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    Content 3The Series 4Media and Communication Management 6Media Facts Final Report 10 Moving images10 TV 10 Eurosport Magazine 18 Online video 20 Live stream 20 YouTube 21 Print 22 Online 24 Online Editorial 24 Official website 24 FIA website 24 Other websites 24 Social Media 25 Facebook 25 Twitter 26 Spectators 27Contacts 29



    Since 2013, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship has been the leading junior category in international single-seater racing and is considered as an impor-tant step on the ladder to Formula 1 the Fdration de lAutomobile, FIA, wants to establish

    Just as important for the FIA was offering the young drivers the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on big stages in the support programme of international top-class series The 2015 calendar comprised 11 events in eight European countries Thanks to its appearances in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Portugal the FIA Formula 3 European Championship met its stand-ards as an international race series Nine former or current Formula 1 GP or test circuits: Silverstone (GBR), Hockenheim (GER), Pau (FRA), Monza (ITA), Spa-Francorchamps (BEL),

    Zandvoort (NED), Spielberg (AUT), Portimo (POR) and the Nrburgring (GER) were venues of 2015 race meetingsFurthermore, besides Pau, the series visited a second tra-dition-steeped street circuit: Nurembergs Norisring (GER) On six weekends, the FIA Formula 3 European Champion-ship raced in the support programme of DTM Four of the other five events were held in the support programmes of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), the ADAC GT Masters, the Blancpain Sprint Series and the ACI Racing Weekend, respectively and in the tradition-steeped Grand Prix at Pau, Formula 3 even represented the main attraction


    In Formula 3, the up-and-coming motor-racing talents do not only gather valuable on-track experiences but also

    learn how to deal with the technology As Formula 3 isnt contested with control chassis and control engines as it is the case in many other race series, the drivers are offered the chance of enhancing their cars in cooperation with their engineers and mechanics within the framework of the regulations This also increases their technical background knowledge While most teams rely on the chassis supplied by Italian market leader Dallara, for the first time in the his-tory of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, team ArtLine Engineering have, in 2015, designed and built their own chassis, the ARTTech P315 And there is even more variety in the engine area The normally aspirated Formu-la3 two-litre engines are characterised by a 28 millimetre air restrictor that is mounted on the exterior of the chassis Thanks to this restrictor, the engines of all the manufacturers produce 240hp The engine regulations that stipulate that the engines dont have to be based on a production en-gine, anymore, were introduced in 2014 and will remain in force up to and including 2017


    For decades, now, Formula 3 has been the ideal stepping stone to the pinnacle of motor racing, Formula 1 The later Formula 1 World Champions Sebastian Vettel, Jenson But-ton, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Mika Hkkinen, Jacques Villeneuve, Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna, to name just a few exam-ples from the last four decades, all advanced to the sports top class via Formula 3 The latest example is Max Verstap-pen The 18-year old Dutchman needed just one season in


  • car racing with inter alia ten FIA Formula 3 European Championship race wins to secure a Formula 1 race seat at Scuderia Toro Rosso Apart from Verstappen, another 14 of the 20 drivers on the 2015 Formula 1 grid also learned their trade in Formula 3 But the career path following Formula3 does not exclusively lead to Formula 1 Jamie Green and Daniel Juncadella, for instance, continued their careers in DTM after having won the Formula 3 Euro Series title And recently, Tom Blomqvist and Lucas Auer followed in their footsteps Paul Di Resta also advanced as F3 Champion to DTM to win the title there, too, four years later and switch to F1 afterwards Other drivers who shone in Formula 3, such as Benot Trluyer, Marcel Fssler and Andr Lotterer, made a name for themselves in international endurance racing: in 2011, 2012 and 2014, the trio won the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race and in 2012, they also secured the World Endurance Drivers Championship (WEC) The former For-mula3 drivers and 2014 WEC champions Sbastien Buemi and Anthony Davidson are piloting a prototype currently


    36 outstanding young drivers more than ever before were battling it out for the two coveted FIA Formula 3 European Championship titles: The drivers title and the trophy for the best rookie At the same time the 12 teams, for which the talents from 18 different countries were racing for, also gave their very best to win the team title It is conspicuous that there was a par-ticularly big number of Formula 3 newcomers who believed to be ready for making the step to the FIA Formula 3 European Championship right away 18 rookies exactly 50 percent

    of the field were determined to give their more experienced rivals a hard time right from the beginning of the season


    As the event concept of the recent years proved to be ex-tremely successful, the 2015 race meetings also were kicked off on Friday with two 40-minute back-to-back practice ses-sions, with the two 20-minute qualifying sessions also held on Friday In the first qualifying session the drivers battled it out for the positions on the grid for race one while the fastest and the second fastest laps of a driver were crucial in the

    second qualifying session as they were used to determine their positions on the grids for race two and three Then, on Saturday, it was all about the races Two races were con-tested one in the morning, the other in the afternoon and between the races, the Formula 3 paddock buzzed with activity and offered the motor racing enthusiasts the chance of taking a close look at the lives of the young drivers when they werent sitting behind the wheels of their single-seaters The third race of every weekend was held on late Sunday morning The race distance of every round amounted to about 100 kilometres and a maximum duration of 35min-utes respectively

    2015 CALENDAR

    1012/04 Silverstone (WEC) 0103/05 Hockenheim I (DTM) 1517/05 Pau (F3 GP) 2931/05 Monza (ACI) 1921/06 Spa-Francorchamps (ADAC GT Masters) 2628/06 Norisring (DTM) 1012/07 Zandvoort (DTM) 31/0702/08 Spielberg (DTM) 0406/09 Portimo (Blancpain Sprint Series) 2527/09 Nrburgring (DTM) 1618/10 Hockenheim II (DTM)



    The FIA Formula 3 media department makes for appro-priate media coverage Throughout the entire year the department plans and runs all media activities of the championship In addition, contracts co-writers, transla-tors, photographers, the associated internet desk and a media agency implementing all printing materials, en-able to continuously deliver all the information around the FIA Formula 3 European Championship to national and international editorial offices

    Teams and drivers also can receive all the produced pictures and footage (after signing a respective agreement) to pro-mote themselves for instance on their individual websites The media department uses all the modern communication channels to distribute all the news to an extensive worldwide media network

    Print media Exclusive FIA Formula 3 print products such as the FIA Formula 3 Spotters Guide, featuring entry lists, back-ground stories and facts and figures provide journalists and motorsport enthusiasts with extensive information on every event of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship Prior to every event as well as after every session, press releases are produced in two languages (GB/D) and distributed to a great number of media all over the world

    These, the media guide, a comprehensive documentation of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship with detailed information of all drivers, teams and venues, as well as a wide variety of photos are available in a digital format on the special media section on the FIA Formula 3 website (wwwfiaf3europecom) Due to a huge pool of journal-ists, photo graphers and press teams, also from many ma-jor medias such as Autosport, Autosprint, Italiaracing, Auto Bild Motorsport, auto motor und sport, motorsport aktuell, motorsport-totalcom, Speedweek, etc, (202 permanently accredited journalists on site, around 100 one-event accred-itations) not least due to the link to extremely popular host events the FIA Formula 3 European Championship has an international print presence showing a huge popularity among motorsport fans and professionals

    FIA F3 European Championship Media Guide FIA F3 European Championship Official Channels

    FIA F3 European Championship Official Website


  • about results, news or information about the series Regular video and picture uploads as well as detailed reports pro-vide the followers with close insights about the champion-ship Furthermore, the use of Twitter as a significant platform has been enhanced in our social media activities Not only the tweets by drivers, teams and journalists keep the follow-ers up to date and in touch with the series but in addition, the re-tweets link and refer to the official website implying a double effect on the cognition of the championship

    FIA website Additionally the integration of the FIA Formu-la 3 European Championship into the official FIA website wwwfiacom in form of a separate rubric as well as news reports and videos provides an extremely valuable exten-sion of the championships own media channels

    Spotter Guide

    Official website The popularity of the series also becomes noticeable in the World Wide Web The series official website provides all information related to the champion-ship, with portraits of teams and drivers, race results, cham-pionship rankings and background knowledge on rules and regulations Constantly updated video streams supply highlights of single events and the whole season as well as backstage footage of teams and stars Formula 3 enthusiasts have the chance of informing themselves on the latest state of affairs at any time

    New media Taking into account the increasing demand of content available through the internet on a variety of digi-tal devices, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship is providing access to information via different platforms: We run a free-of charge live stream and live timing of all FIA For-mula3 European Championship races on our website Due to an English commentary it addresses international viewers all over the world and fans in countries without live TV cover-age In addition to the video section on our official website, an official FIA Formula 3 YouTube channel is linked This channel provides the users with full length re-live and highlight videos as well as our Eurosport Magazines on demand Also social media (see paragraph below) which allows feedback and interactive participation has become a hub of our me-diaactivity

    Social media Particularly aimed at an interactive generation, FIA Formula 3 European Championship has an own Face-book fan page with a constantly increasing followership By now, approximately 11,000 are following real-time posts FIA Official Website


  • Thanks to choosing FIA Formula 3 European Champion-ships host events such as the DTM, FIA WEC, the ADAC GT Masters and the Blancpain Sprint Series, a state of the art TV production is available and provides what is necessary to have an appropriate appearance on inter-national TV channels

    An existing and proven international TV distribution depart-ment (_wigevision Marketing) with an extensive worldwide network to TV channels is contracted to market Formula 3 in-ternationally _wigevision Marketing is exceptionally focused on licensing, motion picture communication and brand medi-alisation They have established a unique worldwide market position in the area of premium sport events, as a media partner of numerous global companies and as a leading

    consultant for agencies, marketers and major clients Their portfolio consists of eg DTM, FIA Formula 3 EC, Volkswagen Motorsport, Ferrari, Superstars Series, 24h Nrburgring, Red Bull, CHIO Aachen etc With them, FIA Formula 3 developed the approach of distribution before profit In a continuous dialogue potential clients are offered the following products: live signal, race recordings, highlights and news edits, always based on top level HD productions Always with the water-mark of the championship and of the FIA and the champion-ship graphics, _wigevision Marketing is constantly on site to co-ordinate the technical links between TV production and the different TV stations This results in the actual visibility in the worldwide TV landscape 1

    1 See 2015 media data on the following pages





    With a total reach of 212 countries and territories, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship boasts a really strong TV presence

    In the 2015 season, the FIA Formula 3 European Champion-ship once again was internationally available: live- and re-live coverage, global highlight coverage and an own magazine, broadcast by Europes biggest sports channel, Eurosport A FIA F3 News Edit was introduced for the first time this year and has already proven popular with news agencies and magazine broadcasts, thus making for airtime at new stationsRaces were broadcast live on TV in a total of 40 coun-tries and regions and on 42 channels These figures are lower than 2014 due to the discontinuation of live coverage broadcasts by the stations FOX Sports Latin America and FOX Sports Africa But even with those territorial losses the international airtime of 2014 could be maintained This is due to an increased number of highlight programmes on the European core markets and the popularity of the newly created News Edit In Germany, TV partner n-tv covers two races per weekend live one on Saturday, one on Sunday

    In addition, all 33 races are covered live with English com-mentary via the official website as live stream coverage Highlights of the race weekends were broadcast in 212 countries and regions Altogether, a total of 188 TV stations among them renowned stations such as ESPN, Sky Sports, FOX Sports, Speed and Al Jazeera as well as their differ-ent regional spin-off channels covered the FIA Formula 3 European Championship action on a regular basis For Mo-tors TV, single-seater racing also represents the No 1 topic The motor racing station once again covered all 33 rounds (three per race weekend) from the start to the final lap The digital TV station can be received in numerous countries via cable Another highlight of the 2015 season was the exclu-sive Eurosport Magazine On the Tuesday evening following the respective race weekend, Europes biggest sports chan-nel broadcast the 26-minute FIA F3 European Champion-ship magazine, thus taking an exclusive glance behind the curtains of the Formula 1 and DTM feeder series The maga-zine was broadcast in 20 languages and 54 countries, thus reaching 136 million households Following the first showing on Tuesday evening on Eurosport the magazine also was broadcast on Eurosport 2 and Eurosport Asia-Pacific



    Germany n-tv

    Pan Nordic Viasat

    Netherlands Sport1 Netherlands

    Pan Europe Motors TV, Eurosport, Eurosport 2

    Italy Nuvolari

    Latin America ESPN Latin America

    China ESPN

    Worldwide Live stream/Live timing of all FIAFormula 3 European Championship races: wwwfi af3europecom

    Pan Africa ESPN, Fox Sports Africa, Ignition

    Great Britain BT Sport, Sky Sports

    Brazil ESPN

    Middle East Al Dawri/Al Kass Sport & beIN Sport Middle East Australia

    ESPN Australia, FOX Sports Australia, Speed Australia

    Canada TSN, RDS

    USA Somos TV, Torque TV

    Pan Asia Eurosport Asia Pacifi c, FOXSports Asia, Star Sports

    live/re-live highlights news edit other




    Duration (hh:mm:ss) Audience Broadcasts Broadcasters Countries/territoriesEurope 2 2,499:54:42 112,370,000 3,389 90 48North America 3 28:26:15 3,450,000 250 17 3South and Central America 4 73:08:40 5,380,000 365 11 50Asia 5 152:53:44 44,170,000 1.853 37 29Middle East 6 4:37:06 450,000 91 5 22Africa 7 12:44:26 560,000 253 16 46Oceania 8 5:36:30 2,290,000 107 5 14International TV stations 9 7:50:00 19,860,000 157 7 Total 2,785:11:23 188,530,000 6465 188 212

    source: _wigevision MARKETING, X-Media Sports1 Monitoring period: April to October 2015 Detailed report of all countries, broadcasters and shows is available on request2 Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia/Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Pan-Europe, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom 3 Canada, Mexico, United States 4 Anguilla, Antigua/Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Barbuda, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bonaire, Brazil, Brit Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaao, Dominica, Dominican Rep, Ecuador, El Salvador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten, St Barthlemy, St Kitts/Nevis, St Lucia, St Martin, St Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad/Tobago, Turks/Caicos Islands, Uruguay, Venezuela 5 Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Uzbekistan, Vietnam 6 Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen 7 Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central Africa, Comoros, Congo DR, Cte dIvoire, Djibouti, Equat Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Runion, Rwanda, So Tom, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, St Helena, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Western Sahara, Zambia, Zimbabwe 8 Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu 9 Worldwide

    TV As it is appropriate for an internationally established motor racing series, the FIA Formula 3 European Cham-pionship features global TV coverage The positive devel-opment regarding the FIA Formula 3 European champi-onships international reach has continued in 2015 With a total airtime of more than 2,785 hours, figures remain strong and on a similar level to the previous year (final

    report 2014: 2,560 hours) This means that the FIA For-mula 3 European Championship coverage worldwide has reached an audience of over 188 million viewers All race weekends of the 11-meeting season were covered live by numerous TV stations, with the coverage including exciting features and background reports as well as interviews with the drivers



  • For the final report the core European markets have been closely monitored


    France Germany UK PAN-Europe 1 01 Silverstone (GBR) 23:44:55 1:39:23 15:56:57 22:30:2402 Hockenheim I (GER) 18:34:19 1:49:42 9:41:08 10:56:1003 Pau (FRA) 16:42:59 1:05:35 14:51:23 15:18:1504 Monza (ITA) 18:49:37 1:33:27 21:53:21 18:43:5105 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 15:45:14 1:26:47 14:58:51 12:01:3406 Norisring (GER) 17:11:56 1:26:26 17:58:54 15:42:0207 Zandvoort (NED) 20:30:42 1:35:32 12:45:19 11:47:4908 Spielberg (AUT) 31:04:36 0:46:55 12:32:40 17:25:2609 Portimo (POR)1 22:12:16 1:28:14 14:34:23 12:01:5910 Nrburgring (GER) 43:14:32 1:38:44 24:32:06 21:13:3011 Hockenheim II (GER) 38:56:14 1:34:10 25:43:24 38:56:14General 0:20:00 0:13:59 0:20:00 Total 267:07:20 16:18:54 185:48:26 196:37:14Total TV Duration per event 2 24:15:13 1:27:43 16:51:41 17:52:29

    1 Motors TV - EUR2 Without general broadcasts

    source: _wigevision MARKETING, X Media Sports



    France (motors TV - FRA) Germany (n-tv) UK (motors TV - GBR) PAN-Europe (motors TV - EUR)01 Silverstone (GBR) 2:53:43 1:32:35 2:49:19 2:50:2602 Hockenheim I (GER) 0:54:33 1:37:15 2:01:46 1:01:5403 Pau (FRA) 1:39:09 0:49:21 2:18:12 1:37:4504 Monza (ITA) 1:12:05 1:24:28 2:06:06 0:54:3405 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 2:42:10 1:16:52 2:40:59 1:52:4206 Norisring (GER) 1:16:43 1:01:2407 Zandvoort (NED) 0:56:57 1:32:46 1:43:53 1:56:5508 Spielberg (AUT) 2:01:11 0:42:16 1:43:16 09 Portimo (POR) 1:27:48 10 Nrburgring (GER) 1:31:31 1:59:34 11 Hockenheim II (GER) 4:03:40 1:22:32 5:30:12 4:03:40 Total 16:23:28 14:34:07 22:53:17 15:19:20Average 2:02:56 1:19:28 2:32:35 1:54:55

    source: _wigevision MARKETING, X Media Sports

    Live broadcasters of France, Germany, Great Britain and PAN-Europe have been analysed specifically



    France Germany UK PAN-Europe 1 01 Silverstone (GBR) 110,000 2,010,000 150,000 1,160,00002 Hockenheim I (GER) 70,000 2,630,000 70,000 490,00003 Pau (FRA) 60,000 2,350,000 100,000 670,00004 Monza (ITA) 70,000 2,270,000 120,000 790,00005 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 60,000 1,810,000 90,000 610,00006 Norisring (GER) 60,000 1,960,000 110,000 670,00007 Zandvoort (NED) 70,000 980,000 90,000 550,00008 Spielberg (AUT) 100,000 3,690,000 90,000 730,00009 Portimo (POR) 90,000 440,000 100,000 550,00010 Nrburgring (GER) 1,600,000 40,000 900,00011 Hockenheim II (GER) 40,000 2,250,000 20,000 1,560,000General 30,000 1,210,000 10,000 Total 760,000 23,200,000 990,000 8,680,000Total TV Audience per event 2 66,363 1,999,091 89,091 789,091

    source: _wigevision MARKETING, X Media Sports1 Motors TV - EUR2 Without general broadcasts



    France (Motors TV - FRA) Germany (n-tv) UK (Motors TV - GBR) PAN-Europe (Motors TV - EUR)01 Silverstone (GBR) 20,000 180,000 30,000 180,00002 Hockenheim I (GER) 10,000 110,000 20,000 60,00003 Pau (FRA) 10,000 120,000 30,000 120,00004 Monza (ITA) 10,000 240,000 20,000 60,00005 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 20,000 90,000 30,000 180,00006 Norisring (GER) 140,000 60,00007 Zandvoort (NED) 10,000 110,000 20,000 120,00008 Spielberg (AUT) 10,000 90,000 20,000 09 Portimo (POR) 170,000 10 Nrburgring (GER) 130,000 20,000 11 Hockenheim II (GER) 40,000 170,000 20,000 240,000Total 130,000 1,550,000 210,000 1,020,000Average 16,250 140,909 23,333 92,727

    source: _wigevision MARKETING, X Media Sports


  • Eurosport Magazine In addition to our live TV coverage, the 26-minute magazine delivered every highlight of the three rounds of a race weekend, technical explanations, driver portraits and specific event details It offered the audi-ence the chance of taking a look behind the scenes of the 2015 FIA Formula 3 European Championship season


    Different viewers in % 1

    Zone Nordics 2 4.8Zone UK 3 6.2Zone Poland & Baltics 4 10.1Zone Russia 5 9.0Zone Central Europe 6 13.3Zone Germany 7 26.3Zone France 8 17.9Zone South Europe (Balcans) 9 5.3Zone Spain 10 4.2Zone Italy 11 2.9Total 100

    1 percentage of unique persons who watched at least1minute of a program on Eurosport & Eurosport 2

    2 Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden3 Ireland, UK4 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland5 Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrghistan,Moldavia, Russia, Ukraine6 Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia7 Austria, Germany8 Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland9 Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus,Israel, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Serbia, Turkey

    10 Andorra, Portugal, Spain11 Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican

    source: Eurosport


  • Also in the second year of producing the Eurosport Maga-zine the positive trend continued and audience figures re-mained on a high level Nearly 4 million viewers watched the eleven episodes broadcast this season The total broadcasting time on Euro-sport and Eurosport 2 amounts to just under 12 hours


    Eurosport 1 Eurosport 2 1

    01 Silverstone (GB) 380,000 40,00002 Hockenheim (GER) 410,000 40,00003 Pau (FRA) 170,000 40,00004 Monza (ITA) 340,000 40,00005 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 140,000 40,00006 Norisring (GER) 440,000 40,00007 Zandvoort (NED) 580,000 40,00008 Spielberg (AUT) 480,000 40,00009 Portimo (POR) 130,000 40,00010 Nrburgring (GER) 230,000 40,00011 Hockenheim (GER) 160,000 40,000Total 3460000 440,000Average 314,545 40000

    source: X Media Sports1 Estimated


  • Online video All races of the 2015 season were broadcast live with English commentary via the official website as live stream coverage Recordings of full races and short highlight videos are available as video-on-demand at the FIA Euro-pean Formula 3 Championships official YouTube channel In addition all episodes of the Eurosport Magazine can be watched via YouTube once they have aired on Eurosport and Eurosport 2 Highlight clips and short behind the scenes videos are also available on Facebook

    Live Stream During the 2015 season, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship websites live stream service re-corded a total of 100,000 visits, with an average of 9,251 visits per race event

    LIVE STREAM 2015

    Viewer rate01 Silverstone (GB) 7,48102 Hockenheim I (GER) 7,54003 Pau (FRA) 10,95404 Monza (ITA) 11,66605 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 7,41606 Norisring (GER) 9,89007 Zandvoort (NED) 11,15208 Spielberg (AUT) 11,73309 Portimo (POR) 7,37310 Nrburgring (GER) 7,36211 Hockenheim II (GER) 9,197Total 101,764Average 9,251

    source: TV SquareFIA F3 European Championship official website live stream


  • YOUTUBE views (re-live on additional subscribers demand & highlights) per month (net)November 2014 15,044 146December 2014 13,790 84January 2015 10,909 76February 2015 11,474 83March 2015 13,051 81April 2015 22,884 203May 2015 65,650 495June 2015 111,570 709July 2015 28,825 178August 2015 21,205 185September 2015 23,361 104October 2015 20,318 94November 2015 11,952 87Total 370,033 2,525Average 28,464 194

    source: ks media

    YouTube The YouTube channel remains extremely popular Full race videos as well as event highlights and the Eurosport Magazine, divided in three parts, are available on demand In 2015 the channel achieved an average viewer rate of over 31,000 per month; in addition it gained more than 2,200 subscribers (net)

    FIA Formula 3 European Championship youtube channel


  • AUTO SPRINT - 05 maggio 2015Home Edicola Web

    1 Pagina 62/63 di 84

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    AUTO SPRINT - 14 aprile 2015Home Edicola Web

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    s: He


    er; T

    . Kem

    pe Seit 2004 frdert die Deutsche Post AG mit ihrer Speed Academy deutsche Nachwuchspiloten. Die sieben Kandidaten sucht eine achtkpfige Fachjury aus. Sie verteilt auch viermal pro Jahr Zwischenzeugnisse. Kriterien fr die Noten: Rennergebnisse und Leistungen bei den Speed-Academy-Seminaren auf und neben der

    Piste. In jedem der vier Wertungszeitrume werden 50 000 Euro ausgeschttet. Der beste Vollgas-Student erhlt 20 000 Euro. Fr Platz zwei gibt es 15 000, drei 10 000 und vier 5000 Euro. Der Fnfte, Sechs-te und Siebte gehen leer aus. Wer am meisten Frdergeld verdient, ist Jahressieger.



    Lernen frs Rennfahrer-Abi

    So ein bisschen skurril ist die Szene im Fahrerlager der Formel 3 ja schon. Maximilian Gnther (17) zieht seinen Helm auf, setzt sich an eine Schulbank vorm Zelt seines Teams und beginnt in seinem Geografiebuch zu lesen. Mal schaut er angespannt, mal nachdenklich, mal gestresst durch das offene Visier. Neben ihm steht sein Rennwagen, mit dem er in ein paar Stunden wieder um die beste Rundenzeit kmpfen muss.

    Ein ungewhnliches Bild, das fr Maximilian Gnther gar nicht so weit

    entfernt ist von der Realitt. Denn der Frderkandidat der Deutsche Post Speed Academy fhrt fr Mcke in der Formel-3-Europameisterschaft um Siege. Gleichzeitig bffelt er in der 11. Klasse fr die schwarz-wei karierte Flagge am Gymnasium.

    Der Rennfahrer im doppelten Lern-stress. Im Cockpit und vor dem B-cherstapel! Plan A ist natrlich, dass ich Berufsrennfahrer werde, erklrt der Allguer sein paralleles Pauken. Ich mchte aber auch ein zweites Standbein haben. Auerdem hilft mir das Abitur dank meiner besseren Sprachkenntnisse im Motorsport international aufgestellt zu sein.

    Dass die Kombination aus Renn-fahrerkarriere und Abitur lngst keine Ausnahme mehr ist, beweisen auch die beiden deutschen Formel-1-Stars. Vierfach-Weltmeister Sebastian Vettel (28) hat sein Abi mit 2,8 bestanden. Er zeichnete die einzelnen Prfun-gen damals als Zielgerade auf einen Zettel. Mercedes-Pilot Nico Rosberg (30) machte seinen Abschluss mit 2,1.

    Allein: Zum Abi im Nebenjob gehrt extrem viel Disziplin. Ich habe 60 bis 70 Fehltage pro Jahr, gibt Gnther zu Protokoll. Was nur geht, weil der Schuldirektor selbst ein Motorsport-fan ist. Aber ich versuche den Stoff komprimiert nachzuholen. In Mathe

    und Spanisch untersttzt ihn ein Nachhilfelehrer. Ich muss natrlich einiges an Energie aufwenden, um das Ganze dann auch zu realisieren. Ich kann Motorsport und Schule aber trennen. Der Lernstress beeinflusst meine Rennwochenenden nicht.

    Im Gegenteil. Weil der Gymnasiast stndig im Lernmodus ist, fllt ihm auch das Bffeln am Steuer nicht so schwer. Ich bin ein absoluter Tft-ler, verrt Gnther. Ich arbeite an jedem Detail und versuche aus mir und dem Team berall das Maximum rauszuholen. Deshalb ist das Lernen im Motorsport auch so wichtig.

    In der Formel 3 hat er seine Mo-torsport-Reifeprfung aber lngst hinter sich. Die Rennserie vergleicht er mit dem Grundstudium. Die Formel 3 ist das Sprungbrett in den Profirennsport, erklrt er. Hier ist alles schon sehr professionell, die Zweikmpfe, die Aerodynamik, die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team.

    Gnther befindet sich auf der Ziel-geraden der Rennfahrer-Ausbildung. Und da sind Erfolge besonders wichtig. Am Norisring gabs den ersten Sieg. Derzeit liegt der F3-Neuling auf Rang sieben der Tabelle. Klassenbester wird er nicht, aber fr das Rennfahrer-Zeugnis 2015 bekommt er ganz sicher Lob vom Schuldirektor. bg

    Am Rennwochenende in Zandvoort wurde Maxi Gnther 29., Achter und Zwlfter. Auf

    Tabellenrang sieben hat er 170,5 Punkte Rckstand auf Leader Antonio Giovinazzi

    Sieg am Norisring: Maximilian Gnther

    in seinem 240 PS starken Formel 3

    des Berliner Teams Mcke

    Print-media Thrilling races, young talents and fast racing cars it comes as no surprise that the FIA Formula 3 Euro-pean Championship is positively refl ected by national and international print media From November 2014 to October 2015, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship achieved a print run of over 150 million and over 1,900 press clip-pings in the European core markets


    Austria France Germany Italy Netherlands Spain Switzerland UK TotalNovember 2014 1,150,000 320,000 2,680,000 150,000 2,440,000 570,000 150,000 100,000 7,560,000December 2014 100,000 70,000 1,400,000 80,000 3,840,000 280,000 120,000 100,000 5,990,000January 2015 580,000 400,000 2,390,000 120,000 340,000 190,000 120,000 170,000 4,310,000February 2015 130,000 250,000 800,000 80,000 3810,000 110,000 170,000 100,000 5,450,000March 2015 130,000 520,000 2,310,000 490,000 12330,000 320,000 240,000 570,000 16,910,000April 2015 1,920,000 410,000 6,090,000 70,000 30,000 490,000 230,000 140,000 9,380,000May 2015 490,000 2,550,000 11,430,000 70,000 40,000 60,000 190,000 140,000 14,970,000June 2015 1,890,000 1,080,000 11,770,000 150,000 340,000 700,000 180,000 100,000 16,210,000July 2015 3,860,000 280,000 6,310,000 70,000 1300,000 1,070,000 150,000 170,000 13,210,000August 2015 2,250,000 60,000 6,130,000 710,000 5270,000 340,000 130,000 170,000 15,060,000September 2015 330,000 450,000 19,620,000 750,000 5,720,000 350,000 430,000 170,000 27,820,000October 2015 380,000 340,000 9,780,000 2,490,000 490,000 130,000 170,000 13,780,000Total 13,210,000 6,730,000 80,710,000 2,740,000 37,950,000 4,970,000 2,240,000 2,100,000 150,650,000 Average 1,100,833 560,833 6,725,833 249,091 3,162,500 414,167 186,667 175,000 12,554,167

    source: KANTAR MEDIA

    AutosprintAuto Bild Motorsport



    XII = 20 MAI 2015 20 MAI 2015 = XIII



    DIABOLIQUE GIOVINAZZILItalien a jailli de sa bote cinq tours de larrive pour briser la domination jusque-l sans faille LItalien a jailli de sa bote cinq tours de larrive pour briser la domination jusque-l sans faille de Jake Dennis. Charles Leclerc soffre un triple podium dans le week-end. Jean-Claude Romec Envoy spcial

    Il y avait un peu de Wel-lington le week-end pass dans la dmarche de Jake Dennis, qui a choisi la cit dHenri IV pour ouvrir avec

    la manire son compteur de vic-toires en F3. limage du vain-queur de Napolon Waterloo, qui sest install Pau dans la foule pour changer radicale-ment et durablement le visage de la ville, le pilote anglais du Prema Powerteam a voulu marquer de son empreinte cette 74e dition du Grand Prix. Ce sont des moments exceptionnels, je me suis senti bien depuis que jai

    pos le pied ici. Les essais libres, les qualifications et les courses se sont droules comme dans un rve , souriait Dennis samedi soir, aprs avoir survol les deux premires leves de cette 3emanche du championnat. Habit, semble-t-il, de lintime conviction que rien ne pourrait lui arriver dans la course support du Grand Prix, dans laquelle il slanait videmment en pole, comme lors des deux prcdentes, le Britannique avouait ressentir un trs bon feeling sur ce trac urbain (o il avait termin 3e du controvers Trophe de Pau FR

    2.0 en 2013, remport par Luca Ghiotto. Ndlr) . Hlas pour lui, Dennis aura domin 95 % du week-end, mais lhistoire retien-dra quAntonio Giovinazzi a ins-crit son nom au palmars.LItalien, leader du champion-nat en arrivant dans le Barn, semblait avoir fait acte de sou-mission lAnglais, encore peu dangereux au classement gn-ral. Il affichait pourtant samedi soir une certaine confiance. Tout peut encore arriver, jai russi prserver quatre pneus neufs pour le Grand Prix , souf-flait le pilote du Jagonya Ayam, lun des plus expriments du plateau avec 70 dparts en F3 au compteur. Plac en premire ligne, il laissait partir Dennis avant de revenir irrsistiblement et le pousser la faute pour le passer au 23e des 28 tours. Aux commandes dune monoplace la suspension arrire droite tou-che, lAnglais scroulait alors totalement, terminant hors des points. Gagner Pau o tant de gloires italiennes se sont imposes est une sensation incroyable, exultait Antonio Giovinazzi, dimanche soir. Jai

    9Le nombre de podiums obtenus en autant de courses depuis le dbut de lanne par le leader du championnat Giovinazzi.

    roul prudemment pour ne pas dgrader mes pneus en dbut de course et cette stratgie sest avre la meilleure.

    Leclerc engrangeAutre bnficiaire du week-end palois, Charles Leclerc, qui limite la perte de points sur le Transal-pin et prserve sa place de dau-phin au gnral en cumulant trois podiums. une 3phin au gnral en cumulant trois podiums. une 3phin au gnral en cumulant trois

    e puis une 2eplaces samedi, rcompenses de courses o il a su prendre des risques calculs notamment dans un dpassement viril, mais correct, sur Max Gunther en fin

    de course 2 est venue sajou-ter une autre 3e place inesp-re aprs la chute de Dennis. Mon but ntait pas dinscrire mon nom au palmars du Grand Prix. Cest dailleurs la course o je mapprtais souffrir le plus, car je ny tais pas bien qualifi, soufflait ainsi le Mon-gasque, seulement 4e sur la grille dimanche aprs deux premires lignes samedi. Le point positif est que cette fois, mon dpart

    fut parfait, linverse des deux premiers. Trois podiums, cest le mieux que je pouvais esprer aprs les qualifications.La rgularit, comme toujours, primera cette anne. ce jeu, La rgularit, comme toujours, primera cette anne. ce jeu, La rgularit, comme toujours,

    Giovinazzi est pour linstant imbattable et lItalien a dj en tte la prochaine manche de Monza, la fin du mois. Comme quoi, messieurs les Anglais, il ne suffit pas toujours de tirer les premiers.


    / M

    . DE





    Classement F3 15-17 mai. Manche 3/11Course 1 :Course 1 : 1. J. Dennis (Prema-Mer- (Prema-Mer- (Prema-Mercedes) 27 t. en 3554103, 2. A. Giovi-nazzi (Jagonya Ayam with Carlin-VW) 06, 3. C. Leclerc (Van Amersfoort-VW) 11 (1er Rookie), 4. M. Gnther (Mcke-Merer Rookie), 4. M. Gnther (Mcke-Merer -cedes) 70, 5. A. Albon (Signature-VW) 76, 6. A. Lorandi (Van Amersfoort-VW) 98, ... 10. B. Maisano (Prema-Mercedes) 163, etc. Ab : D. Boccolacci (Signature VW). PP : Dennis 121795 (121,5 km/h). MT : Leclerc 110925 (140,1 km/h). Course 2 :Course 2 : 1. J. Dennis (Prema-Mer- (Prema-Mer- (Prema-Mercedes) 27 t. en 4915706, 2. C. Leclerc 06 (1er Rookie), 3. A. Giovinazzi 27, er Rookie), 3. A. Giovinazzi 27, er4. A. Maini (Van Amersfoort-VW) 54, 5. F. Rosenqvist (Prema-Mercedes) 59, 6. G. Russell (Carlin-VW) 97, 7. A. Albon 110, ... 26. D. Boccolacci 1 t. Ab : B. Mai-sano. PP : Dennis 110253 (141,4 km/h).

    MT : Dennis 110629 (140,7 km/h). Course 3 (Grand Prix de Pau) : 1. A. GiovinazziVW) 28 t. en 3556242 19 (1L. Stroll (Prema-Mercedes) 135, 5. A. Maini 151, 6. F. Rosenqvist 162, ... 14. D. Boccolacci 355, ... 21. B. Maisano 451, etc. km/h). km/h). MT : Championnat : 1. Giovinazzi 164 pts, Leclerc 149, 3. Rosenqvist 110, 4. Dennis 96, 5. Gnther 64, ... 13. Maisano 20, etc.Rookies : 1. Leclerc 192 pts112, 3. Russell 109, 4. Albon 107, 5. Stroll 93, ... 12. Boccolacci 11, etc.Teams : 1. Prema Powerteam 218 pts2. Jagonya Ayam with Carlin 201, 3. Van Amersfoort 180, ... 6. Signature 60, etc.



    2011). Revenir ici procure un norme plaisir, a nous a beaucoup manqu , avouait sans dtour son directeur gnral Philippe Sinault. Dorian Boccolacci, deux fois vainqueur sur ce trac en F4 lan dernier, avait mme retrouv de sa superbe en signant chaque fois un Top 10 en qualifications, une premire cette saison. Hlas, son abandon en course 1 sur problme mcanique sonnait le

    changement par scurit de son bloc moteur impliquait un recul de dix places de grille pour les deux dernires courses de Pau, ainsi que pour celle douverture Monza... Lautre Rookie de lquipe, Alexander Albon, a comme Silverstone sign un Top 5 en course 1, avant de rencontrer des problmes de slecteur de vitesses qui le faisaient rtrograder en course 2. Ces mmes

    Dennis a gagn deux fois,

    mais il laisse chapper le Grand Prix.

    Giovinazzi et Leclerc ne se lchent

    plus. Lcart sest creus

    avec leurs poursuivants.

    Ici en tte du peloton, Charles Leclerc sen va chercher son tout premier

    succs en Formule 3, 17 ans.

    15 AVRIL 2015 = 69


    68 = 15 AVRIL 2015


    ette manche douverture bri-tannique a tenu toutes ses pro-messes, affichant diversit et comptitivit dun plateau de

    pilotes grandement renouvel. La meilleure preuve en est le bton de leader dtenu, lissue de cette premire confron-tation, par lItalien Antonio Giovinazzi. Pilote le mieux class des redoublants engags

    2014), lhomme de pointe de Jagonya Ayam with Carlin na pourtant pas gagn, mais sest abonn au podium avec une 3e et

    places. linverse, Felix Rosenqvist, le baron du peloton qui entame sa 5e saison

    F3, sest montr bien mois assidu. Aprs avoir totalement domin une premire course ponctue par trois sorties de la voiture de scurit sur une piste encore humide par endroits, favorisant les incidents le vt-

    ans tait condamn deux remontes, suite un double dclassement le privant de deux de ses trois pole positions. En seconde qualification, deux vis mal fixes, sur son aileron avant, avaient mis hors gabarit les dimensions rglementaires Une erreur bnigne aux lourdes consquences. Mme en

    2, le nouveau leader de Prema Powerteam a perdu de gros

    points dans lhistoire. Pour sa part, son nou-vel quipier, Jake Dennis, a russi un assez bon week-end domicile, en prenant deux 3e places.

    Nouvelle vagueRosenqvist peut nourrir des regrets, car la rgularit aux avant-postes sera cruciale cette saison. Comme on pouvait sy attendre, les rookies venus de tous bords ont en effet dj sonn la charge, facilite il est vrai par les ennuis du Sudois. Le premier simposer res-tera George Russell, auteur dune manuvre splendide au dpart de la course 2, en dbor-dant Leclerc et Giovinazzi. Champion sortant de la F4 BRDC de Jonathan Palmer, celui qui stait fait remarquer en remportant Jerez lune des courses finales de lEurocup FR 2.0 avec Tech 1 Racing, a dj ouvert le score de lautre team de Trevor Carlin. Dans les points en course 1, il soffrait aussi la 5e place de la C3 en venant bout dAlbon.Silverstone a galement salu la premire confirmation des ambitions du jeune Mon-gasque, Charles Leclerc. Dj en pointe aux essais prliminaires du mardi, le protg de Nicolas Todt a dabord trbuch en course 1, suite un accrochage avec Masano et

    LAnglais George Russell et le Mongasque Charles Leclerc ont sign dune victoire leur entre en championnat dEurope. Le Sudois Felix Rosenqvist, qui y entame

    saison, a galement scor. Jean-Luc Taillade


    Classement F311-12 avril. Manche 1/11Course 1 : 1. F. Rosenqvist (Prema) 15 t. en 3644906 (144,5 km/h), 2. A. Giovinazzi (Jagonya Ayam with Carlin) 09, 3. J. Dennis (Prema) 26, 4. A. Albon (Signature) (1er Rookie) 47, 5. M. Pommer (Motopark) 52, 6. L. Stroll (Prema) 61, 7. G. Menezes (Jagonya Ayam with Carlin) 69, 8. G. Russell (Carlin) 74, ... 12. Ch. Leclerc (Van Amersfoort) 102, 21. D. Boccolacci (Signature) 186, etc. Ab. B. Masano (Prema). PP : Rosenqvist 151007 (191,0 km/h). MT : Rosenqvist 152372 (189,0 km/h).Course 2 : 1. G. Russell (Carlin) 18 t. en 3633460 (174,3 km/h) (1er Rookie), 2. Ch. Leclerc 17, 3. A. Giovinazzi 54, 4. L. Stroll 63, 5. B. Masano 136, 6. A. Albon 150, 7. F. Rosenqvist 221, 8. P. Fittipaldi (Fortec) 368, etc. Ab. D. Boccolacci. PP : Leclerc 151148. MT : Leclerc 151670 (190,2 km/h).Course 3 : 1. Ch. Leclerc (Van Amersfoort) 18 t. en 3556649 (177,3 km/h) (1er Rookie), 2. A. Giovinazzi 04, 3. J. Dennis 32, 4. G. Menezes 42, 5. G. Russell 46, 6. A. Albon 63, 7. M. Pommer 71, 8. B. Masano 84, ... 17. D. Boccolacci 144, etc. 84, ... 17. D. Boccolacci 144, etc. PP : Leclerc 151489. MT : Leclerc 151498 (190,5 km/h). Championnat : 1. Giovinazzi 51 pts, 2. Leclerc 43, 3. Russell 39, 4. Rosenqvist 31, 5. Dennis 30, 6. Albon 28, 7. Stroll 20, 8. Menezes 18, 9. Pommer 16, 10. Masano 14, etc.Teams : 1. Jagonya Ayam with Carlin 72 pts, 2. Prema Powerteam 67, 3. Carlin 49, 4. Van Amersfoort Racing 46, 5. Signature 32, etc.Rookies : 1. Russell 58 pts, 2. Albon 52, 3. Leclerc 49, etc.

    Charles LECLERC Pilote Van Amersfoort RacingDeux fois en pole position, puis respectivement 12e, 2e et 1er des trois courses, quel bilan tirez-vous de votre premier week-end en F3?On a connu des soucis en essais libres, mais ensuite, a sest globalement mieux pass. En course 1, jai t envoy en tte--queue. En course 2, la procdure de dpart a dur ; je regardais dans les rtroviseurs au moment o les feux se sont teints et jai perdu deux places. Je pense que a me cote la victoire. En course 3, malgr un dpart imparfait, jai conserv la premire place tout du long.Les voitures de scurit ne vous ont pourtant pas facilit la tcheJai russi au dpart me forger une avance pr-cieuse, mais elle a t rduite nant par une pre-mire neutralisation. Jai refait le trou par la suite, avant quune deuxime intervention ne remette

    encore tout en cause. Les derniers tours ont t trs difficiles mais je suis parvenu tenir.Aprs les essais hivernaux, cela correspond-il vos attentes?Cest toujours difficile de savoir o lon se situe On sattendait tre aux avant-postes mais cest toujours bien de le confirmer lors du premier meeting. Mainte-nant, il va falloir rpter cela Hockenheim (2-3 mai. Ndlr). Ne connaissant pas le trac, lobjectif premier sera de lapprendre.Votre quipe pouvait compter lan pass sur Max Verstappen, qui est aujourdhui en F1. Cela vous met-il une pression particulire?Non, pas du tout. Je sais juste que cest une bonne quipe et je leur fais confiance. moi de faire le job. moi de faire le job.

    Propos recueillis par T. Villemant, Silverstone

    Albon rassure SignatureThalandais de culture anglaise,

    le plus expriment des deux rookies placs par le Lotus F1 Team Junior dans lquipe ber-ruyre sest bien ancr dans le Top 10, tout au long du week-end. Profitant des dconvenues de Leclerc et Russell dans la course 1, Alex Albon (photo ci-contre) soffrait une belle 4e place et la premire des rookies, en tenant en respect Mar-kus Pommer. Il rcidivera dimanche en se classant 6e de la course 3, devant le champion dAllemagne en titre. Entre-temps, il avait dj pris la 6e place samedi aprs-midi, hors datteinte de Rosenqvist. Dans lquipe de Philippe Sinault, on sattendait des dbuts plus diffi-ciles pour Dorian Boccolacci. Le vice-champion de France F4, 20e en premire qualification, a ter-min au 21e rang de la premire course. Mieux qualifi pour les deux suivantes, il ratait dabord son

    dpart en C2 pour soffrir une belle remonte, pointant 12e, lorsquil saccrocha en tentant de passer le Danois Jensen. En course 3, il pas-sait le damier en 17e position, bien remont aprs un dpart laborieux. Pour notre retour, et avec deux rookies de surcrot, nous sommes dans le coup, analyse Sinault. Nous repartons de cette premire manche avec des points en poche aprs nous tre battus chaque course dans le Top 5, je ne peux qutre satisfait. On part vraiment

    sur de bonnes bases, autant tech-niquement quavec les pilotes. Certes, Dorian fut un peu en retrait mais, comme ce sera le cas de sou-vent cette anne, il ne connaissait pas le circuit. Silverstone est une piste trs spcifique avec beaucoup de charge aro. Il ne faut pas oublier quil est trs jeune (16quil est trs jeune (16quil est trs jeune ans. Ndlr) et quil a peu dexprience. Quand on analyse ses chronos, ce quil a fait est trs intressant. Il lui manque juste du roulage, mais a va venir.

    J.L.T. avec T.V.

    51Le nombre de positions gagnes dans le week-end

    par Rosenqvist, qui sest lanc dernier des courses 2 et 3, suite son dclassement.

    Russell. Puis, en partant deux fois dune pole hrite, il a pris la 2e place en C2, avant de dominer la C3 avec une belle maturit. En gagnant ainsi le jour de la saint Jules, Charles avait bien sr une pense particulire pour Bianchi, son ami et en quelque sorte son par-rain sportif chez All Sport Management. Du ct de son team Van Amersfoort, Max Vers-tappen navait pas fait aussi bien pour sa pre-mire participation. Des autres dbutants se montrant leur avantage, hormis Albon (voir encadr), on note les belles prestations dans les points de Lance Stroll (Prema), le pupille de la Ferrari Driver Academy, de Mikkel Jensen

    et Maximilian Gnther (Mcke), les deux pre-miers de la Formula ADAC Masters, de Pie-tro Fittipaldi (Fortec), le petit-fils dEmerson, et de Callum Ilott (Carlin), le protg de Red Bull, issu directement du karting. Enfin, sil ne peut tre qualifi de nouveau quau niveau europen de la F3, on est ravi de voir le reve-nant, Brandon Masano, membre lgitime du Top 10, lui qui doit sa prsence dans lquipe Prema son rle de sparring-partner du jeune Canadien Stroll. l

    Champion sortant de la F4 BRDC, George Russell dcroche aussi son premier succs en F3.






    / M

    . MAR




    / M

    . MAR



    Au ct de Leclerc, auteur dune 4eAu ct de Leclerc, auteur dune 4eAu ct de Leclerc, auteur dune 4 victoire e victoire ecette saison, Albon a pris got au podium.

    Alexander Albon sest signal en dcrochant

    deux poles sur trois. Il a lutt jusquau bout

    pour les concrtiser en victoires, en vain.

    50 = 1ER JUILLET 2015 1ER JUILLET 2015 = 51




    Deux pole positions, deux podiums et deux Rookies rgulirement en haut des feuilles de chronos : lquipe franaise nest dsormais plus trs loin de renouer avec son glorieux pass. Jean-Claude Romec Envoy spcial

    Le week-end promettait dtre grand pour lcurie berruyre. Il fut juste bon , et ce bmol se justifie par les attentes nes dun dbut de meeting prometteur. Avec 63 points

    empochs au Norisring, cette manche nen reste pas moins le plus prolifique depuis le retour temps plein de Signature dans le championnat dEurope F3, au dbut de la saison. Cest vrai, cest paradoxal dtre un peu du par les rsultats obtenus ici, rele-vait Lionel Chevalier, directeur technique de Signature F3 et associ de Philippe Sinault la tte de lquipe. Nos deux pilotes ont t performants, rguliers, exempts de fautes et Alex (Albon) et Alex (Albon) et Alex monte deux reprises sur le podium (une 2e et une 3e places. Ndlr). Mais aprs les qualifications, nous nous tions pris rver mieux. Le Thalandais de 19 ans, n Londres, avait, en effet, russi une deuxime sance de qualifications parfaite, soctroyant les poles des courses 2 et 3, aprs tre pass tout prs - neuf millimes ! - lors de la premire sance, commandant la grille de la course 1. Je suis aussi heu-

    reux pour moi que pour le team, rayonnait-il, dailleurs, vendredi soir. Cest valorisant de constater que nous progressons depuis le dbut de saison. Maintenant, nous sommes capables de nous battre rgulirement aux avant-postes . Son quipier franais, Dorian Boccolacci, lui aussi rookie dans la discipline, tait rest en retrait mais recevait tout de mme laccolade de Gwen Lagrue, respon-sable du programme Junior team de Lotus F1, dont le Cannois de 17 ans est membre depuis 2013. On est dans le coup et a fait plaisir, analysait ainsi lespoir franais. Pour ma part, javais le premier chrono de mon groupe jusquau dernier tour et je me fais avoir pour trente millimes. Cest dommage parce que cela aurait plac les deux voitures sur la premire ligne

    Deux poles, deux regretsUn regret qui prenait toute son importance dimanche lissue dun meeting o Albon naura pu convertir en victoire aucune de ses deux poles... En cause, deux envols laborieux, mme si celui de la course 2 a moins prt

    consquence que celui, catastrophique, de la course 3. Mon dpart, na pas t bon et je me suis fait passer par Russell lpingle , rapportait-il samedi soir. Cinquime le matin dune course chaotique remporte par Charles Leclerc (voir encadr. Ndlr), Albon russissait bien grer deux neutralisations conscutives plusieurs accrochages lpingle, mais il chouait au troisime restart. Gunther tait suffisamment prs pour tenter quelque chose lpingle, la porte tait ouverte et il ma pass. Je suis trs du davoir laiss chapper la chance de mimposer pour la premire fois ce niveau, jespre que la vic-toire sera pour demain , concluait-il en croi-sant les doigts. Ce ne sera pas pour cette fois. Dimanche, il perdait quasiment tous ses espoirs en virant 6e la premire pingle. Jai

    rat mon dpart, sous-estimant le niveau de grip. Les voitures du DTM avaient effectu des tests de dmarrage sur les positions de grille et cela ma tromp, avouait Albon, qui rfu-tait par ailleurs tout excs de nervosit aprs loccasion manque de la veille. Jai ensuite tent de remonter, ce que jai fait jusqu la 3e place, mais George (Russell) tait impos-sible dpasser. Il faut positiver : nous nous amliorons chaque week-end et nous tions vraiment comptitifs ici. Plus du encore tait Boccolacci, qui navait russi accrocher aucun Top 5 : On valait tellement mieux que les rsultats que lon rapporte (6e et deux fois 8e. Ndlr). On part de trs loin, car en dbut de saison, on sen serait content ! Je me sentais bien en conditions de course, cest dautant plus frustrant. Comme le confiait Philippe Sinault en prambule vendredi, avant dtre contraint de sabsenter samedi et dimanche, la saison semble enfin lance. Je ne suis pas surpris que cela arrive sur un circuit atypique comme le Norisring, que nous apprcions bien (voir Chiffre. Ndlr). Il ne faut pas oublier que nos deux pilotes sont des rookies et que nous-mmes renouons avec une discipline dont le niveau est bien suprieur celle que nous avons quitte quatre ans plus tt. Il fallait du temps pour tout mettre en place. . Aprs Spa, Signature a enchan un second week-end plein en termes de points. La victoire dsormais tant attendue nest plus trs loin.l

    Classement F327-28 juin. Manche 6/11Course 1 :Course 1 : 1. C. Leclerc (Van Amersfoort-VW) 30 t. en 3541741 (115,9 km/h) (1er Rookie), 2. A. Giovinazzi er Rookie), 2. A. Giovinazzi er(Jagonya Ayam-VW) 07, 3. F. Rosenqvist (Prema-Mer-cedes) 57, 4. M. Gnther (Mcke-Mercedes) 64, 5. A. Albon (Signature-VW) 75, 6. D. Boccolacci (Signa-ture-VW) 79, ... 20. B. Maisano (Prema-Mercedes) 1 t., etc. PP : Leclerc 48240. MT : Albon 56743.Course 2 :Course 2 : 1. M. Gnther (Mcke-Mercedes) 36 t. en 1. M. Gnther (Mcke-Mercedes) 36 t. en 1. M. Gnther3529733 (139,9 km/h) (1er Rookie), 2, A. Albon 04, er Rookie), 2, A. Albon 04, er3. C. Leclerc 10, 4. L. Stroll (Prema-Mercedes) 19, 5. G. Russell (Carlin-VW) 22, 6. M. Jensen (Mcke-Mer-cedes) 31, ... 8. D. Boccolacci 51, ... 10. B. Maisano 60, etc. PP : Albon 48099. MT : Pommer 48681.Course 3 :Course 3 : 1. A. Giovinazzi (Jagonya Ayam-VW) 38 t. en 3531646 (147,6 km/h), 2. G. Russell 13 (1er Rookie), 3. A. Albon 15, 4. C. Leclerc 19, 5. M. Jen-sen 58, 6. S. Ferrucci (Mcke-Mercedes) 84, ... 8. D. Boccolacci 97, ... 10. B. Maisano 112, etc. PP :Albon 48227. MT : Leclerc 48377.Championnat : 1. Leclerc 269,5 pts, 2. Giovinazzi 227, 3. Rosenqvist 203, 4. Dennis 189, 5. Russell 120, 6. Gnther 111,5, 7. Albon 110, 8. Jensen 77,5, ... 11. Maisano 52, ... 15. Boccolacci 26, etc.Rookies : 1. Leclerc 345,5 ptsther 188, ... 9. Boccolacci 66, etc.Teams: 1. Prema Powerteam 410 pts317,5, 3. Jagonya Ayam 297, ... 6. Signature 168, etc.


    Charles Leclerc impressionnantProfitant la fois des

    erreurs de ses princi-paux challengers et de sa constance ne pas en commettre, le jeune Mongasque (17 ans) a encore accru son avance au classement gnral provisoire. Il compte dsormais 42,5 points de plus que son dauphin ita-lien Antonio Giovinazzi (21 ans), alors que le vt-ran de la discipline, Felix Rosenqvist (23 ans), pointe 3e ... 66 longueurs. Charles Leclerc tait le plus prompt se mettre en action en obtenant la pole position de la course 1. La premire que je signe sur la piste, soulignait-il aussitt. Les deux dont jai hrites Silverstone ntaient dues qu la disqualification de Rosenqvist. Ma sance

    na pourtant pas t par-na pourtant pas t par-na pourtant pas t parfaite, jai un peu allum mes pneus sur un frei-nage. a na pas facilit les choses, mais je suis tout de mme parvenu signer le meilleur chrono. Dans la seconde sance, jai aussi commis quelques erreurs, et eu un problme avec les freins au virage n3 surtout. Alex (Albon) n3 surtout. Alex (Albon) n3 surtout. Alex a t trs rapide, et il mrite ses deux poles. Plac ses cts en premire ligne samedi matin, le Thalandais a exerc un peu de pression sur ses paules, jusqu son tout-droit lpingle, au 11e

    tour, alors que la pluie redoublait. Une fois seul aux avant-postes, jai pilot en dessous de la limite pour ne pas faire derreur dans ces condi-derreur dans ces condi-derreur dans ces conditions de piste trs difficiles

    (pourtant, lcart sur ses poursuivants se creusait rgulirement. Ndlr). Quand la voiture de scu-rit a fait son apparition, sur le moment je ntais pas trs heureux, mais quand jai compris que la course se terminerait sous rgime de neutrali-sation, je me suis ravis... Le sourire tait aussi de mise en soire, alors quil descendait de la 3e marche dun podium concluant une course dis-pute sur une piste sas-schant et maille de trois neutralisations. Le dernier restart a t chaud mais trs correct, rappormais trs correct, rappormais trs correct -, rappor-, rapportait-il. Il y avait encore beaucoup deau lint-rieur de lpingle, un endroit plus bossel que les autres. Jai bloqu ma roue avant gauche ; de

    son ct, Alex (Albon)son ct, Alex (Albon)son ct, Alex a peut-tre plong en me voyant arriver et il a perdu la premire place au pro-fit de Gnther. Pour ma part, je ne peux pas tre du, cette 3edu, cette 3edu, cette 3 place est e place est e

    une trs bonne opra-tion. Rosenqvist termi-nant hors des points et Giovinazzi ayant aban-donn, son avance culmi-nait samedi soir 54 points, soit plus de deux victoires dcart. Enfin, jamais dans le coup pour la victoire en course 3, il a su piloter intelligem-ment pour rapporter de nouveaux gros points, ceux de la 4e place. La victoire finale de Giovi-nazzi dgonflait quelque peu son matelas, mais limpression de matrise sur les vnements demeure. J.C.R.

    VITEMASANOAprs son bon week-end spadois, le Franais du Prema Powerteam nobtient quune maigre moisson au Norisring avec seulement deux points correspondant deux 10e places.

    En annes, quelques jours prs, lcart entre les deux dernires pole positions ralises par Signature en F3. Avant celle obtenue par Albon, Marco Wittmann lavait dcroche le 3 juillet 2011, sur le mme circuit du Norisring.

    DCLACtait une course

    vraiment folle. deux reprises, jai gagn trois

    positions en un seul dpassement. Il ny a quici que lon peut voir a !Maximilian Gnther, auteur de sa 1re victoire en re victoire en reF3 aprs tre parti de la 12eF3 aprs tre parti de la 12eF3 aprs tre parti de la 12 position en course 2.e position en course 2.e







    Austria France Germany Italy Netherlands Spain Switzerland UK TotalNovember 2014 10 5 8 2 17 4 8 17 71December 2014 2 4 8 3 81 3 6 9 116January 2015 7 3 11 3 8 2 5 16 55February 2015 3 6 4 2 100 2 16 9 142March 2015 5 6 10 3 309 5 16 13 367April 2015 17 8 34 3 1 7 11 17 98May 2015 8 22 46 2 1 3 10 26 118June 2015 9 18 53 4 18 13 12 27 154July 2015 29 8 39 2 19 13 5 29 144August 2015 16 2 35 3 193 8 4 10 271September 2015 7 10 30 4 149 6 16 11 233October 2015 8 5 52 2 59 6 7 14 153Total 121 97 330 33 955 72 116 198 1922Average 10 8 28 3 80 6 10 17 160

    source: KANTAR MEDIA



  • Official website The series official website provides all im-portant information related to the championship It is con-stantly updated with video streams, photos, race reports and results and thus offers the best source for information about the series Since its launch in early 2013, the official website www fiaf3europecom has been registering more than 61 million page impressions and over 16 million single visits The figures for 2015 remain strong and on a similar level to the previous year

    Other websites In addition to the FIA homepage other motorsport and sports news websites report about the se-ries extensively, with some of them even featuring an own F3 category Autosportcom, crashnet, yahoosportscouk, skysportscouk and gazzettait are only a few examples of the websites covering the FIA F3 European Championship

    FIA website The official FIA website wwwfiacom covers the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in a separate ru-bric Press reports, news, calendar information and highlight videos are available on the FIA platform which provides an extremely valuable extension of the championships own media channels


    PIs VisitsNovember 2014 81,152 28,372December 2014 41,146 15,145January 2015 43,317 16,163February 2015 42,739 17,165March 2015 78,603 28,419April 2015 240,098 58,007May 2015 472,866 115,255June 2015 303,174 77,923July 2015 186,422 51,602August 2015 141,622 42,912September 2015 259,557 65,567October 2015 150,709 39,926November 2015 54,939 16,831Total 2,096,344 573,287Average 161,257 44,099

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    Websites (number) Articles (number) Visits (number)01 Silverstone (GBR) 50 161 466,66502 Hockenheim I (GER) 22 62 194,05503 Pau (FRA) 38 107 306,75504 Monza (ITA) 28 71 258,08405 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 44 85 239,02306 Norisring (GER) 22 50 111,07207 Zandvoort (NED) 15 47 107,93108 Spielberg (AUT) 21 79 170,69909 Portimo (POR) 11 40 66,88010 Nrburgring (GER) 17 58 230,65911 Hockenheim II (GER) 24 102 248,364General 205 755 2,448,315Total 497 1,617 4,884,502Online Editorial per event 1 27 78 221,472

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  • Facebook The FIA Formula 3 European Championship has an own Facebook fan page with a constantly increasing followership By now, over 11,000 are following real-time posts about results, news or information about the series Regular video and picture uploads as well as detailed re-ports provide the followers with insights about the cham-pionship The dominating factors of the demography are shown by two thirds of all fans being within the age group of 13-to-34-year olds and 880% of the Facebook followers being male The German fans hold the biggest stake with 128%, followed

    by the Italians with 107% Other European core markets such as the Netherlands (61%), the United Kingdom (61%), France (55%) and Spain (36%) also record a sufficient echo on one of the most important social media platforms 28% of all the FIA Formula 3 European Championship Facebook followers reside in Sweden and the number of Austrian and Swiss followers amounts to 30% Even overseas, the FIA Formula 3 European Championships popularity is increas-ing The number of fans from the USA (49%), Brazil (49%) India (23%) and Australia (23%) is demonstrating the series international reputation


    Posts Total Impressions Comments Shares Total page likesNovember 2014 15 79,495 37 36 8,461December 2014 9 63,997 30 29 8,526January 2015 6 28,498 6 15 8,604February 2015 13 40,294 33 37 9,019March 2015 11 84,593 44 73 9,024April 2015 42 111,162 48 70 9,306May 2015 97 241,175 85 182 9,778June 2015 49 284,075 83 206 10,117July 2015 46 145,768 24 28 10,285August 2015 27 104,284 20 68 10,467September 2015 81 156,145 22 59 10,744October 2015 41 83,231 15 20 10,908November 2015 29 101,300 15 25 11,032Total 466 1,524,017 462 848 Average 36 117,232 36 65

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  • Twitter The use of Twitter as a signifi cant platform has been enhanced in our social media activities Not only the tweets by drivers, teams and journalists keep the followers up to date and in touch with the series but in addition, the re-tweets link and refer to the offi cial website or YouTube channel implying a double effect on the cognition of the championship The remarkable growth of popularity is demonstrated by 7,500 followers at the end of November 2015


    Tweets Tweet impressions Profi le visits Mentions Followers (total)November 2014 0 11,900 1,031 110 5,093December 2014 2 24,000 883 97 5,258January 2015 0 14,200 1,191 175 5,424Feburay 2015 0 7,758 1,563 287 5,513March 2015 0 15,000 3,200 340 5,614April 2015 27 76,900 10,300 741 5,951May 2015 72 130,000 16,900 918 6,253June 2015 85 133,000 11,000 825 6,462July 2015 80 124,000 6,979 423 6,671August 2015 41 76,200 6,367 375 6,850September 2015 56 77,900 9,485 628 7,080October 2015 66 139,000 5,789 511 7,355November 2015 14 58,100 4,781 177 7,565Total 443 887,958 79,469 5,607 Average 34 68,304 6,113 431

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  • Spectators In 2015, the calendar comprised eleven race weekends in eight different countries, with six of the ven-ues being current Formula 1 circuits With all race week-ends of the 2015 season contested, the race meetings of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship series were attended by an average crowd of around 53,300 visi-tors on site, representing a total attendance of more than 586,500 visitors


    Visitors on site01 Silverstone (GBR) 45,00002 Hockenheim (GER) 75,00003 Pau (FRA) 28,00004 Monza (ITA) 12,00005 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 4,00006 Norisring (GER) 123,00007 Zandvoort (NED) 31,00008 Spielberg (AUT) 52,00009 Portimo (POR) 12,50010 Nrburgring (GER) 69,00011 Hockenheim (GER) 135,000Total 586,500Average 53,318

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    BELT UPall passengers are my responsibility

    RESPECT THE HIGHWAY CODErules are there to protect us all

    OBEY THE SPEED LIMITmy car is made of metal, pedestrians and children are not

    CHECK MY TYRESboth for wear and for correct inflation, including the spare

    DRIVE SOBERwhen I am drunk or on drugs, I am a danger on the road

    PROTECT MY CHILDRENkeep them safe in car seats

    PAY ATTENTION calling and texting make me dangerous

    STOP WHEN IM TIREDgetting there late is better than not at all

    WEAR A HELMETmotorbikes and bicycles dont protect my head

    BE COURTEOUS AND CONSIDERATErespect other drivers



    The FIA supports the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

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