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Aastra Icons. March 2012. New icons. Items PointSpan 19 Switch Tablet Paper with checkbox People 5_People_Meeting Room_Big_Screen Trainer Man on a desk with laptop Symbols Clean room status Check In Check Out Bin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Aastra Icons

Aastra IconsSymbols
2people_1_Aastra_BluStar_8000i – 3 different screens
2people_1PC_1_Aastra_BluStar_8000i – 3 different screens
Rights of use, access
The icons/pictograms of Aastra are free of rights. That means you can use them freely and without paying any charge. You can also reproduce them. You can share them with your partners and customers. Therefore you can’t sell/market them.
Icons :
The different icons, which serve for building schemes, symbolize Applications, IT Architecture, different people in quite different situations and a great number of other symbols.
Some icons correspond exactly to the real figure while others only have a symbolic character. Therefore you have to keep in mind to attach a legend for avoiding misunderstandings.
Size :
Make sure that the icon is always clearly legible, irresepective of surroundings and background. (Web, Print)
Don’t resize the icon unusual so that they don’t loose their quality. (Pixelization)
Don’t stretch the icon to avoid loosing its proportions.
Try to maintain the relation of size between the icons.
Orientation of the icons :
Give your schemes a lot of different perspectives, vary the view of the icon.
The arrangement of the icons should show a certain logic. For example, all of them in the centre or all of them around a special element.
Don’t reverse the icons. (except for people)
Do’s and Dont’s
Don’t mix the colored icons with the Black&White ones.
Don’t mix photos and icons. (if it’s possible)
Don’t use old icons but the most recent version of the icons.

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