Agave Syrup. מוצראירזה סירופ אגבה בריכוז עדין640 ג סירופ אגבה בריכוז בינוני640 ג סירופ אגבה בריכוז גבוה640 ג סירופ אגבה בטעם פטל640 ג סירופ אגבה בטעם

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Text of Agave Syrup. מוצראירזה סירופ אגבה בריכוז עדין640 ג סירופ אגבה...

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  • Agave Syrup
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  • Agave Syrup Agave Syrup is a natural fructose sweetener extracted from Mexicos Agave plant. Traditionally, the Native Americans of Mexico ghatered the sweet juice, aguamiel, from several varieties of agave. They also used it as a sweetener, for special celebratory beverages.
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  • Agave Syrup To obtain aguamiel, the quiote is cut off before it grows (when the plant is 7-8 years old). Thus a hole in the center of the plant forms. Aguamiel is the juice that the plant prepares to feed the quiote. It is full of nutrients, as it contains large amounts of carbohydrates. Fructan, vitamins and aminoacids. If this juice is evaporated (boiling to remove the water) the traditional agave syrup is obtained. The main difference between the traditional Agave syrup and our syrup is that we evaporate our product under vacuum, to lower the evaporating temperature (