stimulate the economy