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  • 1. Meet your awesome panel!
    Ria Sharon
    Katherine Stone
    Karen Walrond
    Holly Hamann
    Julie Cole

2. Everything I know about core values, I learned from 80s sitcoms
@ 20th century Fox
3. Be honest
@ 20th century Fox
4. Be resourceful
5. Have a good support team
6. Everyone has a story
7. Be friendly
8. Some may look it, but nobodys perfect
9. Find your tribe
10. But choose it carefully
11. Be nice to the new kid
12. Change is your friend
13. 14. Know your audience
15. Embrace diversity
16. Be true to yourself
17. Dont hoard your audience
18. Think strategically
19. Have a mission
20. Everyone has a niche
21. Its never too late to start
22. Theres always room for one more
23. When in doubt.
What would Fonzie do?
24. What if?
25. Negative Comments
26. Opportunity
27. Choices
28. Miscommunication
29. Credits
Facts of Life, Sony Pictures Entertainment
M*A*S*H , 20th century Fox
The A Team, NBC
The Brady Bunch, Paramount Television and ABC
Cheers, Paramount Television, CBS
Designing Women, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures
Family Ties, Paramount Television
Growing Pains, Warner Brothers Entertainment
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