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  • Arta de a fi educator-Nu vorbe, ci fapte si exemple !

    Copilaria este un univers al bucuriei, al jocului si revelatiei. Cred cu tarie ca meseria asta, de educatoare, nu sta bine pe orisicine. Cred cu tarie ca educatia nu se face cu gura inchisa si mainile la spate. Cred cu tarie ca pot fi prietena copiilor, cu precizarea ca eu le vreau binele. Mie nu-mi ramane altceva de facut decat sa caut cum anume pot insemna ceva pe termen lung. Pentru ca sta in puterea mea sa educ atunci de ce sa nu o fac, exact asa cum mi-ar fi placut mie sa fiu educata si cum de altfel am fost.

    Atunci cand se desprinde de mana mamei, copilul apuca mana.. educatoarei. Pentru fiecare copil in parte, educatoarea devine mama in noul univers numit Gradinita. Se simte singur, este speriat, ii este teama de ceea ce il asteapta. Depinde de tine, ca educatoare, sa-l faci sa se simta in siguranta. Pasii sunt marunti. Treptat, lacrimile se transforma in zambete timide iar la sfarsitul unei zile in care n-au mai fost lacrimi, ci doar zambete, copilul a mai facut un pas iar educatoarea pleaca acasa multumita si implinita.Ce mare lucru faceo educatoare? va veti intreba. Oricine i-ar putea lua locul...Intr-adevar, nu facemare lucru, dar ceea ce face, face cu sufletul, face cu dragoste si face cu multa daruire. Nu-ti poti alege aceasta meserie decat daca iubesti copiii! Ocrotirea mentoriala a copilului inseamna compatibilitate

  • de calitati sufletesti si, mai ales, un circuit de vocatii , o complementaritate de impliniri si autorealizari.

    Mi-a luat ceva timp sa pricep ca nu-mi pot permite sa-i manipulez, sa-i pacalesc ca-s fara cusur. Pot foarte bine sa recunosc in fata lor ca am gresit fara a ma simti mai putin grozava si fara a crede ca mi-am subminat autoritatea. Pot foarte bine sa rad si sa plang cu ei. Pot foarte bine sa-i cert si sa-i impac. Pot la fel de usor sa predau o lectie sau sa pun un copil sa deseneze un urs, mult mai frumos decat as fi reusit eu sa-l schitez. Pot atatea lucruri sa fac dar numai datorita lor. Nu as putea sa fiu nimic din ceea ce sunt daca ei n-ar fi. Cine ar putea sa-mi faca ziua mai frumoasa daca nu ei cand imi zic Doamna Gabi, sunteti frumoasa ca o printesa !. Si cine ar putea sa le faca lor o zi mai senina cu un abtibild in piept? E reciprocitate. Eu nu sunt nimic fara ei si ei nu sunt nimic fara mine. Iar impreuna suntem cei pe care multe alte doamne educatoare ii invidiaza pe ascuns, cei pe care multa lume ii lauda prin oras, cei care muta muntii din loc. Lucrul de capetenie e ca educatoarea sa nu moralizeze mult, caci aceasta de obicei il plictiseste pe copil si produce cel mult niste rezultate aparente, ci sa-l induplece prin exemplul sau si printr-o consecventa iubire de adevar si de dreptate, care impune mai mult, decat sute de predici moralizatoare. Pe o educatoare patrunsa de astfel de sentimente, copiii o sa invete nu numai sa-o respecte si sa-o iubeasca, ci si sa-o asculte totdeauna si sa se conduca si ei de sentimente de dreptate si adevar.

  • Copiii nu trebuie mintiti pentru nici un motiv; realitatea trebuie sa le fie dezvaluita fara nici un gand ascuns. Numai pe cunoasterea adevarului se poate ridica o viata morala, rodnica. Cine crede ca falsificand realitatea si aratand anumite stari mai bune, sau mai rele decum sunt de fapt, va putea educa, se insala amarnic.Arta de a fi educator este minunea de a ne oglindim zilnic in ochii copiilor. Ochisorii unui copil iti pot spune multe: uneori esti zana buna, alteori esti si vrajitoarea cea rea dar esti mereu mama care alina durerea si sterge raurile de lacrimi si... prietena de care cei mici au atata nevoie! Si-atunci se intampla o minune! .. minunea de a fi educator!

    What makes a good teacher?

  • Teachers are important and make a difference. The quality of teaching is a crucial factor in promoting effective learning in schools. Effective teaching requires individuals who are academically able and who care about the well-being of children and youth.

    Points Arising from Research

    The most powerful single factor that enhances achievement is

    feedback positive, encouraging, clearly targeted. The setting of appropriate, specific and challenging goals is

    critical.Effective teachers make purpose and content explicit, plan

    carefully, use systematic assessment and feedback, make

    connections, encourage children to think about thinking and

    model what they want the children to do.

    Key Elements of What makes a good teacher?

    Research detailing the direct effect of good teaching on pupils is difficult to assess, as relating good teaching directly to higher attainment in pupils is almost impossible to verify. However there are many attempts to analyse what constitutes a good teacher. The following points are generally agreed to have an impact on pupils:

    Subject Matter Knowledge

    Highly knowledgeable and up to date in their subject area, but do not pretend to know it all, willing to learn from pupils

    Teachers repertoires of best practices

    Provide learner with clear tasks, goals, and requirement and

    inform them of progress made. A key skill in teaching is the

    ability to explain and describe things clearlyEncourage pupils to think, to make connections, to practise and

    reinforce, to learn from other learners and to feel that if they

    make mistakes they will not be ridiculed or treated negativelyPromote pupil participation through problem solving, questioning,

  • discussion and buzz group activitiesTreat all pupil questions seriously and do not intimidate or

    ridiculeUse regular informal assessment strategies including a range of

    types of questioning, observation and listening inUnderstand that, since individuals learn at different rates and in

    different ways, we need to provide a variety of activities, tasks

    and pace of work, and monitor and evaluate childrens progressUse breaks and activities to engage pupils thinking and interestTurn to reading and research for fresh insights and relating

    these to their classroom and schoolWork in a shared and collegial way with other staff

    Personal qualities

    Demonstrate an empathy with pupil thinking, anticipate

    misconceptions and allow pupils to develop understanding in a

    variety of waysObserve pupils in class for signs that they are failing to keep up,

    are bored, or are not understandingShow flexibility in responding to pupil needs Genuinely want pupils to learn, understand and develop critical

    thinking abilities, as well as master content or learn skillsEncourage pupils to take an active role in working through

    difficulties and take time to work through concepts in detail with

    those who have difficultiesTeachers who show enthusiasm for subject, professional area

    and teaching role motivate pupils as they look forward to coming

    to that classHighly effective teachers are viewed as easy going, relaxed,

    with an open manner. This brings a relaxed atmosphere to the

    classroomCommunicate effectivelyAre resourceful and positive and adopt a problem-solving

    approachAre creative and imaginative and have an open attitude to changeAre systematic and well organised, focused, determined and

  • hardworkingDemonstrate empathy and fairness, are caring and approachable

    Teacher Competences

    The Standard for Chartered Teachers states that the quality of the educational service depends pre-eminently on the quality of our teachers. The standard then list the following 4 components:

    Professional values and personal commitmentsProfessional knowledge and understandingProfessional and personal attributesProfessional action

    It also lists 4 central professional values and personal commitments which effective teachers should develop:

    effectiveness in promoting learning in the classroomcritical self-evaluation and developmentcollaboration and influenceeducational and social values

    Reflection and Discussion

    Do you reflect on your practice in the classroom?

    As a result of this reflection do you alter your approach within your classroom?

    How much do you share good practice with colleagues?

    Some Activities Relating To the Issue of What makes a good teacher?

    Key element Objective Action Some examples and suggestions

    Subject Matter Knowledge

    Highly knowledgeable and up to date in their subject area, but do not pretend to know it all,

    Pupils may be - very aware of recent developments could you involve them in producing/researching the latest information for topics?

  • willing to learn from pupils

    Teachers repertoire of best practice

    Use regular informal assessment strategies including a range of types of questioning, observation and listening in.

    Look closely at formative assessment in your class. (See Toolkit section on Formative Assessment)

    Personal qualities

    Observe pupils in class for signs that they are failing to keep up, are bored, or not understanding. Show flexibility in responding to pupil needs.

    Use Traffic Lights. Green means confident about understanding, orange means unsure and red means not understanding. Pupils are challenged with support to grade themselves

    Teacher competencies

    Effective teachers should develop collaboration and influence

    Prepare an action plan drawing on your strengths and tackle any of the weaknesses that you have identified. Discuss this with a trusted colleague to get feedback on your analysis.

    Ethos within the classroom

    There is a high level of respect, interest in and acceptance of the pupils

    Focus on reward and encouragement not on sanction and punishment.Consultation with pupils in relation to own goals and personal aspiratio