2005* Embraer Day Defense Market Presentation (DisponíVel Apenas Em InglêS)

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  • 1. GMS 149-A05 DefenseMarket Scenario

2. GMS 149-A05 Product Line 3. Defense Products and Market Segments Intelligence,Surveillance andReconaissance TransportTrainingSystems& ServicesCombat GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION3 4. GMS 149-A05Super Tucano 5. Super TucanoHigh-performance evolution of the proven EMB 312 Tucano State-of-the-art systems and advanced avionics Optimized for basic, advanced training and operational applications in hostile environments Can operate from unprepared runways, during day or night The only aircraft in its class capable of employing diversified conventional and smart weapons.GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 5 6. Super Tucano GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 6 7. Super Tucano GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 7 8. Super TucanoOperation COLBRA I GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 8 9. GMS 149-A05 Transport Derivatives 10. Transport DerivativesBelgium Greece India ColombiaBrazilEcuador Brazil NigeriaGMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION10 11. Transport Derivatives Indian Air Force GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION11 12. Transport Derivatives TAME GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 12 13. Transport Derivatives Brazilian Air Force National Air Mail GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 13 14. GMS 149-A05 ISR Systems 15. ISR Systems EMBRAER offers cost effective solutions forthe Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Market ISRIntelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance EMB 145 AGS EMB 145 MPEMB 145 AEW&C Airborne Maritime PatrolGroundSurveillanceGMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION15 16. ISR Systems Roadmap GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 16 17. EMB 145 AEW&C The EMB 145 AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning & Control) is the most advanced Airborne Early Warning & Control System in operation today.It is fitted with an advanced electronic scanning radar capable of detecting air targets at long distances while controling the airspaceGMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 17 18. EMB 145 RS/AGS An advanced asset capable of providing real-time imagery and electronic intelligence over ground objectives It features an advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), for day or night, and all-weather radar imagery of the ground over large areas, plus other sophisticated sensorsGMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION18 19. P-99 New generation Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraftFeatures maritime and ground surveillance radar, Electro-Optics, Acoustics and Electronic Surveillance sensorsGMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 19 20. Brazilian Air Force Amazon Surveillance System R-99A - EMB 145 AEW&C - Airborne Early Warning & Control R-99B - EMB 145 RS - Remote Sensing and Ground Surveillance. GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION20 21. Hellenic Air Force EMB 145 AEW&CGMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 21 22. Mexican Air Force EMB 145 AEW&C EMB 145 MP C4I Center GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 22 23. Mexican Air Force June 2nd, 2005 11 p.m. One small twin engine aircraft crashed into the jungle in southern Mexico (Quintana Roo) while trying a landing in the mid of the night after being detected and identified by Mexican Surveillance Aircraft. More than 3,000 lb of cocaine has been found inside the wrekage. GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 23 24. ACS Aerial Common SensorIn August, 2004, Embraer was selected to supplythe new Inteligence and Reconnaissance Aircraft tothe U.S. Army and U.S.Navy (Program underreview) GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION24 25. GMS 149-A05 Market Vision 26. Worldwide Defense Procurement Procurement by Region - 2005-2012 Total 2005 -2012 : US$ 1,5 trillionUS$ billion 250.0 Australasia200.0 Asia PacificLatin America150.0 AfricaMiddle EastEast Europe Average100.0West Europe growth ofNorth America 2.6% between 50.0 2005-2012 0.02005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Source: Frost & Sullivan 2004GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 26 27. US Military expendituresUS Department of Defense Budget * (US$ Billion) FY2005FY2006FY2007 FY2008 FY2009FY2010FY2011 Personnel107.2 108.9 108.6 108.6 108.9 109.1 109.1Operations & Maintenance139.9 147.8 150.5 153.4 155.5 155.7 156.2Acquisitions79.778.089.797.3 98.9 102.4 106.9 Research & Development 70.269.465.463.8 68.0 63.353.8Others12.415.218.217.5 16.5 15.317.5Total 409.5 419.3 432.5 440.6 447.8 445.7 443.5 US Department of Defense Budget Acquisitions and P&D(US$ billion) 170160150140130 FY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 FY2009 FY2010 FY2011Source: Congressional Research Service * Iraq and Afghanistan operations not included2006 US Dollars GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION27 28. US ISR MarketUS ISR Market Growth Trend (US$ billion) 605040US$ 30billion20102000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014Between 2005 and 2010 ISR systems will increase participation from 22% to 27% of total acquision and R&D spending of the U.S. DoD budgetSource : Frost & Sullivan, 2003 GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION28 29. Department of Homeland SecurityUS$ Total 2004-2008E : US$ 247 billion billion60 5053 55 4048 50 3041 20 100 2004 200520062007 2008Source : DHS GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 29 30. Defense Market Evolving Scenario Restricted Budgetary scenario Different military threats prompt to warfare Information transformationSuperiority Changing force structureArmed Forces Knowledge based, full- spectrum operations Transformation Reduction of human exposure to threat situations GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION30 31. Defense Market Trends Information SuperiorityShorter reaction times and shorter sensor to shooter cycles.Network centric approach instead of platform centric.Expansion of ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisitionand Reconnaissance SystemsExpansion of advanced communication and network based systems Armed Forces TransformationHigher mobility and flexibilityMulti-forces integrationFaster command cycles GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION31 32. GMS 149-A05 Market Positioning 33. Defense Market Trends Significant growth in new requirements for airborne ISR Systems Most requirements consider major improvements in operational performance, mission reliability and economics compared with legacy system Jets x Turboprops Regional Jets x Business Jets EMBRAER is very well positioned in this market segment with the ERJ 145 ISRderivatives GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 33 34. Business Development Italy GreeceTurkey UAEIndia USA Mexico VenezuelaColombia Oman Saudi Arabia SingaporeEquator ThailandMalaysiaBrazil GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION34 35. Operation Guardian (Guardio)November 16th December 9th First EMB 145 AEW&C overseas deployment Participation in the Dubai Air Show and LIMA (Malaysia) Autonomous operation (no support aircraft) Dubai Malaysia GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION35 36. Defense Market Strategy Embraers Defense Product Line is well positioned to compete in the evolving market scenario. Defense Segment is expected to represent up to 15% of Embraers total revenue in the next 5 years. Growth coming mostly from ISR - Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance SystemsToday almost 50% of defense revenues are derived from ISR contractsEmbraer expects this number to reach 80% in the next 5 years GMS 149-A05EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 36 37. GMS 149-A05 EMBRAER PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 37