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Annual Technical Report - Yachaywasi of Huá Report Yachaywasi... · PDF fileAnnual Technical Report - Yachaywasi of Huáncano Page 2 enterprises in Peru 04/04/14 A Cooperative Agreement

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  • Annual Technical Report - Yachaywasi of Huncano

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    1. Strategic Management

    Date Activities and achieved objectives

    01/14/14 A coordination meeting was held with the Economic Development Manager of the Municipality of Independencia, to sign a cooperative agreement for promoting internships with the rural communities of the district.

    01/17/14 A meeting with Yachachiqs Leaders took place at Lima office aimed to plan activities for year 2014.

    01/28/14 It was presented the 2014 workplan for the Eco Technological Yachaywasi of Huancano, which contains all activities to be performed, as well as objectives that should be reached during this year.

    02/03/14 Participation in a workshop organized by the project ACCIH, which is implemented by GIZ (German International Cooperation for Development) regarding Adapting to climate changing and risk to disasters reduction at Ica and Huancavelica basins

    02/07/14 A meeting was held with the ACCIH Project Coordinator of GIZ to assess the terms for the cooperative agreement between GIZ and ProSynergy.

    02/20/14 It was presented the Eco Technological Yachaywasi program to the Director of Kopia. (Korean Organization for International Agriculture)

    02/26/14 It was signed a cooperative agreement between Sk Innovation/Prosynergy Social Contribution Program and the ACCIH Program of GIZ. This agreement will last until December 31, 2015.

    02/27/14 A meeting with the Major of the Huancanos Municipality was held, aimed to sign a cooperative agreement to promote internships and modular classes for rural families.


    Participation in the workshop identifying necessities to implement energy services in public and private institutions, organized by the Inter American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA) and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) for the design of the Sustainable Access to renewable and thermic energy FASERT.

    03/03/14 A coordination meeting with Municipal Manager and Majors of the Huancano and Humay Districts were held. Contact was taken up again to reschedule internships.

    03/06/14 A meeting with Finca Peru Director and the Social Contribution Program Manager was held aimed to coordinate and tune up issues related to the family rural credits.


    A conference call took place with the Micro Energy International GmbH of Berlin, Germany to synergies exchange related to improve homes in Peru.

    03/11/14 Participation in the talk called by the Organization of American States (OAS) about the subject Impact in the Project promotion and renewable energy in rural areas of the REEP in Peru.


    It was held a visit of Kopia Peru Director Mr. Siju Kim escorted by 4 officials, who visited the Yachaywasi of Huancano Installations.

    03/25/14 On March 25th we participated in the XIII Forum for sustainable development tools, organized by the National Mining, Oil, Energy Society and Pro Inversion


    An audit visit was held by IPREX to the Yachaywasi of Huancano to gather information about safety and health laboral law.


    Mr. Sung Gyu Kim representative of the International Cooperation Agency of Korea Koika, visited the Yachaywasi of Huancano and Pilpichaca to elaborate an investigation consultancy about social

  • Annual Technical Report - Yachaywasi of Huncano

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    enterprises in Peru


    A Cooperative Agreement that stipulate general procedures to implement an integral social development for families through the Yachaywasi Eco Technological between ProSynergy and the Municipality of Ascension was signed, as well as the implementation of the greenhouse for the Municipality.


    Technical team of Huancano got together to elaborate the Business in Ecological Tourism Project for DARS PUCP


    Within the framework agreement with INIA, a meeting with Eng. Oscar Miranda, Phytosanitary Surveillance Promoter was held. It was agreed starting with the diffusion of free training about plagues management performed by INIA specialists.


    Coordination meeting with the municipal manager and environmental manager of Independencia was held, based on the agreement model presented will be organized internships and healthy kitchen and family greenhouses will be implemented.

    04/22/2014 A meeting with GIZ (EnDEV Peru) coordinators was held, to regulate the sale of technological kits at the Yachaywasi of Huancano and Pilpichaca.

    04/29/2014 Se llev a cabo una reunin de trabajo en ambos Yachaywasis los das 29 y 30 de abril, donde se coordin la Gerente de Ventas para perfilar los planes de negocio de acuerdo a los productos que se promovern desde el Yachaywasi


    Several meetings with DESCO representatives were held aimed to reach an agreement for the consultancy that will take place to do the external baseline assessment, aim to show the results of the Yachaywasi of Huancano and Pilpichaca program intervention.


    Planting 1 hectare of avocado trees at the district of Humay, under technical assistance of our agricultural specialist.


    On May 22 and 23 SK General LManager accompany with other officials visited the Yachaywasi of Huancano and Pilpichaca, During this visit the were able to give a close look to each technology and to share experiences with the yachaywasi staff.


    We received the visit of Vegetal Sanity Chief of SENASA Ica, and the Field School of the phytosanitary surveillance. During their stay and within the agreement framework, it was scheduled a wide training activities for Yachaywasis technical staff, as well as for small agricultures, under the School Field

  • Annual Technical Report - Yachaywasi of Huncano

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    modality: learning in doing about different vegetal sanity subjects applied to their own crops in their area and mainly those related to the avocado crops

    05/28/14 In May several video conferences were held with the team of the Tuck Project University of Dartmouth, aimed to defined their next visit to Lima specifically to Huancano and Pilpichaca Yachaywasis.


    Mr. Jose Medina Specialist of Phytosanitary Surveillance visited the Yachaywasi to attend a meeting to coordinate the first course about plagues information managing, pick up of samples and procedures to send them to the laboratory, which will be held in June 12 at the Yachaywasi of Huancano


    Meeting with majors and city councilors of Cusicancha, Quito Arma and Huayacundo Arma communities in order to sign agreement.

    06/16/14 A contract with DESCO was signed in order to start with the external assessment for the base line and the impact of the Yachaywasi Eco Technological intervention program


    The American Peace Corps organized an internal workshop about renewable energies for their volunteers. Our Yachachiqs were also part of the staff that provided technical support regarding solar heater, improved kitchen, aero generator and bio digester

    06/27/14 A meeting with Fernando Ego Aguirre, Chief of the national program for mature cheese of the Sierra Exportadora Program, who showed his interest in our program and the activities performed by us


    Students of the Dartmouth University of New Hampshire USA, visited both Yachaywasis. They visit each technology and finally they provided support to improve business plans

    07/04/14 Another meeting with GIZ at the Yachaywasi Eco Technological were held to close the agreement to be distributors of renewable energy system equipment.


    A meeting with the Executive Director of SENASA Huancavelica was held, to start with the agreement signed with the Yachaywasi of Huancano

    07/31/14 Fellows of the Dartmouth University of New Hampshire, made a final presentation (via skype) regarding the business plan for mature cheese to be implemented by Yachaywasis of Huancano.

    08/11/14 Mr. Paul Winkel of Solar Energy and Clean Technologies of PowerMundo Peru SAC, attended a meeting to close an agreement with ProSynergy allowing the Yachaywasis of Huancano and Pilpichaca be distributors of their products.

  • Annual Technical Report - Yachaywasi of Huncano

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    Coordinations made with DESCO to implement the base line study of Huancano and Pilpichaca

    09/08/14 A meeting with COPEME representatives was held to strengthen small companies in Peru through the

    provision of development services and micro finances.

    09/29/14 ECO AG, was contacted to provide technical and commercial support to organic agricultural projects implemented by the Yachaywasis, turning to be a strategic partner for our program

    10/29/14 A video conference was produced with both technical yachaywasi staff, where subjects like knowing roles at the inner teams, discovering fortress at the members, development stairs from Group to team, leadership to generate confidence, collaboration and transforming conflicts in creativity fountain.

    10/31/14 The Expo Textil 2014 Fair that took place in Lima was visited by our team aimed to search possible clients for our strings and alpaca fiber. Several visits were performed after the fair to companies involved in this business


    Visit to Quito Arma to supervise lands and also to sign contracts to cultivate organic quinoa.

    11/28/14 DESCO presented the first results of the base line study made at the Huancano and Pilpichac