A. Romasyukov. Keys to the city

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Catalogue for the show "Keys to the city" by the artist Andrey Romasyukov in GM-18, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Text of A. Romasyukov. Keys to the city

  • Keys to the city

    Andrey Romasyukov

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    . 20 - 12 2011 -18-

    Andrey Romasyukov. Exhibition Keys to the city October 20th - November 12th 2011 GM-18 GallerySaint Petersburg

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    Coming outside the studio on the Admiralty canal embankment and meeting face to face the red rust of walls of New Holland Island I imagine dozens of European capitals. But despite the fact that millions of people live there, there are thousands of houses standing there behind the erased ramparts and each of them needs its own key, none of the cities had stood such a disastrous and monstrous siege.

    Too late. We had already turned the corner,We tore through a forest of palms,Over the Neva, the Nile, the SeineWe thundered across three bridges.

    (N. Gumilyov Russian Poet, Officer, Wanderer The lost tram, 1919 (?))

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    The science of history would not remember exactly when the ancient people had founded cities of their temporary settlements. Its exactly the city that becomes the state and culture center, developing itself, resisting enemies and elements, accumulating the myths and destinies of its habitants. At civilization dawn such term as Fatherland was restricted by the circle of the fortress walls and the term of freedom reduced to the possibility of free trade.

    As time goes by and epochs and cultures change each other, the city becomes a sort of symbol of the material world, which stands opposite, with all its features and temptations, to the thin world of the highest powers, as the City of God to the City of Heaven. But the city from its first stone to the last keyhole is, first of all, just the house which needs the key to be opened! The house is a riddle or a question and the key is the answer to it. In such an ordinary thing as the key there always was hidden the philosophical symbol: for instance, if the door is the embodiment of the feminine spirit, so, the key to it - of the masculine spirit.

    Nevertheless, the idea of the project which is going to represent painting and graphics contains not only the research of the urban development of the mankind but appears to be a sort of travel along the labyrinths of the imaginary world where the city is simultaneously both the scenery and aim of the narration. Phantasmagoric events and historical characters could be met alive on streets of St. Petersburg, the portraits of Russian emperors seem to be made of things left on the table and houses on squares and streets of the Russian Northern capital turn to be the chess figures.

    Andrey Romasyukov

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    Andrey Romasyukov was born on the 20th of October in 1976 in the city of Rybinsk, Russia. In 1997 graduated from Yroslavl Art College.In 2005 graduated from Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I.E. Repin (Russian Academy of Arts), painting department, studios of professors A.K. Krylov and V.V. Pimenov.

    Solo exhibitions:

    2006- Solo exhibition in M.Y. Lermontov library; St. Petersburg2007 - Solo exhibition in Russian National Library; St. Petersburg- About wanderings and Voluntary army, History and Arts Museum; Rybinsk2008- White guards. Playing cards, gallery Blue hall, Saint Petersburg Union of artists; St. Petersburg- Notes by Jack of diamonds, gallery OST; Moscow2009- Between Scylla and Charybdis. Dreams about other lands, gallery Book and graphics centre; St. Petersburg - White guards, also creation and participation in dramatized phantasmagoria The dream of lieutenant Gvozdev on the station of Kastornaya, Stray Dog Caf (Podval Brodyachy Sobaki); St. Petersburg2011 - Symbols riot, GM-18 Gallery, St. Petersburg; Russia Abroad Foundation named after A. Solzhenitsyn, Moscow

    Group exhibitions:

    2003- Exhibition devoted to 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg; London, Great Britain- Exhibition of Russian artists; Manchester, Birmingham, Great Britain 2005- Art project Blitz-portrait; Vienna, Innsbruck, Schwaz, Austria- Exhibition devoted to 60th Anniversary of USSRs victory in Great Patriotic War; Russian embassy in London, Great Britain 2008- Curator and participant of project Train of Commander in Chief. Group exhibition, performance, gallery Book and graphics centre; St. Petersburg

    Works are part of private collections of Russia, Great Britain, Austria, USA, Administration Palace of Messina city, Sicily Island.

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    One of the main subjects of the works by Andrey Romasyukov is the subject of history of human culture symbols, their imaginary implementation in our conscience and role in creation of our landscapes atmosphere and energy. It is an open secret that any symbol is a code that keeps information, memory of the previous generations. Nevertheless, any symbol that arouses the image in the humans conscience, keeps both the archetypical information and the personal associative aspect, which depends on the personal experience of the man.

    The artist plays with the images which are usual for us and develops a kind of narrative line; while reading it we appeal to our personal imaginary world, going into the labyrinths of our own conclusions, comprehending our private feelings. It would seem strange, what the hunt for the unicorn under the dome of Singer House and the well-known art nouveau monument, or the mysterious characters of Boschs paintings, hiding in the shade of the Summer Garden have in common?

    The unfailing authors style, the acknowledged mastership and the exquisite grasp of symbols language create the atmosphere of the open dialogue of the artist and spectator. The providence sometimes gives us the difficult task which we do not know how to make, as it seems. The focus is that the keys to the understanding of the human nature are hidden in itself, and the search sometimes turns out to be more exciting, than the sought-for result.

    Galina VladimirovaArt consultant of GM-18 Gallery

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    Dear friends!

    We are pleased to invite You to continue the acquaintance with works by Andrey Romasyukov, the young artist from St. Petersburg, whose talent was already estimated by not only Russian, but also European artistic and museum institutions and also connoisseurs and collectors. Only a year after the first exhibition in the gallery, which was a great success, the artist represents us the new large-scale project titled Keys to the city. This time the author suggests the spectator to make a travel into the surrealistic world of fantasies, associations and feelings, where famous cities with its squares, streets and buildings appear in a quite new image, which seems unknown, but extremely attractive and charming.

    Any city keeps the historical memory of generations that lived in its space, changed each other over centuries and added its own features to its outside and inside look. The artist brings out this kind of memory on the surface of the canvas, in such a way he presents us sort of key to the understanding and identification of the objects of the surrounding world, which we are used to determine only by visual perception; thereby, through this we get a chance to understand ourselves as the unique pieces of the Universe.

    Yours sincerely, Natalya Markozubova

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    There is the past, the present and the future but all in all its just dust comparing to eternity. Time is the judge of material world and gives everything its expiration period. The cut fruit fades fast, the feast in the village tavern begins and ends, and the death catches the knight up at the appointed hour everything is coming, lasting and ending. Its only city that stands silently as the symbol of the Universe, like the speechless spectator sitting in the Historys amphitheatre startled watching the struggle of time and space.

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    Time units oil on canvas, 110x150 cm, 2011

    , , 110150 , 2011

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    Number 28 house on Nevsky prospect appears to be extremely amazing and inconceivable as the newly discovered world. Its hidden atriums have been overgrown with ductile cast iron and windows are reflected in Cana