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    CNG & LNG Management Technology

  • API Past Performance Energy Refining Sector


    API and its joint venture alliance involves in varies diverse projects in different

    regions of the world.

    The turnkey construction of LAB of detergent production plant using UOP to

    process technology in Kuwait. Responsible for equipment procurement, logistics,

    implementation, and development of plant.

    Delivered, erected, and commissioned petroleum research laboratory and

    central analytical laboratory, including advanced NMR and distillation columns,

    furnaces, and x-ray diffraction machines in Kuwait.

  • API Past Performance Energy Refining Sector


    Designed the complete reengineering of a Cathodic protection system for

    (Kuwaiti/Saudi) Joint Operations facilities in Wafra area in Kuwait. Supplied,

    transported, planned and financed equipment for desalting, dehydration, and

    degassing of crude oil in the GCC.

    Supply and on-site delivery of Water/Oil treatment equipment for Al Wafra Oil

    Company in Kuwait.

    Construction of 360,000 bbl Oil Depot in Khafji Joint Operations Saudi


    Transacted approximately 350,000 bbl per shipment Crude oil and Petroleum

    products in the Far East.

  • API Partner/Sister Company ATCO Gulf


    ATCO Gulf provides energy related services to government and private

    sectors worldwide and offers a comprehensive suite of services and

    products in the oil, gas and petroleum sectors including consultancy,

    conceptual design, feasibility studies, trouble shooting, project

    management, equipment supply, start-up and commissioning, crude oil

    and petroleum products supply for both normal and strategic storage


    With over 30 years of ground-breaking achievements in Oil and Gas,

    Petroleum and Energy sector of Kuwait and neighbouring members of

    the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, ATCO reigns as a market leader

    and pioneer in the Oil and Gas industry, blending cutting-edge

    innovation, with state-of-the art technology and bespoke solutions that

    address clients needs.

  • API Partner/Sister Company ATCO Gulf


    Oil & Gas Processing and Refining

    TGT and Sulfur Removing

    Oil & Gas Storage and Supply

    Third Party Inspection

    Hazard and Risk Management

    Pipeline Technology & Systems

    Operations Improvement & Optimization

    Water Injection Systems & Media Filters

    Oil Spill Prevention and Recovery

    Pipeline Technology and Systems Solution

    Operations Improvement & Optimization

    Water Injection Systems & Media Filters

  • API Partner/Sister Company - BMT TITRON


    BMT TITRON - an established joint venture between TITRON Group of Hong Kong and

    BMT Group of the UK.

    Bunkering and Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) gas supply vessel

    for LNG fuelled ships, terminals and other marine craft, ranging from 3,750m3 to

    13,000m3 and transportation of up to 40,000m3 for local markets.

    Marine Transportation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) - taking the established

    technology of the transportation of CNG into the maritime sector, with vessel designs

    ranging from 20MMscf to 250MMscf

    Other BMT TITRON developments includes the transportation of bulk commodities

    and participation in specific port and shipping developments on behalf of major

    international clients. Innovative technical development of hull forms to be utilised in the

    design of Bulk Carriers and Tankers ranging from 10,000dwt up to 75,000dwt to

    dramatically reduce fuel consumption.

  • BMT TITRON - Capability


    BMT TITRON (UK) Limited (BTUK) operates globally from its Ship Design Centre,

    close to the River Tyne, a traditional maritime centre. BTUK focuses upon the design

    and innovation and development of specialist ships and marine transport which require

    application of new technologies and innovation in design to deliver high efficiency and

    effectiveness in cargo carrying capacity and operating costs.

    BTUK has extensive experience of developing fuel efficient vessels to meet the

    highest environmental standards and optimise fuel consumption as well as Vessel

    Conversion projects.

  • BMT TITRON - Technology Partners


    BMT TITRON has extensively relationship with major international technology

    companies as well as our joint venture partner BMT Group.

    British Maritime Technology(BMT)

    Bernhard Schulte - Ship Management

    Babcock LGE Process - Cargo Handling Systems

    Siemens - Electrical Distribution Systems

    Schneider - Marine Electrical Transfer Systems

    Wartsila - Marine Power Generation

    Rolls Royce - Marine Power Generation

    Schottel - Propulsion Technology

    Vector International - Innovative Gas Process Equipment

    Royal Haskoning - Maritime Consultants

    GL Noble Denton - Maritime Consultants

    BMT Fluid Mechanics - Gas Dispersion Studies

    BMT ARGOSS - Voyage Analysis

    CTO - Model Testing

    PDL Solutions - Finite Element Analysis

    Techflow Marine - Cargo Transfer Specialists



    CNG Land and Marine Solution

    Pressure Piping Technology

    Minimum 35% more gas for similar road weight

    Minimal number of connections for volume

    Optimal weight for Marine transport

    Fast fill/empty capability

    Containment Solutions


    Various Scale Transportation Vessels

    LNG Bunkering

    Technology & Design

    Storage & Distribution

  • BMT TITRON CNG Technology


    Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a clean fuel, easily stored, with growing markets for power generation and for vehicle fuel, especially in cities.

    Marine Transportation of CNG provides a flexible, viable solution for the large scale transportation of natural gas from sources to local markets, i.e. within 2,000 nautical

    miles. This is accomplished by establishing a chain of CNG Carriers outfitted with

    pressure vessels, in a constant state of filling, transiting and unloading to develop a

    floating pipeline, where flow from the supply point to the delivery point is virtually


    Marine Transportation is ideal for the monetarisation of gas from stranded fields or where there is a need to eliminate gas flaring and/or gas has been regarded as a by-

    product to oil production.

    Marine CNG systems operate in an economic niche of their own, and are not direct competitors with other delivery systems like pipelines and LNG.

  • BMT TITRON 250MMscf CNG Transporter


  • BMT TITRON CNG Technology










    Length Overall 218.29 m 112.80 m 83.55 m 88.33 m

    Breadth Moulded 34.00 m 21.00 m 19.00 m 24.00 m

    Depth to Main Deck 13.75 m 12.00 m 6.50 m 5.75 m

    Draught 8.25 m 5.50 m 4.25 m 4.10 m

    Deadweight 6440 t 2300 t 1800 t 1000 t

    Speed 17 knots 14 knots 14 knots -

    Complement 24 14 12 10

    Classification ABS +A1

    CNG Carrier

    ABS +A1

    CNG Carrier

    ABS +A1

    CNG Carrier

    ABS +A1

    CNG Carrier




    3 x SCD 5050

    1 x SPJ 320

    1 x STT 5

    2 x 12V34DF

    2 x 6L34DF

    2 x SCD 1515

    1 x SPJ 320

    3 x 6L34DF

    2 x SCD 1515

    1 x SPJ 132

    3 x 8L20DF

    2 x 50m floating hose reels

    2 x 6L20DF

    Cargo Capacity 250MMscf @

    240 bar

    40MMscf @

    240 bar

    20MMscf @

    240 bar

    20MMscf @

    240 bar

  • BMT TITRON Semi Submersible Barge Transporter


    Semi Submersible Barge Transporter (SSBT), capable of carrying barges up to 9,000t

    in weight.

    This vessel is specially designed for the Port of Venice, but the concept is equally

    applicable worldwide.

  • BMT TITRON - Vessel Portfolio


    LNG Bunker Supply Vessels ranging from 3,750m3 to 13,000m3

    LNG Transport Vessels up to 40,000m3

    CNG Transporters ranging from 20MMscf to 250MMscf

    Semi Submersible Barge Transporter (SSBT) capable of carrying barges up to

    9,000t in weight.

    Bulk Carriers ranging from 10,000dwt up to 75,000dwt

    Supply and Standby Safety Vessels.

    Shallow Water Ice Breaker Supply Vessels.

    Fibre Optic Cable Layers (Newbuild and Conversions).

    Heavy Lift Crane Vessel (2,500 tonnes).

    Port and Shipping Consultancy Designs.

  • BMT TITRON - Bunkering + Transportation of LNG


    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a clean fuel, easily stored, with growing markets for power generation and for refuelling of seagoing vessels.

    BTUK has been working in collaboration with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement and Babcock LGE to develop a portfolio of short-range LNG transportation and

    bunkering solutions suitable for worldwide development.

    These vessels have various outfit capabilities for cargo systems which enables the delivery of LNG to shore terminals or bunker LNG fuelled vessels of all sizes and

    capacities with no restriction on the type of containment on the receiving