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  • 5/26/2018 bahan lomba mading


    Artikel: FriendshipPersahabatan.

    Satu kata, tapi maknanya bahkan lebih dari satu. Tentang 2 manusia (atau lebih)yang berada dalam satu masalah, jatuh cinta, patah hati, tertaa, sakit bahkan

    kehilangan. Tentang 2 manusia (atau lebih) yang begitu mengharapkan hal yang

    terdengar mustahil: hidup tanpa masalah. Tentang 2 manusia (atau lebih) yang selalu

    menginginkan hal paling tak mungkin: selalu bersama tanpa pernah ada yang terluka.

    !ni kisah bukan tentang satu "rang, ini tentang 2 "rang (atau lebih) yang memilih

    bersama. !ni kisah tentang 2 "rang (atau lebih) yang saling bertatap tapi kadang

    saling memunggungi. Tentang 2 "rang (atau lebih) yang bersama tapi kadang saling


    #Friendship is y"ur sec"nd $amily. Friendship is y"ur h"me. Anytime%

    Persahabatn bukan hal yang bisa disejajarkan dengan &Pertemanan'. Tentang 2 "rang

    (atau lebih) yang memutuskan untuk tetap bersama dalam keadaan seburuk apapun.

    Tentang 2 "rang (atau lebih) yang siap untuk menantang dunia dan mengaku baha

    mereka sahabat.

    isah persahabatan bukanlah kisah r"man atau kisah s"k puitis. !ni tentang

    bagaimana 2 "rang (atau lebih) menc"ba saling bertahan dan menjaga alaupun

    banyak hal yang secara tak langsung mengisyaratkan baha mereka harus berpisah.

    Persahabatan merupakan hal yang patut menjadi &sesuatu'yang dapat dibanggakan.

    arna mungkin tak semua "rang memiliki se"rang sahabat yang siap berada


  • 5/26/2018 bahan lomba mading


    Persahabatan bukanlah sesuatu yang harus disejajarkan dengan cinta. Persahabatanmempunyai kisahnya sendiri. anis atau pahit.

    ungkin kadang banyak "rang bingung sejak kapan mereka memiliki sahabat, tapi

    yang terpenting adalah #sampai kapan% mereka memiliki sahabat.

    adang banyak permasalahan kecil yang sebenarnya terlalu k"ny"l jika dapat

    memp"rak*p"randakkan sebuah ikatan kuat yang disebut persahabatan. adang

    banyak bisikan "rang yang terdengar sangat lucu jika dapat merusak sebuah

    persahabatan. +an bahkan akan sangat memuakkan jika sebuah persahabatan hancurhanya karna se"rang #pria%.

    eah, di jaman sem"dern ini, sahabat kadang dapat menjadi musuh dari dalam yang

    kapan saja dapat menikam kita dengan belatinya. Tapi yang perlu diingat, tak semua

    "rang itu baik dan tak semua sahabat itu seburuk hal yang diatas.

    #Friendship is "ne thing ab"ut happiness and sadness t"gether%
  • 5/26/2018 bahan lomba mading


    " LetS Be Friends "

    Between love and friendship, friendship is always the more logical choice to go with. Why? It's a

    simple utilitarian reason, the damage will be less, people will suffer less, and ultimately, no onewill hurt the way lovers hurt when they break up. Thus, friends who fall in love with each othermore often than not choose friendship and throw love away on the side. ome brave souls on theother hand, choose love over friendship, thinking that their friendship is worth risking to go up tothe ne!t level.

    "ou are here, reading this narrative right now, because you have decided to stay as friends andturn your back on love. I'm not going to say that you made the right decision, because really,nobody knows. But if you decided on one thing, make sure that you stick to it. To keep you fromfalling too deep in love with your friend, here are some of the things you could do to avoid it.#. $on't play with fire

    This is %ust the same as saying that if you are on a diet, then stop hanging out on the dessert table.When you think that you are falling in love with your friend, then it will be best if you take sometime off and stop hanging out with each other especially if you are alone. The danger of that is,your time being together will only make the feeling develop until you can't %ust ignore itanymore.&. ommunicate lessommunication is a facet that could nurture a relationship( thus, it follows that if you don't wanta relationship to progress, then you should cut the string that binds it. I'm not saying that youshould not communicate for the rest of your life. What I'm trying to say is to limit it. )ike fore!ample, if you talk for hours and hours in your smartphone before, this time try to limit it to %usta couple of minutes, and don't let it drag even longer.

    *. pend more time with your other friends+eaching out for your other friends whom you haven't seen in a while is not that much of abother. Try to catch up with them for old time's sake. ake yourself feel that you have a lot offriends and not %ust him or her. pend more time with your same se! friends. -n%oy yourselfwithout the worry of falling in love with whomever among them.. Weigh both sides/naly0e both sides of your dilemma, and make a mental picture of what are the rewards andrepercussions of your decision against the one that you did not choose. )ike when you areshopping, you choose between a smartphone and a phablet, or a silicone case and a leather case,and you go e!amine which ones fit you. lear your mind and avoid being bias with youranalysis, and when you are already certain that you definitely made the right decision, use that as

    your motivation to move on.1alling in love with a friend happens every once in a while( it's ok to take some chances. Butkeep in mind that whatever risk you take, there will always be repercussions at the end of theday.

    " How to Set the Good Relationship "

  • 5/26/2018 bahan lomba mading


    uccess is from the party. -!perts of career planning say that the standards factors of achievingthe ideal have performance of #23, self4position of *23 and relationship of 523./s to women, uccess is often a hard thing. But we have to admit that success comes from theparty. 6undreds of years ago, en began to clinch a deal the buying and selling in a specialcocktail party. 1rom free market trading, students union etc, the 7old network7 to the golf club,giant conference or common e!perience sweating in the sauna, men will have a decision aboutthe direction. It also confirmed the 8erman sociologist said that 7high4end policymakers supporteach other and achieve success, their motto is9 you help me, and I will help you.7The specific ways are following. :now more people and known by more people. any womenare shy to use their communication ability and don't want to show their charm. Inappropriate

    humility and good family education too much will stop success. We conclude that who can dealwith the relationship well, he will control more resource. +elationship is in the balance betweenpaying and gaining, and a kind of fair transaction that is agreed by both. It is not related to themorality.The easy steps have five. /t first, you should set a goal. "ou had better ser a key goal for yourfuture. The more specific you define, the easier it is for your network to be connected together.1or e!ample, you set the certain person as your idol, and you speak out your desire, then you canconfirm the target that you can reach. econdly, you need build the relationship. "ou should goout and take the activities. -very activity will e!pand your social circle. ;f course, you can thinkabout that that you want to know, and you can collect some information and talk with them. "outry to adapt to the atmosphere, as you may be nervous in order to communicate with them.Thirdly, you should tell others something, which is to find a new %ob and need a cheap computer./s long as you don't know who can help you, 7the net7 might come in handy. 1ourthly, youshould take an active part in the gathering. "ou can make use of the chance to be familiar to yourcolleagues, leadership and the person of opposite you at any time, such as, break, lunch time andthe plane departure lounge. 1ifth, it is an important method to collect information. "ou can listenpositively to the dialogue, which make you know about relative information. In order to the workand life of the future, you should gaining some contacts and necessary information. 1or instant,the colleague is the 6ui nationality and he never eats the pork. "ou must reali0e this point whenyou have dinner together. ome colleagues like playing games and spend time and money forhttp9

  • 5/26/2018 bahan lomba mading


    Kesetiaan Dan Kejujuran

    etiap orang mempunyai kenangan masa kecil dengan sahabat4sahabatnya. aya sendiri

    mempunyai banyak sahabat ketika masih kecil. Waktu itu saya tidak terikat dengan satu sahabatsa%a, maklum anak4anak senang bermain ramai4ramai. amun ketika duduk di bangku D,saya memiliki seorang sahabat yang dekat, artin namanya. :ami berbagi dalam banyak hal,

    saya selalu membawakan kue4kue untuk kami makan berdua ketika istirahat. $ia pun demikian,ia selalu membagikan sesuatu kepada saya. :ami saling bercerita tentang banyak hal, termasuk

    teman pria yang kami kagumi masing4masing. aya ingat saat itu kami tidak pernah berlakutidak setia satu dengan yang lain. :ami memegang rahasia masing4masing dan tidak pernah

    berpura4pura satu kepada yang lain. ungguh sebuah persahabatan yang tulus. :etika dewasadan menikah, saya tetap memiliki beberapa sahabat dekat. :ami saling berbagi cerita, bahkansaling mendoakan. aya mengasihi sahabat4sahabat saya dan sedapat mungkin berlaku setia

    kepada mereka. uatu hari saya mendengar dari seseorang bahwa salah satu sahabat saya

    menceritakan yang buruk mengenai suami saya. esuatu yang menurut saya tidak perludiceritakan. aat mendengar berita itu, saya sangat terluka. -ntah apa motivasinya sehingga iamelakukan hal tersebut. 6ati saya menangis. aya kecewa karena selama ini saya sudah

    menganggap dia dan suaminya sebagai saudara. aya tidak pernah menceritakan kelemahansuami