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Simon Nixon's presentation at BIMA's SXSW recap event, held on 3 April 2013.

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  • 1. Aqueduct BIMA SXSW 2013The Platinum ConnectionSimon Nixon Client Services Director @_simon_nixon

2. Who goes to SXSW? 3. 1550 delegates flew from the UK to the US Traditional advertising agencies Tech vendors Clients/Brands Start ups VCs and investors Speakers and panelists Seminar/keynote goers Networking/meeting makers Media and analysts Party goers and swag collectorsand Digital agencies 4. What is the PlatinumConnection? 5. The Platinum Connection has been created to opendoors to export opportunities for selected UK companiesat SXSW across the music, film and interactive sectorsand to facilitate cross-sector business development 6. The SXSW Platinum Connection is run jointly betweenSXSW and UK Trade & Investment. UK Trade &Investment is the government department that helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy andassists overseas companies to bring their high qualityinvestment to the UK. 7. If selected, your company will receive at no cost: A schedule of at least three meetings specificallytailored to your individual business objectives that willbe held on the British stand in the SXSW Trade Show(we got 5) A personal pre-SXSW session via phone or Skypewith SXSW staff to enable you to derive maximumbenefit from your meeting schedule A pre-SXSW networking meeting and Bootcamp inLondon with all 40 UK companies and SXSW team 8. How do you qualify? 9. You must Provide clear articulation of business objectives forSXSW Deliver clear and specific information about the kindsof business opportunities they can offer to US andinternational companies Try to combine music, film and interactive in theirbusiness objectives and opportunities in innovativeways Present a good fit for multiple US and internationalcounterparts at SXSW Have a business track record as well as previousexperience at SXSW or similar events 10. You must Not be on a current Trade Mission to SXSW Not received recent support from UKTI before 2011 or2012 Not have participated previously in the PlatinumConnection A travel schedule that enables you to participate in thePlatinum Connection schedule Have provided a response with sufficient time forSXSW to evaluate in advance.and you must have your own tickets! 11. Who can you meet? 12. Anyone in your business areaWe met MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL & MLB Teams Sports Marketers Sports governing bodies Sports broadcasters Betting companies 13. Who to contact 14. Pip Johnstonuna@sxsw.comTracy 15. What does the stand look like? 16. Thank you