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Bianca Tanner autopsy

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  • Mecklenburg County M E Office3440 Reno Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28216

    Telephone 7043362005Fax 7043368353

    REPORT OF AUTOPSY EXAMINATIONDECEDENTDocument Identifier B201401840Autopsy Type ME AutopsyName Bianca Tiana TannerAge 31 yrsRace BlackSex FAUTHORIZATIONAuthorized By J. Michael Sullivan MD Received From MecklenburgENVIRONMENTDate of Exam 07/03/2014 Time of Exam 10:30Autopsy Facility Mecklenburg County M E Office Persons Present Ms. Elizabeth FisherCERTIFICATIONCause of DeathUndetermined trauma

    The facts stated herein are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.Digitally signed byJ. Michael Sullivan MD 24 October 2014 08:21DIAGNOSES1. Decomposed, extensively skeletonized, remains of an adult black female

    IDENTIFICATIONBody Identified ByDental Exam

    EXTERNAL DESCRIPTIONBody Condition DecomposedRigor DecomposedLivor DecomposedHair Brown/BlackEyes IndeterminateTeeth PresentThe body is that of an adult female, markedly decomposed and extensively skeletonized. Skull showsfeatures consistent with African-American origin. Clothing includes dark discolored shorts with elasticwaist and a dark discolored white or light colored tee shirt with orange stripes. The greater portion ofthe remains are in one piece within the body bag, with additional bones and fragments collected andsubmitted separately as described below. As noted, the remains are extensively skeletonized withsome decomposed and partially mummified soft tissue remnants around the left arm, left leg and rightleg and over the back. There is a collection of head hair, measuring approximately 10" x 4" x 4"adjacent to the skull which consists of a mass of tightly curled brown and black hair.

    Submitted separately with the body are three brown paper bags sealed with clear tape. In bag #1there is found a mandible and 9 loose teeth, two of which show pink discolor. In bag #2, are two smallwhite cardboard slide boxes. One box contains two cervical vertebrae, C2 and C3. Second slide boxcontains cervical vertebra, C1. In bag #3 there are four small white cardboard slide boxes. In slidebox labeled "PRESUMED LEFT HAND" are found two fingernails with press-on acrylic nail with "frenchmanicure" with white tip. Box also contains 14 hand bones. In a small slide box labeled "fingernails"

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  • are found four fingernails, press-on acrylic fake nails with "french manicure" with white tip. In a thirdslide box labeled "PRESUMED RIGHT HAND", are found four hand bones. In a fourth small slide boxlabeled "HYOID FROM RIGHT SHOULDER OF SHIRT" is found an intact hyoid bone with small amountof attached decomposed soft tissue.

    Over the midline left lower back is recognizable a tattoo which is comprised of a small red circleapparent red fruit, probable cherry with green leaf, and associated dark blue/black design lines. Thereare some additional tattoos visible over the left lower leg residual soft tissue, script in black ink withthe words "TOTAL PACKAGE".

    Bones recovered include all vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx, right scapula, left scapula, right clavicle,left clavicle. Bones includes sternum and manubrium, 12 right ribs, 11 left ribs. Bones include rightand left ilia, right and left femur, right and left tibia, right and left fibula. Bones include righthumerus, right radius and ulna, left humerus, left radius and ulna. Left hand bones present include: 2phalanges, 3 metacarpals, and 3 carpal bones. Right hand bones present include: 11 phalanges and 3metacarpal bones. The left foot is intact within decomposed soft tissue. Right foot has some residualremnants of soft tissue, and shows absent phalanges of the 4th and 5th toes.

    All bones show some small amounts of adherent soft tissue and cartilage intact at the articularsurfaces. Bones include the skull and as noted above recovered mandible. There was a small amountof adherent soft tissue over the right parietal skull otherwise completely skeletonized. There is dirtstaining of the mandible and skull.

    Examination shows no evidence of premortem trauma. There is no evidence of significant postmortemanimal predation trauma.

    PROCEDURESRadiographsX-rays show no evidence of acute trauma, no residual foreign bodies.



    IdentificationIdentification is based on distinctive tattoos noted over lower back and left lower leg, which compareexactly to those of BIANCA TANNER, as described by family to CMPD, and seen in photographs ofBIANCA TANNER. Identification is also based on dental comparison. Multiple points of identificationare confirmed with comparison to records provided from the office of Matthew T. Norman, DDS ofGreensboro, NC. Points of identification include composite restorations teeth #2, #3, #5, #12, #13,#14, #19, #21, #29, #30, and #31. Additionally radiographic congruents of premortem films incomparison to postmortem bite wing film of teeth #29, #30, and #31.

    SUMMARY AND INTERPRETATIONThis is a 31-year-old black female who is decomposed and extensively skeletonized remains were foundin a wooded area in Charlotte on the morning of 7/3/2014. Remains were preliminarily identified asthose of BIANCA TANNER, who was reported missing from her apartment residence in Charlotte on6/8/2014.

    Examination showed the severely decomposed and extensively skeletonized remains of an adultAfrican-American female with no evidence of acute trauma. Identification of the remains as those ofBIANCA TANNER was confirmed through dental comparison, as well as distinctive tattoos present onthe residual soft tissues of the body.

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  • In view of the history, in particular the placement of a body in a hidden location, the cause of death willbe listed as an undetermined trauma.


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