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Bay Breeze, Winter 2009

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The Winter 2009 version of the Bay Breeze.

Text of Bay Breeze, Winter 2009

  • Bay Breeze THE


    Issue 2 December

    FBLAPBLWeekFebruary713,2010 BaySectionLeadership

    ConferenceFebruary27,2010 StateLeadership


    Section Calendar

    PresidentsCorner 1 SalmonCreekCleanUp 1 BusinessPlanWorkshop 1BaySectionChapterUpdates 2RelayforLifeofDalyCity 2

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    Inside this Issue

    PRESIDENTS CORNER Happy Holidays, Bay Section FBLA!

    Best wishes for this Holiday Season. Alissa Song

    Write for the Bay Breeze!

    It was excellent getting the opportunity to meet many of you at OAT Day and the Leadership Development Institute North. I hope you had a blast at these conferences! Throughout the next several months, I encourage you to continue working hard in achieving chapter projects, state projects, and our section project Champions of Bay.

    Competitions season is also gearing up, so be sure to get those study resources ready! I am excited to see everyone on February 27 at Lynbrook High School for this years Bay Section Leadership Conference!

    SALMON CREEK CLEAN UP By Alexis Montgomery

    On September 27, Rancho Cotate High School FBLA joined forces with the environmental club for a beach clean up at Salmon Creek. The clean up was a success, and after about one hour of searching the coast the team proved victorious with multiple bags of trash. For lunch, members dispersed into the dunes to eat and socialize. Afterwards, the team stayed at the beach for about an hour to play football, make sand castles, and have a good time! FBLA members were able to get to know each other better, as well as work with other school-wide organizations.


    On Saturday November 14, Monta Vista FBLA held its 6th Annual Business Plan Workshop in conjunction with DECA, another business organization on campus. Members of Bay Section FBLA were all invited to attend an engaging series of workshops held by the Venture Capital Private Equity Roundtable of Silicon Valley on how to create effective business plans and hear from professionals in the business community. In addition to workshops on topics such as marketing and finance, members also had the opportunity to listen to company venture capitalist presentations from Loilo and Tigo Energy. This business plan workshop was once again a success as members learned and gathered information to take back with them and use on their own FBLA competitions.

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    RELAY FOR LIFE OF DALY CITY By Christine Kyauk

    Westmoor FBLA participated in the Relay for Life of Daly City, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society held at Westmoor High School on August 1 and 2. This 24-hour event was a huge success, as FBLA members led teams, manned the registration tables, and helped set up and clean up. Members were able to enjoy the many entertainment acts in between volunteer shifts, which included bands such as Public Gluttony and Reeking Havoc. FBLA members Christine Kyauk, Richard Tai, Manuel Rapada, and Edric Kyauk were team captains of about ten people who fundraised over $1,000 per team. The Relay for Life served as a learning opportunity for FBLA members as well as an experience to enjoy with their friends. Overall, the Relay for Life of Daly City was a huge success as over 150 people from the community participated.


    Rancho Cotate Eric Lu

    Rancho Cotate FBLA is already off to a great start with over 45 members. They are excited for their continued growth and FBLA's activities in this coming year."

    Homestead High School Kathy Sun

    Homestead FBLA has launched several committees: Public Speaking, Technology, Go Green, and Business Relations Development Committee. Their most recent volunteering event was Light the Night where members raised over $170 for leukemia.

    Independence High School Debra Pacio

    Independence High School FBLA hosted the annual Homecoming Tailgate Food Faire where they sold food before their homecoming football game. This was a great opportunity to promote FBLA.

    Live Oak High School Roger Sanchez

    The FBLA chapter sponsored the annual Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive. Cans and donations were collected in front of the local grocery stores. Over 5,000 cans were sorted, packed, and delivered along with a turkey to 125 needy families in the Morgan Hill Unified School District.

    Monta Vista High School Angela Gu

    To help members acquire some fundamental business skills, Monta Vista FBLA has been holding an Ozark Lollipop fundraiser for the past month. By allowing members to freely sell their lollipops to students on campus, many students were able to successfully gain profit to fund for their future FBLA conferences!

    Petaluma High School Scott Vanderlind

    Petaluma FBLA sold cookie dough to raise money for LDI North. PHS has planned its annual Holiday Fair and Petaluma Chapter FBLA intends to take full advantage of that to further raise money

    The Harker School Jeffrey Tan

    Harker FBLA started its annual online stock simulation with a total of 50 teams competing this year, including teams from the school's Economics classes and DECA chapter.

    Westmoor High School Christine Kyauk

    Westmoor FBLA is getting ready for the holidays! They will be selling winter glove grams and hosting a winter photo-op. Also, they will be holding their annual Winter Social.

    Gunn High School Cynthia Hua

    Gunn High School is having a chapter film festival about environmentalism.

    Cupertino Middle School Sangeeta Mondal

    Cupertino Middle School is creating a business plan for their very own student store.

    Cupertino High School Michelle Lai

    Cupertino High School helped plan the De Vargas Elementary School Pumpkin Festival and the downtown San Jose Christmas in the Park Festival. The chapter also visited the San Jose Mercury News office.

    Los Altos High School Caleb An

    Los Altos High School will be selling potstickers at their school Holiday Fair. A social was held to strengthen the bond between members, especially the upper and lower classmen.