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AT 13 Karnataka Quiz finals

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Finals of the Karnataka Quiz conducted in PESIT,Bangalore as part of AT13.

Text of AT 13 Karnataka Quiz finals

  • 3. ROUND 1Dries
  • 4. 1. The Person Behind The Personality is the biography of a very popular personality .This book has gained a lot of prominence locally. Who is the subject and author?
  • 5. And the answer is
  • 6. Dr. Rajkumar and Puneeth Rajkumar
  • 7. 2. _______ was a successful language rights agitation in the 1980s that fought for the first language status of the Kannada language in the state of Karnataka.It was named after the committee headed by ___- that had recommended giving primacy to Kannada in State schools. Actor Dr Rajkumar led the campaign. FITB
  • 8. And the answer is
  • 9. Gokak
  • 10. 3.Who has been shortlisted for the international Man Booker prize for his novel Bharatipura?
  • 11. And the answer is
  • 12. U.R.Anantmurthy
  • 13. 4. He has authored books like Namma Hotteyalli Dakshina America,Tamilu Talegala naduve. Unfortunately he is often associated with his father who is more popular. He and his father form the first father son duo to win the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award . Now give me the name of his father , who also lends his name to a busy road in namma Bengaluru. (pic in next slide)
  • 14. And the answer is
  • 15. DV Gundappa and BGL Swami
  • 16. 5. Gorur Ramaswami Iyengar was a popular writer, known for his satire and humour. He was influenced by the independence movement and became a staunch follower of Gandhi. His son is a popular person too, and he rose to prominence in recent times after contesting as an independent candidate in the election. Name both father and son.
  • 17. And the answer is
  • 18. Capt. GR Gopinath
  • 19. 6. This actor was given an honorary doctorate recently. The realization on Twitter was that with this GOVravada DAActorate, his title and his real surname-which he never uses- would be the same. Which actor?
  • 20. And the answer is
  • 21. Dr. Ambareesh GOWDA
  • 22. 7. X is one of the most popular lead actors in Sandalwood . X played the character of Y in his blockbuster movie Z. His character in the movie became so popular that from then he has been known as YX fondly. Contrary to this many believe that he is called so because of his wonderful performance in the movie Y. Further X has also played the lead role in a movie titled YZ. X (actor) ,Y & Z(movies) make up the answer.
  • 23. And the answer is
  • 24. X- SudeepY- KicchaZ- Huccha
  • 25. 8. The passion for a certain event in this regionis so much that more than 200 familiesparticipate in an annual fest. It was started inthe year 1997 and was the brainchild of 69 yearold Pandanda Kuttappa. This fest is recognisedas one of the largest of its kind in the world andhas been referred to the Guinness Book ofRecords. However, it has already found amention in the Limca Book of Records.
  • 26. And the answer is
  • 27. Coorg Hockey Festival
  • 28. ROUND 2Write Bros.
  • 29. 1. This is an example of metal handicraft that originated in Karnataka, in the 14th century C.E., during the rule of the Bahamani Sultans. The term originates from the township of Bidar, which is still the chief centre for the manufacture of the unique metalware. Yaavdu?
  • 30. 2. The origin of these can be traced to the reign of Tipu Sultan who invited artisans from Persia to train the local artisans in the making of these products. Vegetable dyes are used in the colouring process to ensure that the products are safe for use by children. What product?
  • 31. 3. This traces its historical origin to Thakur family which migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh to X after the dreaded plague broke out there sometime in early 19th Century. With meagre funds, Shri. Ram Ratan Singh Thakur started making Y and selling them and gradually, it started becoming popular. The technique of preparing these Y however remains a closely guarded trade secret, known only to the family members of Shri. Babusingh Thakur, as handed down the generations, by father to son. XY?
  • 32. 4. Shree Vadhirajacharya, a monk, was daily offering food to Hayagreeva used to close the door and a horse steps up on his shoulder to eat it. Vadhirajaru used to return empty vessel always. This enraged other brahmanas, and in turn they mixed poison, thinking that Vadhirajaru has eaten it, as usual he offered food, the horse came and ate fully without leaving a trace. But to their surprise, other Brahmins saw Shri Krishna, Udupis Idol turning blue in color. So other brahmnas felt guilty and went to Vadhirajaru for pardon. Vadhirajaru with his divine powers gave X to Mattu Brahmins to sow it. The X grown there is bought and being offered to Krishna as Nayvedhya. Slowly the blueishness vanished away. This is the story behind what?
  • 33. 5. The peculiar characteristic of the saree is joining thebody warp with the pallav warp which is locally called asTOPE TENI. This technique is only used exclusively at X. Ifanyone requires an X saree one must prepare a warp forevery saree. Warp threads for body is preparedseparately. Similarly pallav warp is prepared separatelyeither with art silk or pure silk depending upon thequality required. Thirdly border portion of warp isprepared as like the pallav warp either art silk or puresilk and the colour used for pallav and on border will beone and the same. In general, the length of the pallavwill range 16 to 27. The pallav threads and bodythreads are joined in loop technique, a typical methodwhich is locally called as TOPE TENI. X?
  • 34. 6. _____ ______ is an important ingredient in spicypreparations like Bisi bele bath, sambar, chutneys andother food items of South India and is widely used inthe Udupi cuisine. It is also used in meat preparationsbecause of the bright red colour that it imparts to themeat. 25 industries in and around this town areinvolved in grinding these chillies into powder andselling them to masala manufacturers like MTR FoodProducts.
  • 35. 7. The name X is derived from exposure to themonsoon winds of the _______ coast. The blend isheavy bodied, pungent and is considered to be drywith a musty, chocolatey aroma and notes of spice andnuts. The origins of X date back to the times of theBritish Raj, when, during the months that the beanswere transported by sea from India to Europe, thehumidity and the sea winds combined to cause this toripen from the fresh green to a more aged pale yellow.
  • 36. ANSWERS:
  • 37. 1. Bidriware2. Channapatna Dolls3. Dharwad Pedha4. Mattu Gollu Brinjal5. Ilkal Sarees6. Byadgi Chillies7. MalabarArabica Coffee
  • 38. ROUND 3Choose a Region
  • 39. Bangalore and Mandya, Myso Belgaum and Surrounding re and nearby Bijapur Areas areas Kodagu and Hyderabad Karavali Hassan Karnataka Kolar and Malnad ROUND 4 Tumkur
  • 40. At this tourist destination, the Kaveri runs through a deep,narrow ravine of hard granite rock. The river, which ismore than 150 meters wide at the confluence (atSangama) flows through the hardly 10-meter-wide gorgehere. One can see the ferocious flow of all that water,proving Bernoullis Theorem beyond doubt. The name ofthis place comes from the fact that a shepard once saw agoat jump across the river, in its attempt to escape from atiger. Which place?
  • 41. Mekedaatu
  • 42. Which religious place possesses Tipu Sultansjeweled cup and was lucky to receivemonetary benefits from him as well as HyderAli, standing testimony to the everlastingcommunal harmony that exists in this part ofthe country?
  • 43. Nanjangud
  • 44. What did Ibrahim Adil Shah give as Jagir(reward) to Shahji Raje Bhonsle, fatherof Shivaji, for his contributions on thebattlefield in their fight against thePortuguese?
  • 45. Bangalore
  • 46. This place is home to the sacred trivenisangama-the meeting place of Kaveri(Nammadu) , Kannike and Sujyoti.Tipu Sultan renamed this place to Afesalabadduring his reign.Mt. Thavoor and Mt.Koppatti are trekkingdestinations in this region. Place?
  • 47. Bhagamandala
  • 48. What is celebrated every year on 17thSept in memory of the success ofOperation Polo on Sept 17th, 1948?
  • 49. Hyderabad Karnataka Liberation Day
  • 50. What was established by AmmembalSubba Rao Pai in Mangalore on 1st July,1906 with the intention "to bring abouteconomic stability, unity and brotherhoodamong all coastal Hindus?
  • 51. Canara Bank
  • 52. This town named after sageRishyashringa, rose to importancefollowing the divine sighting of a cobrarising its hood to provide shelter to afrog. Town?
  • 53. Sringeri
  • 54. This city is sometime called "the gym city of india"with a lot of interest within the youngster communityin gymming. L.M. Karibasappa, Ekalavya award winnerand five-time Mr. India titler in bodybuilding is fromhere. It has produced the highest number of Mr. Indiaathletes. Many builders like Gangappa, Satyanarayanaand many others represented India in events like AsianGames and Commonwealth Games. Maheshwarayyawas a famous powerlifting athlete from the city.Which city?
  • 55. Davangere
  • 56. ROUND 4Audio Video Round
  • 57. 1.Who is the subject of this song?
  • 58. And the answer is
  • 59. Veera Vanite Obavva
  • 60. 2. ID the band.
  • 61. And the answer is
  • 62. Swarathma
  • 63. 3. This song is Pump It, by Black EyedPeas. Which kannada song has thesame tune?
  • 64. And the answer is
  • 65. Come On, Come On Director, fromSuper
  • 66. 4. The song played is Hotel California.Which song in kannada has the sameguitar riff?
  • 67. And the answer is
  • 68. Paravashanaadenu, fromParamaathma
  • 69. And the answer is
  • 70. Swades