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Flax (also known as common flax or linseed) (binomial name: Linum usitatissimum) is a member of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae. It is native to the region extending from the eastern Mediterranean to India and was probably first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent. It is known as (Linari) in Hellas, (Aalas) in Nepali, Agasi/Akshi in Kannada, Aazhi Vidhai in Tamil, (Jawas/Javas) or (Tisi) in Bengali and (Alashi) in Marathi and (Alsi) in Hindi, (avisalu) in Telugu.[1] Flax was extensively cultivated in

ancient Ethiopia and ancient Egypt.[2] In a prehistoric cave in the Republic of Georgia, dyed flax fibers have been found that date to 30,000 BC.[3][4] New Zealand flax is not related to flax but was named after it, as both plants are used to produce fibers.

What are the benefits of Alsi (linseeds or flaxseeds)?Posted Date: 02 Aug 2011 Author: Poonam Mishra Rating: Category: Health Member Level: Gold Points: 60 (Rs 50)

On an average rate of daily, numerous spas and gym centres are being opened up in our city. Newer series of cosmetic products for rejuvenating body and face are being off loaded into the market by various MNCS intermittently. But according to me, there is the one and only formula for the women/men to look young, beautiful and healthy.This is 'Alsi', also known as linseeds or flaxseed! Lets know this wonder seed to be benefited from it through this article.

Alsi not only brings in physical revitalization in women, it also refurbishes mental and spiritual states. Sisters, no matter this may sound funny or like a fairy tale to you, but Alsi will give you all those advantage which are being written about hereunder. The supreme kind of happiness is a healthy body that keeps you youthful and in fine fetters for longer. Everybody wants to become healthy, beautiful, young looking and to be long living. People are trying out several highly costly treatments to look beautiful and attractive which for examples are botox (wrinkle injections), liposuction, bariatrics surgery (obesity treatments) and plastic surgery etc. Putting aside refined oil, vanaspati ghee, packaged foods made with maida, fast foods, junk foods, kachauries, samosas, bhature, chaats, golgappas, etc, now people are returning towards salads, fruits and fruit juice, sprouted whole grains and consuming organic food products. Along side this, they are doing pranayams, yoga and work out. But excepting a few of the above mentioned means of revivals, all the rest of practices are but artificial, peripheral, short lived and transitory.

What is so uncommon about Alsi?Since a few times back, news relating to alsi has been appearing on internet, TV, News Paers and Magazines etc. There are so many establishments earning profits by selling the products of Alsi. The World Health Organization, (WHO) has declared Alsi as the super star food. In Aryuveda, Alsi is treated as Godly food. The French emperor Charles Magne was so bedazzled with the magical spells of Alsi that he had made a law ordering his subjects to eat regular doses of Alsi so that his peoples could live without diseases. Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi had mentioned this in his book, where Alsi will be eaten, there the society will be prosperous and healthy. Alsi- the name even of which we had almost

forgotten is remerging from oblivion to reclaim its former place of eminence as the life line of humans body. Lets come to see what is so extraordinary about this magical, longeval and creative seed- Alsi which makes it so incomparable-unparallel.

Constitution of (Alsi)The botanical name of Alsi is linum ugitetisimum which means extremely useful seed. From the plants of Alsi, blue colour flowers blossom off. Its seeds are too tiny in size like the size of til (sesame). Colour is brown or golden. Its surface is slippery. In English, it is called Flaxseeds or Linseeds, in Gujrati-Adasi, in Bihar and Bengal-Tishi, in Marathi-Jawas, in Kannad-Agasi, in Telgu-Avisi Jinjalu, in Malayalam-Cheruchana Vidu, in Tamil- Ari Virai, and in Oriya-Pesi. Alsi from centuries is being used as food and for preparing linoleum and varnish. Its cakes are fed to the animals. In childhoods, whenever pimples or vesicle would came off, grand mothers used to tie of grounded paste of Alsi wrapped in poultice (the small pack of cloth) around the wounds.

Omega- the chief nutritional element of AlsiAlsi is packed with Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid alpha- linoleic acid, lignans, proteins and fibres. Alsi is the biggest source of omega-3 fatty acid on earth. . In Alsi, elements of vitaminB group, selenium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, iron, pholates, likopin, lutin, zeaxenthin, etc are present in ample measures. The use of Alsi is beneficial from cradle to grave.

Understanding of omega 3 & 6 essential first to understand AlsiTo understand the effects of Alsi on our body, it is essential first to understand omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in detail. Cancer scientist of Germany, Dr Yohana woodbitz, also famous by her nickname Omega-3 lady developed one technique of paper chromatography to identify omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for the first time and did a lot of research works on this subject. These are called omega3- and omega-6 fatty acids in English and ohm-3 and ohm-6 fatty acids in Hindi. Omega-3 is health booster, beauty enhancer and life extender. Omega-3 in fact bestows the 7 star prominences to Alsi. Omega-3 and omega-6 both are beneficial for the health of our body. It cannot form in body and we can get its supply only from foods. Oega-3 are found also in walnuts, fish etc apart fro Alsi. DHA and ALA named omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and these form from the ALA present in Alsi. The quantum of omega-3 has got drastically cut down in our diets since some decades and our body is badly in grips of lack of omega-3. Omega-6 is found in abundance in oils of peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, maize etc. Omega-3 is vital for the development and proper functioning of

our different parts of body particularly for brain and plexus system. Walls of bodys cells are formedomega-3 mixed phosphor lipid when the body depletes of omega-3, then the cell walls form with hard and ugly omega-6 fat or Trans Fat in place of the soft omega-3. Simply put with an example, just as for making a good film both the hero and the villain is required essentially. Likewise, for proper functioning of our body, both- omega-3 and omega-6 in equal ratio of 1:1 is required. Omega-3 is the hero while omega-6 is the villain. Inflammation rises in our body on account of the increase of omega-6 whereas omega-3 decreases inflammation. While omega-6 is heater omega-3 is cooler, Omega-6 makes us victims of tension, headache, and depression while omega-3 cools all these malaises down. Omega-6 shortens our longevity while omega-3 prolongs it. Omega-6 produces diseases in body. Of late, since some decades, the quantity of omega-6 is increasing by leaps and bounds while omega-3 if vanishing into the thin air. The fast foods and junk foods sold by the MNCS are filled with omega-6. Due to the disproportions of omega-6 and omega-3 I our diets, women are becoming victims of arthritis, depression, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart attack, obesity and diabetes etc.

The unique constitution of Alsi oilThere is omega-3 fatty acid present in Alsi going by the name of Alpha linolelic (A.L.A.). In theA.L.A; there is a chain or series of 18 atoms of carbon. Attache with its one end also known as omega end is methyl group and at its other end known as delta end is attached with carboxyl. Between these ends flows infinite energy. Here the photons and electrons mingle together. These pai-electrons attract enormous oxygen in cells, store energy and act as capacitors. . This is exactly the life power providing massive energy to brain, eyes, heart, tissues of muscles and nerve system.

Alsi contains lignan- a highly anti cancerous elementAlsi is the greatest source of lignan on earth- an anti cancerous element. Lignan is anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti fungal. It strengthens the body resistance power. It is anti oxidant, highly helpful for women in their various stages of life- their youthfulness, during pregnancy, delivery, motherhood, and during menstruation. In fact, lignan is the super star nourisher. After menstruation, due to lack in production of estrogens in women, they become victim of diseases like hot flashes, osteoporosis etc. Lignan provide great succour to women during such periods.

Other benefits of Alsi

Alsi keeps control over our blood pressure. Increases the quantum of good cholesterol in body.

Minimises the quantum of triglycerides and bad cholesterols. Stops clotting of blood in the cardio arteries. Acts as a shield against heart attack and strokes. Obese people are immensely benefited from eating Alsi as they feel their stomach full for longer times thereby preventing them from eating bingo. Alsi augments BMR. It burns fats making us spend morecalories. 27% fibrous Alsi is more effective than issabgol- a good medicine for constipation.

Alsi- a heavenly food for nerve system and brainThere is 60% of fats in a healthy brain, 50% out of which is omega-3 fatty acid, the greatest source of which is Alsi. We can see why Alsi is a godly food for brain and nerves by gleaning over the following facts regarding Alsi:

Alsi enhances intelligence. It boosts up memory power. Augments the will to learn more. Keeps our mind cool. Its uses keeps us cheerful and happy. Positive approach comes off. keeps us active and agile. Doesnt let laziness overpower us. Increases interests in creativity. Good thoughts churns up. Removes tension. Tolerance materialises. Makes character stronger keeps anger at abeyance Bad thoughts do not come in mind. A heavenly power emanate and massive ene