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    Type Location Limits of Use








    Interface: Intermix: Urban:Suburban: Rural: Other:








    Fire Behavior



    * Peak flame lengths occur when fire growth isin alignment with heavy fuel, slope and wind.




    Risk Assessment Tactical Plan Tactical Map Area Map Aerial Map


    Additional Info

    Tac Air Support














    Tac Air

    30' or Less 30' to 70' More than 70'

    Abundant Combustable

    Dense Spacing

    Narrow, Dirt RdsNo turnarounds

    No Water Source

    Poor Radio, CellCoverage

    20+ Min Re-load, No LZs

    Subdivision Tracts Rural, dispersed

    1 Ln, paved, 1-way in/out

    Ponds, pools, low flow hyds Good Hydrants

    Some Weak Spots Good Coverage

    10-15 Min Re-load, No LZs

    5 Min re-load, LZs

    2-Lane Rds.Good Ingress/


    Some Combustable



    Topography Topog Steep MediumSlope Flat

    Fuels Fuels Heavy or DeadTrees, Brush

    Moderate Light

    HazMat HazMat Bulk LPG,Chemicals Hazards in Barn None

    Air Safety Clear Restrictions,Steep Cyns

    30' to 70' More than 70'

    Civilian Safety Civ SafeMandatoryEvacuation

    Evacuate if Time Permits Shelter in Place

    FF Safety FF Safe No Safety ZonesMarginal Safety

    ZonesAdequate Safety





    Topo: Laguna Beach, CA, San Juan Capistrano, CA, and Dana Point, CA

    5639A LAGUNA COAST-CENTRAL Downtown Laguna, Laguna Canyon, Top of the World

    5/11/16Rohde & Assoc.

    Interface community with spur-ridge & exposed canyon bottom homes. Coastal chaparral & coastal sage filled canyons, narrow & twisting streets to access hillside homes. 100'+ defensible space around most structures. Good 800/VHF radio and cell communications in upland areas but poor radio on coastal facing lower slopes. (800MhZ 5H- Catalina,Use VHF/800 patch, Law: Orange 5/7. FireOC Tone4).

    Transmission power lines immediately south of SR73 and in Laguna Canyon. Possiblehelispot at Crystal Cove SP/Reef Pt. parking lot on Coast Hwy. (powerlines nearby). Watersources: Pelican Hills GC (NPB), Strawberry Farms GC (IRV), Laguna Niguel Regional ParkLake (LGN), San Joaquin Reservoir (NPB) is recycled water- dipping ok but do not drop onpeople.

    Irvine Bowl/Pageant, Sawdust Fest., Laguna Cyn. Rd. area, Canyon Acres Dr., Castle RockDr. area, SR73, Park Ave. Top of the World/Skyline area, Hidden Valley Cyn. Rd., TempleHills Dr. area, Anneliese's Schools, Laguna College of Art & Design, Temple Hills Elem.School, Thurston Middle School (school occupancy 300 ea.) , Bluebird Canyon/MorningsideDr. area, Moorhead Repeater, parkland trails.

    Coastal mixed chaparral & coastal sage scrub, with riparian, oaks, & sycamore in canyonbottoms- good recovery from 1993 fire. Combustible ornamental vegetation around some homes.Good defensible space maintained by goats around many homes.

    10/93 Laguna Fire: 14,300 ac.+441 hms, burned 50% of north-west plan area. 392 were lost withinplan area in Canyon Acres & Top of the World/Skyline Dr.

    In critical fire weather, fires burn with extreme behavior, high rates of spread, & longrange spotting. This area experiences 2-4 weeks of critical conditions annually, howeveris capable of high-energy output, dangerous fire behavior, & high structural loss duringthese periods. Past fires have experienced fire whirls & spotting at coastal canyonmouths & in Laguna Cyn. near Big Bend. Heavy fuels in Wood or Aliso Cyns. may causeheavy spotting ahead. Coastal ridges can cause roll-turbulence effects during N/E winds.Expect immediate reversal from onshore winds on cessation of Santa Anas. Onshorewind fires are typically slope driven- holding along ridges, with good RH recovery at night.

    The San Joaquin Hills form the backdrop to the Laguna Coast at an elev. of 1,036' atTemple Hill/Top of the World. Laguna Canyon (104' elev.) extends from the Coast to theI-405/5 inland, and twists through the "Big Bend" area mid- canyon. The Pacific Ocean liesimmediately south, and SR73 is on the north. Wood & Aliso Canyons are locatedimmediately north of the of Temple Hill/Bluebird Canyons.

    Coast Hwy. S/O Newport Coast Dr. or N/O Crown Valley Pkwy. Laguna Cyn. Rd. south fromI-405/SR73/ or El Toro Rd. Truck trails access most coastal canyons. Some very narrowresidential streets in some areas (Bluebird Cyn/Castle Rock/Canyon Acres). All pavedroads-Type 1 eng. accessible. Dirt Truck trails-Type 3/6 only.

    1. Moorhead Repeater at Moorhead Reservoir: critical to 800 comms. Do not drive on buried reservoir-will not support fireapparatus.2. Arts Fest.-Irvine Bowl/Pageant of the Masters (Adjacent to Moorhead Reservoir), capacity: 2,600. Access at 650 LCR.Sawdust Fest., 935 LCR, capacity: 1,5003. SCE electrical Sub-station, 900 LCR4. City Yard, 1900 LCR (hazmat-LPG)5. Homeless Shelter 20652 LCR

    SZ Main St. Beach, Coast Hwy. at Laguna Canyon Rd.(or other nearby beaches) All areas

    SZ Laguna Beach High School, 625 Park Ave. All areas

    SZ Alta Laguna Park, 3299 Alta Laguna Top of the WorldTRA Thurston Middle School Gym, 2100 Park Ave Students/staff/guests only

    TRA Top of the World Elem School Gym, 21601 Treetop Ln. Students/staff/guests only

    1. Reef Point Parking, Coast Hwy./Reef Pt.2. Main St. Beach, Coast Hwy/LCR3. Aliso Beach park, 31131 S. Coast Hwy.4. Doheny SB 25300 Dana Pt. Harbor Dr.5. Laguna Niguel Reg. Park, 28241 La Paz6. Salt Cr. Beach Park, 1 Ritz Carlton Dr.

    LAB FD/PD, OCFA, OCSD, CHP, Cal-Fire,(Consider NPB FD/PD, Irvine PD)

    1/2. Crystal Cove SP Reef Pt. & Los Trancosparking lots, Coast Hwy.3. Crystal Cove Shopping Ctr., 8000 E. CoastHwy.4. Pavillions Store (Boat Cyn.), 600 N. Coast Hwy.5. Parking lot: Forest Av. x-Broadway6. Dilley Preserve Parking lot, SR133 N/O SR737. Aliso Beach Park, 31131 S. Coast Hwy.8. Alta Laguna Park, 3299 Alta Laguna9. Salt Creek Beach Park, 1 Ritz Carlton Dr.

    >80 degrees F.

  • Primary Plan (Offensive) Alternate Plan (Offensive)

    Contingency Plan (Defensive - Responder Safety) Emergency Plan (Defensive)


    Primary Evacuation Plan

    Evacuation Trigger Point


    Planning Unit Acreage




    W/ Defensible Space


    EMERGENCY RESOURCE NEEDS - FIRST SIX HOURS(In addition to Initial Attack Resource)

    Engines: The number range reflects the number of "minimum"to "preferred" resources.

    Law Enforcement:

    Law EnforcementOrdering Poin:

    FireOrdering Point:

    Type 1 WaterTenders:

    Single: STs: Single: STs:



    Overhead:Div. Sup.:

    Aircraft:Type 1 Helicopter (Large):Type 2 Helicopter (Med.):

    Type 3 Helicopter (Light):Air Tankers:

    WUI Engine Deployement - High Risk

    WUI Engine Deployement - Moderate Risk

    WUI Engine Deployement - Low Risk

    .WUI Name:


    Risk Assessment Tactical Plan Tactical Map Area Map Aerial Map Additional Info



    Perimeter Control Plan:

    Strike Teams:Type 3

    Strike Teams:Crews Dozers

    Temp. Evacuation Assembly Points (Human & Animal)


    5639A LAGUNA COAST-CENTRAL Downtown Laguna, Laguna Canyon, Top of the World

    5/11/16Rohde & Assoc.

    Offensive and aggressive attack on flanks, with aircraft holding fireon slopes and away from structures. Limited evacuation of fireperimeter homes and on ridgelines above. Watch for spots intoadjacent canyons, fuel islands, or ornamental vegetation. ProtectMoorhead Repeater. Consider direct fire-on-fire firing tactics, usecaution to avoid sending fire into adjacent homes, reinforce with airresources, and use with IC approval only. Consider evac. of IrvineBowl/Sawdust Festival. Recon. area trails by air for hikers/trail users.

    Evacuate perimeter homes in and canyon mouths and rims ahead of fire,especially in Emerald and Boat Canyon areas. Evac. Irvine Bowl/Sawdust Fest.Watch for spotting ahead. Deploy to prep-and-defend homes. Usefire-front-following tactics for those without def. space, limited fire flow, oraccess. Stay maneuverable to protect multiple homes, conduct tactical patroldownwind. Firing tactics will likely be limited among structures & requires ICapproval. Watch for downed power lines near burning homes. Stop fire spreadin canyons to stop structural threat. Protect Moorhead Repeater by directfiring-on-fire tactics. Use caution in Canyon Acres & Castle Rock forentrapment. Recon. trails.

    Responders seek temporary refuge around homes with good defensiblespace or on wide streets in front of homes. Use caution on Canyon AcresDr./Castle Rock/Bluebird Cyn. for entrapment. Gather civilians trapped in planarea with you. Evac. Irvine Bowl/Sawdust Fest. Escort civilians from exposedstreets only when safe to maneuver, Consider that SR73 & LCR will likely beunsafe. Select "prep. and defend homes in for stands against fire. Consideranchor-and-hold tactics for blocks of multiple homes on fire. Fire-Front-followfor areas without def. space. Expect new spot fires occurring at long range.Conduct tactical patrol downwind. Moorhead Repeater will likely be in StandA