Better breaks, better outcomes

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Presentation from Carers Northern Ireland's Innovation in Respite conference, February 2012

Text of Better breaks, better outcomes

  • 1. Shared Learning from Scotland Innovation in Respite Grosvenor Hall, Belfast 21st February 2012

2. Shared Care Scotland Working together to improve the quality andavailability of short breaks across Scotland Break, Right Place, Right Time 3. Presentation headingsCaring in ScotlandRe-defining respite careRecent policy developmentsThe road ahead opportunities and constraints 4. A profile of Scotlands carersThere are an estimated 657,300 carers in Scotland60% female, 40% men20% over 70 years of ageAn estimated 100,000 young carers20% caring for 50hrs/week or more70% have been caring for more than 5 yearsUnpaid carers save the Scottish economy10.3 billion/year 5. The impact of caring70% of carers experiencing health problemsOne in five give up work to careMore than half feeling isolated and lonely40-60% of carers have not had a short break 6. The changing shape ofScotlands population 7. Carers will play an increasingly importantrole in the support, care and treatment ofpeople with long-term and/or multipleconditions, disabilities, illnesses, includingdementia. 8. Carer Power! 9. VisionCarers are recognised and valued as equal partners in care.Carers are not disadvantaged, or discriminated against by virtue of being a carer.Carers are supported and empowered to manage their caring responsibilities with confidence and in good health, and to have a life of their own outside of caring. 10. From Beds to Breaks...The Long and Winding Road! 11. Rest CopingEmergencyHospital Relief Institution 12. Turning a corner2005/6: Care 21 The Future of Unpaid Care in Scotland highlights breaks from caring as top concern2007: SNP Manifesto commitments +10,000 weeks, guaranteed entitlement2008: Scottish Government short break guidance to local authorities, health boards and partnerships2010: Carers Strategy for Scotland, 5m commitment to improving short breaks 13. ...A BETTER DEFINITION? Services provided with the aim of enhancing anddeveloping the quality of life of a person who hassupport needs and their carer (where there isone), and to support their relationship. The distinctive feature of short breaks is thatthey should be a positive experience for both.Scottish Govt. guidance on the planning and development of personalised short break services, circular CCD 4/2008 14. Now 12 million 2010-2015 Third Sector service development grants & directgrants to families and carers Managed by Shared Care Scotland on behalf ofNCOs 80,000 additional hours delivered so far - 4,500carers and families benefitting 1% of total breaks provided 15. The principles of the Short Breaks Fund: Funds will support the personalisation agenda,providing early intervention, choice and thetailoring of service provision to meet the needs ofindividuals; Funding will be allocated where there is mutualityof benefit, i.e. the benefit to the carer and those theycare for are clearly defined; Strengthening evidence basis and embeddinglearning 16. Energy FunChoice FriendshipExcitement Companionship 17. THE BESTI HADWEEKEND EVER,NEVER STOPPED LAUGHINGAND MET SOME WONDERFULPEOPLE. 18. I REALLY ENJOYED NOTWAKING UP TO THESOUND OF THE ALARM,NOT HAVING TO SHOP IN THESUPERMARKET AND NOTCOOKING! 19. FOR MYTHANK YOUHOLIDAY. WE WENT ONA BIG BUS AND SAW LOTS OFBOATS AND A BIG BIRD CAMEDOWN AND STOLE MY CHIPS. 20. DIDNT REALISE HOWMUCH I NEEDED ITUNTIL I GOT BACK. MADE AHUGE DIFFERENCE TO STRESSLEVELS AND GENERALOUTLOOK. 21. MY HUSBAND REALLYENJOYED THIS BREAK. HEWAS RELAXED, ENJOYEDMEETING PEOPLE AND I WASHAPPY TO SEE HIM LAUGHING,WEHAPPY AND NORMAL.EVEN DANCED. 22. SHORT BREAKS MEANEVERYTHING TO OURFAMILY. THEY GIVE USTHE ABILITY TORECHARGE OURBATTERIES ANDCARRY ON. 23. Keeps families together and strengthens caring relationshipsPrevents or delays the need for permanent careImproves physical and emotional health and well-beingAllows people with care needs and their carers to enjoy the samerights, opportunities and aspirations as other peoplePromotes inclusion and independence 24. IT WORKS WHEN...Carers and the people they support: can arrange and plan for a break when they need it have a choice of short break opportunities which areflexible have easy access to support, information and adviceand know how to get help if they need it are confident in the reliability and quality of careprovided by short break providers have peace of mind that appropriate replacementcare will be available if there is an emergency 25. IT WORKS WHEN...People : have a choice of short break opportunities which areflexible have more control over decisions about how, whenand where services are provided have information and support to help with thesedecisions are able to influence the shape and direction ofshort break provision in their area 26. Barriers to respite are not always simplyfinancial. Many carers feel nervous about leavinga family member in someone elses care...theShort Breaks Fund introduced the option gentlythrough the short breaks tailored to them. Thishas made them more open to considering furtheruse of respite services. Quarriers Glasgow South West Carers Centre 27. Looking ahead...OpportunitiesConstraints on progressGrowing recognition ofInsufficient leadership, carers planning and managementCross party support longVarying pace = inequities term goal setting Lack of capacity building inExciting developments in Selfinformation and support Directed Support servicesOutcome focused Financial pressures lead to commissioningfire fighting not fireIntegration of Health &prevention Social Care 28. We expect the Change Fund to act as acatalyst for driving a radical andinnovative redesign of older peoplesservices within a more integrated systemof health and social care in Scotland.RESHAPING CARE FOR OLDER PEOPLE:CHANGE FUND GUIDANCE 2012/13 29. However beautiful the strategy, you shouldoccasionally look at the results.Sir Winston Churchill 30. Shared Care Scotland Working together to improve the quality andavailability of short breaks across Scotland Break, Right Place, Right Time 31. specialised respite centres sitter services befriending networksbreaks in the home ofanother familysupported holiday breaksresidential care homes or nursinghomesbreaks in supported accommodationday centres and activityclubs self directed breaks supported by vouchers, direct payments or individual budgets