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  • Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland 2017



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  • GuideBecoming an Entrepreneur in Finland 2017

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  • Here you can get a good start!So you are thinking about be-coming an entrepreneur. En-trepreneurship allows you to make the decisions that you want. For many people, its the best way to work and earn a living, and for many people, its a way of life that would be difficult to abandon. People are attracted to entrepreneur-ship because of the freedom. You get to be your own boss.

    D o you have a business idea or knowhow you could utilize as an independent entrepre-neur? You are not alone; an increasing number of people living in Finland will, in the future, earn their liv-ing as entrepreneurs. When people have noticed the power of entrepreneurship, they have learned to value it more.

    This guide for starting entrepreneurs is meant for people who contemplate start-ing a business. The guide is also useful for already functioning entrepreneurs as it contains the most recent information and legislative amendments regarding, inter alia, taxation, financing and licens-es of a business, employer obligations, accounting as well as the pension and unemployment insurance for the self-employed.

    Could I become an entrepreneur?You need to consider entrepreneurship from many angles. Letting the ideas rip-en is part of the useful preparation for entrepreneurship. The start of a business always involves a fundamental change in life. It has an effect on the future, the way your own life takes shape, family re-lations and friendships, your values, liv-ing standard and your way of life.

    Entrepreneurship is a great alternative for you to exploit your own knowhow. The freedom of an entrepreneur brings along the increased responsibility for success. Unlike many other professions, entrepreneurship means, without excep-tion, a lot of work, flexibility and often compromising on freetime, holidays and hobbies. It is hard work and requires a strong belief in your own business idea. However, success as an entrepreneur is very rewarding.

    It is safe to start with the help of the Finnish Enterprise AgenciesYour nearest Enterprise Agency will pro-vide assistance for developing your busi-ness idea. The business advisors and a local network of experts help you to eval-uate the functionality of your business idea. You will get guidance and a partner to discuss. The operations are based on assistance by business experts and vol-untary work. The service is personal, free of charge and strictly confidential. Most experts are entrepreneurs themselves.

    The Enterprise Agency helps you to cre-ate a sound business. You will get a good start as an entrepreneur and avoid many of the most common teething problems. Whether your business is big or small, you need associates, networks and customers.

    With the help of the guidance from the Enterprise Agency, you can build con-tacts to experts in various fields. The aim of the Enterprise Agencies is to help businesses at their early stages towards a profitable growth.

    Entrepreneur Guide 2017This guide gives an outlook on entrepre-neurship and provides help to the entre-preneur at the early stages. The guide is used at the Enterprise Agencies and in courses for entrepreneurs.

    The guide has been drafted in co-opera-tion with the network of Finnish Enter-prise Agencies and its member enterpris-es. We want to express our sincere thanks to all members of the network who have participated in the drafting. We also wish to thank Tuulikki Holopaine n for updating the information and Nea Ivars for the graphic design and layout. Spe-cial thanks to those member enterpris-es and institutions who have supported the publication of the guide by adver-tisements and who provide services to a starting entrepreneur.

    We hope that many people who are con-sidering the establishment of a business of their own find this guide. Hopefully, this guide will assist people who want to be-come entrepreneurs and new entrepre-neurs in their path to entrepreneurship.

    Entrepreneurship is always an oppor-tunity.

    Jari JokilampiManaging DirectorFinnish Enterprise Agencies


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  • GuideBecoming an Entrepreneur in Finland 2017

    Market gap the size of a rye distilleryRye Rye Oy, whose marketing brand is Kyr Distillery Company, was established in August 2012. The five founders of the com-pany (Miika Lipiinen, Miko Heinil, Kalle Valkonen, Jouni Ritola and Mikko Koskinen) got the idea to establish a com-pany in a very Finnish way: in a sauna. They noticed that there was a gap the size of a rye distillery in the world, and they start-ed to fill the gap from the very heart of Finland in Ostrobothnia.

    Kyr Distillery operates in Isokyr, making rye whiskey, gin and a long drink based on the gin, Long Kyr. Furthermore, the company has established a subsidiary, Kyrnmaan Matkailun Edistmiskeskus (Kyrn Kievari Oy), to run a restaurant. The company employs 11 full-time and five part-time employees.

    Sparring at the Finnish Enterprise AgenciesServices of the Vaasa Region Finnish Enterprise Agency was used when the company was being established. The entrepreneurs con-tacted the Finnish Enterprise Agency to receive assistance in the preparation of their business plan and advice on investments, fund-ing and cooperation with other companies active on the market.

    The entrepreneurs of Kyr Distillery convinced the people at the Finnish Enterprise Agency with their very professional at-titude right from the start. Antti Alasaari, the business advi-sor who sparred the entrepreneurs, says that the case of Kyr Distillery is exceptional:

    In the case of this company, I was surprised at how good calculations they provided right at the start. They offered dif-ferent scenarios and cash flow calculations for several years right off the bat. Another great thing to notice was the chemis-try between these friends, as well as their extremely varied ex-perience and competence, regardless of their age!

    Determined to succeed globallyRight from the start, the companys goals have been growth and entry into the international markets. These goals have been reached, because the entrepreneurs have utilised the available services (Visit Finland, FinPro) and understood the significance of networks.

    The entrepreneurs have built their networks both in Fin-land and abroad with care. Kyr Distillerys products are sold

    Bold distillery entrepreneurs conquer the world Kyr Distillery from Ostrobothnia has quickly expanded its market area to different parts of the world and won several awards. What makes the new company so successful?PHOTOS BY Kyr Distillery TEXT BY Minna Honkanen



  • in many European and Asian countries, as well as in Australia. The goal for 2017 is to launch a product on the United States market.

    The company has been very successful in the marketing of its products and the building of its brand. Each product is based on a story and each detail seems carefully consid-ered. The products themselves have also played a key role in the success: they have done well in many competitions of the industry.

    One of the companys major achievements is that their Napue gin was selected as the best gin in the world in the Gin & Ton-ic series of the Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in 2015. IWSC is the industrys oldest competition (est. 1969), and it is considered one of the industrys most important competitions.

    Recipe for a successful companyThe Finnish Enterprise Agencies named Kyr Distillery the New Entrepreneur of the year 2016. The jury was convinced by, for example, the companys credible and attractive story and successful branding.

    The entrepreneurs have done business very boldly and pro-fessionally developed the idea and increased the size of the company. Entrepreneurship always requires some courage. Even if you do business in a very traditional industry, you can always stand out from among the competition by doing things a little differently, says Jari Jokilampi, the Managing Director of the Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

    Over the course of their four years in business, the entrepre-neurs of Kyr Distillery have gotten an idea of what a success-ful company needs:

    You have to find something in which you fervently believe. Then you must listen to all the potential customers and ask all the questions you can think of. Finally, you must find a bal-ance between your passion and the market needs, says Miika Lipiinen, the Managing Director of Kyr Distillery.

    New Entrepreneur of the Year competition

    The New Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland is se-lected from among entrepreneurs whose compa-nies have been in business for two to five years and were established with the help of the Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

    Each local Enterprise Agency selects from their ar-ea the New Entrepreneur of the Year and submits their name to the nationwide competition.

    An entrepreneur whose business has been launched in a controlled and systematic manner and whose company is deemed to have a good opportunity to become profitable will be named as the New Entrepreneur of the Year.

    The New Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland is se-lected by the Finnish Enterprise Agencies, the Na-tional Board of Patents and Registration of Fin-land, Nordea Bank and Varma.