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AIESEC Hackathon

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Text of AIESEC Hackathon

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    T e a m L e a d e rA p p l i c a t i o n F o r m

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    The Hackathon of social projects where students or graduates will make social projectswhich will help to achieve one of the SDGs (or more).The main goal is to present a 90%-ready project in the end, which they willdevelop during the Hackathon with the help of mentors, judges and lectors fromIT, marketing, HR, Finance or other specified sphere.

    Realization dates:14-16.10.16 (48 hours)

  • Z?=QD8Dates of work: 20.06.16 13.10.16

    TL team-management, ensuring all MoSes and KPIsrealized in time, agenda-creation.

    ER raising in-kind partners for delegates, make surethat they always have something to eat or drink becauseof a lot of brainstorming, raising logistics for realization,printing materials, presents for delegates, venue

    HR contacting all registration forms, make sure thattheyve paid, inform delegates about news through e-mail

    SMM responsible for social media marketing in fb andvk, contacting vk groups + registration forms.

  • Z?=QD8

    PR - contacting media-resources, magazines, HUBs etc.who will promote the hackathon, creating topics for press-anonses and post-anonses + registration forms.

    AM agenda manager is responsible for finding lectorsand facis for Lecture part which will be held duringhackathon, also responsible for mentors. Each team hasto have their own mentor.

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    1 venue1000+ AFs400+ delegates40+ media partners (notSM groups)50 in-kind partners10 mentors6 lectors

    150 LEAD Forms

  • QP^)Q=>ZU

    Skills needed:

    - sales skills;- management skills;- crisis management;- team management skills;- operational knowledge.

    Competencies needed:

    - responsibility;- solution-orientation;- presistence;- communicativenes;- purposefulness.

    Previous XP needed:

    - Alumna of AIESECKyiv/AIESEC in Ukraine;- LLC with at least TL XP.

  • P^UZ)D>?Qm

    Name & Surname - last 2 positions in AIESEC - Mail - Phone number

    1. Describe the ideal Hackathon that you want to realize.2. Name at least 5 companies which you see as a partner on Hackathon.3. Describe the main concept of Hackathon and why it's important for AIESEC?4. Write action steps which you will do at first after becoming a TL?5. How do you see your communication with functional VP?6. Name at least 4 media resources which will bring the biggest amount of AFs.7. Which crazy idea you want to realize on Hackathon?

  • Z&?>6mD^


    Please send the complete application formbefore 19/06/2016 23:59

    to [email protected] For any questions approach Yulia Kutsa:

    [email protected] luck!