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  1. 1. Welcome to presentation onTelevision Commercial Analysis &Criticism
  2. 2. International Islamic University ChittagongPrepared To Prepared ByMD. Aslam Uddin Name IDKazi RashalB-092049Asst. Prof of Marketing Md.KaikubadB-091850Adjunct Faculty,CourseMd.Mazharul B-092077InstructorMd.Rokebul Islam B-091806Md.Mirazul IslamB-091806 IIUC, Dhaka CampusSaffat RahmanB-091850
  3. 3. Banglalink Network Theme- To promote banglalink network which is very successfullyexpressed. Objective- To touch the people of remote area to aware about banglalinknetwork. Main message- Keep in touch by banglalink network. Story- Remote area, This ad presented the original message of a fishermanlife. Before connect with banglalink network fisherman was deprived byintermediaries .Now they are successfully sell their fish as a result life styleis changed. Jingle- Very touchy Location- Rural area Model- Appropriate model as a client
  4. 4. Costume- Very simple which is demonstrated the dress of fisherman and his child. Posture- Posture is perfect according to story. Facial expression- When fisherman was catching huge amount of fish than his sonwanted to go to village fair that time his father was worried because of uncertainty ofprice. When fisherman son become a fisherman than he was communicated withbuyer successfully by the banglalink network. Appeal- To stay close by banglalink network. This is bringing emotional appeal. Color combination- Color combinations is matched as per situation. Picture quality- picture quality is good. Sound quality- Perfect sound quality Text- Very short but in right position and provide appropriate message Target audience- Only for remote area Duration- 1.29 second, This is very long duration and cost consuming
  5. 5. Criticism Duration1.29 second is very long and cost consuming Though the cost is high but target audience is small Some locations is not so relevant .CommentsPerfect TVC should be easy going, attractive, innovative, meaning full andeconomical. This TVC is so long and cost consuming, more over the targetaudience is small. So we may squeeze some less relevent location of the TVC
  6. 6. Nolans Cheddar (Cheese) Theme- To promote Nolans Cheddar (seriously strong) as new Cheddar Brand Objective- Cheese and dairy products helps our bones to stay healthy and thats whywe Nolans Cheddar is different form the other existing cheese . Main message- seriously strong . Additional message- This commercial is very uncertain at first, because you dont knowwhat the ending would be. But the point of view shows that since this type of cheese isvery healthy and should be eaten. The actions that the rat did, shows a typical way inwhich men build their body muscles in working out, and the songs helps indistinguishing the mood. Story- the adventure of a mouse as he plays with fire by eating cheese off a trap, fallsvictim to the spring arm, and then battles back mightily.
  7. 7. Location- House.Model- The Real Mighty MouseCostume- Here is no Costume.Posture- Posture is perfect according to storyFacial expression- The Expression of that mouse is perfect as it had to be.Appeal- It ensures that the consumer will be strong after they consume it.Color combination- Color combinations is massed as per events.Picture quality- Regulation is good and DVD quality picture.Sound quality- Perfect sound quality.Text- Very short but in right position and provide appropriate message.Target audience- All level of people .Duration- 1.29min this duration is perfect for this ad
  8. 8. Criticism We believe that people who dont like eating cheese wont have to samereactions to cheese eaters or the fan of this certain cheese brand. For some,this type may seem sort of disgusting since they use a rat to eat it and not ahuman. This might not have a same effect as if a human would be in it. Neitherless, this commercial has a good meaning to it and a happy ending CommentsPerfect TVC should be easy going, attractive, innovative, meaning full andeconomical. This TVC is so short duration so it may be less effective