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    Additional Vocabulary Vocabulary of Health

    ailment (n.) ()

    Ex. Pregnant women with the ailment are at higher risk of miscarriage


    or stillbirth.

    disease, disorder, affliction / malaise, ailment, malady (n.)

    confusion, chaos, mess / disorder, disruption / turmoil, turbulence /

    anarchy, upheaval (n.)

    ! disorder 2

    Anorexia (n.)

    Ex. Many teenagers tend to develop

    Anorexia from running after fashion.

    anorexic, skinny / underweight, bony / slender, scrawny, skeletal, slim (adj.)

    corpulent, obese / overweight, fleshy / plump, stout / chubby, tubby (adj.)

    strong, sturdy / healthy, hearty / robust (adj.)

    hearty energetic

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD] (n.)

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    Ex. A child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder cannot concentrate on


    something for a long time.

    join in, attend / participate, take part, engage (v.) ,

    attend attention (, )

    attendance ()

    benign tumour (n.)

    kind, benign, merciful / beneficent, benevolent / charitable,

    altruistic, philanthropic / Samaritan, humanitarian / gracious,

    generous (adj.) ,

    malignant tumour (n.) Cancer (n.)

    fierce, ferocious, cruel / brutal, barbaric, savage / merciless,

    pitiless / ruthless, relentless (adj.)

    serious, severe / solemn, stern / grave, grim / harsh, rigid (adj.)

    carcinoma, tumour = carcinogen =

    bruxism (n.)

    bite, snap / nip, nibble, gnaw (v.)

    crush, crumble, crumple / grind, mash / pound, pulverize, powderize


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    bug (n.)

    Ex. I had a tummy bug last week.

    cerebral palsy (n.)

    celebral (n.)

    chronic tension headache (n.)

    Chron = chronic (adj.) chronicle (n.) chronology (n.) synchronize (v.) contagious disease (n.)


    Ex. H1N1 Flu is considered a serious contagious disease.

    epidemic, endemic, pandemic / pestilence, contagion / outbreak,

    plague, scourge (n.) ,

    insomnia (n.)

    insomniac (n.)

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    slumber (n., v.) sleep slumberous (adj.) , ,

    osteoporosis (n.)

    Ex. Osteoporosis afflicts many older women.

    osteoarthritis (n.)

    osteoblast (n.)

    osteoblastoma (n.)

    osteopath (n.)

    osteopathy (n.)

    stroke (n.)


    Ex. She had a stroke which left her unable to speak.

    disable, cripple, handicap / deform, disfigure / paralyze, maim, lame


    acute stroke (n.)

    heatstroke (n.)

    typhus (n.)

    Ex. After two weeks she was brought home infected by typhus, and died soon.

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    opportunistic infection (n.)

    pathogen (n.)

    Ex. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a dangerous pathogen.

    patho- =

    pathogenesis (n.)

    pathogenicity (n.)

    pathognomonic (adj.)

    pathologic (adj.)

    pathological (adj.)

    pathologist (n.) ,

    autopsy (n.)

    symptom (n.)

    dehydration (n.)

    Ex. My doctor suggest that I drink lots of water to prevent



    advise, guide / suggest, counsel / recommend, introduce, tip (v.)

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    dehydrate (v.)

    dehydration (n.)

    dehydrator (n.)

    gaunt (adj.)

    Ex. If you keep your figure, your face can end up looking gaunt. haggard (adj.)

    Ex. He'd been drinking the night before and was looking a bit


    hypertension (n.)

    stress, strain, tension / nervous breakdown (n.)

    hypotension (n.)

    hyperglycemia (n.)

    hypoglycemia (n.)

    Ex. Herbal medication for

    hypoglycemia is another

    alternative treatment.


    glycogen (n.)

    glycosuria (n.)


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    abdominal pain (n.)

    Ex. She got acute abdominal pains.

    breast augmentation (n.)

    Ex. Breast augmentation has become one of the most commonly


    performed cosmetic plastic surgical procedures.

    augment, increase / multiply, mount, accrue / swell, soar, surge /

    escalate, skyrocket (v.)

    decrease, ease, decline / diminish, dwindle, drop / reduce, lessen,

    lower / slacken, subside, fall (v.)

    asymptomatic (adj.)

    Ex. At first the symptoms of prostate cancer are asymptomatic;

    for this reason it is commonly referred to as the silent killer.

    calm, quiet / peaceful, pacific, placid / tranquil, serene (adj.)

    inflammatory (adj.)

    fire, flame / flare, blaze (v.)

    bomb, blast, blaze / burst, blow up /erupt, explode (v.) , ,

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    inflame (v.)

    Inflammation (n.)

    metastasis (n.)

    Ex. Metastasis is the transference of disease- producing


    or of malignant or cancerous cells to other parts of the


    - ectomy

    gastrectomy (n.)

    hepatectomy (n.) hepato- =

    pneumonectomy (n.) pneumo- =

    hysterectomy (n.)

    mastectomy (n.)

    optic / optical (adj., n.) ,

    Ex. Sometimes children with optic

    neuropathy find spectacles improve vision.

    optician (n.) ophthalmologist (n.)

    ophthalmology (n.)


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    reproductive (adj.)

    Ex. Women are required to pay particular attention to certain

    health conditions because of body composition, such as

    reproductive organs.

    palpitate (v.) () , palpitation (n.)

    Ex. He ended up in hospital with heart palpitations.

    remedy (n.)

    cure, heal, treat (v.)

    remedy, therapy, antidote (), medication / medicament,

    medicine, drug (n.)

    therapeutic (adj.)

    antidepressant (n., adj.) ,

    Ex. Antidepressants are the drugs or medicines which can be used

    to cure any type of depression.

    autologous transplant (n.) (stem cells)

    blood transfusion (n.)

    Ex. She suffered kidney failure and needed a blood transfusion.

    bone marrow donation (n.)

    cryotherapy (n.) cryo- =

    Ex. Cryotherapy is another way to treat prostate cancer besides surgery or radiation.


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    diuretic (n., adj.) ,

    Ex. Diuretics are medicines used to help body remove excess salt &


    excrete (v.) excretion (n.)

    Ex. Most toxins are naturally excreted from the body.

    heart bypass (n.)

    heart valve replacement (n.)

    replace, take the place of / substitute, surrogate (v.)

    stand-in (n.)

    hematopoiesism (haematopoiesism) (n.)

    haemat- / hemato-

    haematemasis (n.)

    haematogenous (n.)

    haematology (n.)

    haematuria (n.)

    hematocrit (n.)

    implant (v.) ,

    Ex. The owner's name and address is stored on a microchip and

    implanted in the dog's body.

    isolation (n.)


  • o aeo 2010 (Online) By Enconcept