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    NO SIGNThe Morelings, a Philadelphia-based dream pop/post-punk act, released their debut No Sign on January 8th.

    Now available on bandcamp, No Sign promises fifteen minutes of ethereal vocals, spacious gazey guitar, and intoxicating rhythms. The opening track, Less, both floats and drives with dream pop hooks, while the bass saturated 2nd track, Too Far, oscillating from washy chaos to arresting order, hypnotically defies formula. The title track, No Sign, explores the best of both of these worlds, as it juxtaposes The Morelings melodic sensibility with trip-hop bass lines, minimalist jazz-like drumming, soaring melodies, and chorus-drenched baroque guitar lines, reaching an almost cinematic sound.

    The trio played a string of late summer and fall shows in 2014, introducing their brand of dark dream pop to Philadelphia. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, they joined forces with Kyle Slick Johnson at Fancy Time Studio, recording their debut No Sign. The Morelings consist of bassist and vocalist, Kedra Kearis, guitarist Matt Kearis, and percussionist, Chris Jordan.

    Please get in touch with Kedra Kearis at [email protected] for any further information and/or an interview.

    Track Listing


    To Far

    No Sign

    Queen of JeansThe Stargazer LiliesThe Morelings

    March 26th @ 8pmOrtliebs


  • [email protected]

    Philadelphia dream-pop duo, The Morelings, have released a mesmerizing new video for Too Far, the second of their three-song EP No Sign issued in January of this year.

    A watery dreamscape of ephemeral beauty, directed by Detroit-based artist, Santa Anna, the video takes place on a beach at sunset in the last shimmers of summer sun. Too Far beckons 1960s French cinema with its found footage feel as vocalist/bassist Kedra Caroline gives a sensual, siren-like performance of longing, cautioning: Might you lose it if you lean in much too far?

    In keeping with their first video, Less, The Morelings use multi-layered imagery, aptly evoking this watery song of both dark and glistening guitar lines, a hypnotic, electronic snare and sparse, haunting vocal melodies. Oscillating between land and sea, dune and wave, Too Far washes and waves with cosmic brilliance in a realm where the heart rules and the sea takes all.




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