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Bloesem portfolio 2014 2015

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  • The Art of Visual Storytelling.

  • The Art of Visual Storytelling

    An overv i ew o f B l o e sem s mag i c a l 20 14 j o u rney .F rom b l o g s t o shop , s t u d i o and workshops .We d l ove f o r you t o be par t o f t h e nex t chap t e r .

    A l l i mages copyr i g h t b l o esem

    No par t o f t h i s pub l i c a t i o n may be reproduced or t ransm i t t e d i n any f o rm

    w i t h ou t pr i o r wr i t t e n perm i s s i o n o f t h e copyr i g h t ho l d e rs .

    B l o e sem

    S i n gapore

    +65 83287807

    b l o [email protected] . c om

    www .b l o e sem . c o

    Ins t agram : @b l o e semb l o gs


    My love for d iscover ing new p laces , uncover ing h idden gems and meet ing insp ir ing creat ives around the g lobe is what sparked the beg inn ing o f B loesem b logs in 2006. A lmost a decade later , B loesem has evo lved in to fu l l grown creat ive stud io . With the open ing o f B loesems f l agsh ip store in T iong Bahru , S ingapore , 20 14 has been another great year for us .

    I am Irene Hoo fs and together with my team , Zara Sa lahudd in and Me i Kwee Chong , we are growing our in ternat iona l aud ience exponen t ia l l y w i th B loesem b logs , our new store , a stud io and workshop space . We a lso regu lar ly con tr ibute to renowned in ternat iona l med ia . We are proud that s ince incept ion B loesem has been cons isten t ly ranked among the best and most in f l uen t ia l des ign b logs wor ldw ide .

    Based in S ingapore we work with an in ternat iona l c l i en t base . We he lp our c l i en ts de l iver the ir brand message through the Art o f V isua l Storyte l l i ng . We are committed to our c l i en ts success and care deep ly about the re lat ionsh ips we foster with the ir bus inesses . B loesems creat ive work is heav i ly in f l uenced by both our Nord ic roots and As ian presence , o f f er ing c l i en ts a tru ly un ique propos i t i on .

    I am exc i ted to presen t you the B loesem h igh l i ghts o f 20 14 in th is port fo l i o . It showcases what we do best ; indu lge our aud ience with v isua l ly compe l l i ng stor ies .

    I f youre insp ired , drop us an e-ma i l at b [email protected] .com. Let us he lp you share your brands story with an aud ience o f cur ious adven turers and tastemakers around the wor ld .

  • Lookbook Styling

    Bloesems visual storytelling at its best. Allow Bloesem to create your brands lookbook, style

    and shoot a new campaign or help you with the visual presentation of your shop. Our lookbook

    styling includes a free sponsored post on Bloesem blogs as well as promotion on Bloesems

    social media channels.

    Sponsored Content

    Work with us to design a customized online campaign via Bloesem blogs and our social media

    channels to showcase your product to our audience of global influencers.

    Travel Reports

    Bloesem is renowned for breath taking visuals and travel editorials. Clients engage us for travel

    reports, city guides and hot spot visits. We have done numerous projects for international

    media, boutique hotels and resorts, some of which are showcased in this media kit.

    Facebook and Pinterest Campaign

    We like sharing pretty things with our design loving audience. Let us highlight your product on

    Facebook or feature your eye-pleasing visuals on Pinterest to reach 45,000+ global shoppers.

    Instagram Opportunity

    Use our favorite social media tool to introduce your product, brand, event or idea to

    over 16,000 engaged fans through a carefully styled Instagram series or takeover by Bloesem.

    In Store Promotion

    We adore well-designed products by providing them a stage in Bloesems flagship store in

    Singapore. Product launches are also celebrated via our quarterly newspaper, theBloesem

    Gazette, which is available at many Singapore hot spots (circulation 5,000+). The online

    Gazette is available for tastemakers worldwide.

    Bloesem Class

    Workshops for the creative and entrepreneurial community. From screen printing to social

    media bootcamps to calligraphy, Bloesem Classes invite design and creative icons from all

    over the world to teach one-off classes. Bloesem Classes are hosted at Bloesems studios in

    Singapore and Amsterdam. Customised classes can be hosted at clients offices upon request.

    Custom projects

    Every brand is unique and we want to embrace that. Bloesem offers customisable solutions to

    suit your brands specific needs.


    Sawasdee - Anthology Magazine - Not.a.sponge* - Elle Decoration - Montigo Resort - Nala

    Stationery - Elly - Cond Nast Traveler - Make History - Decor8 - Deckle&Hide - Eden&Zo - Le

    Petit Society - Real Living Magazine - Hide&Chic - FARM - Shop Frank - GiantSuper - Bococo -

    Telunas resort

    BLOESEM blogs // Followers


    9k TWITTER 5k GAZETTE and counting 20% Americas, 31 % Asia / Australia , 49% Europe

    Collaborate with Bloesem

    With an



    of over 50k

    influencers and


    around the world

    daily, Bloesem is

    available for a

    variety of


  • BLOESEM BLOGMu l t i p l e award w i n n i n g j o u rna l o n des i g n , ( k i d s ) l i f e s ty l e and t rave l

    Mus t read and no t t o m i s s webs i t e . #Beas tBes t Award by Newsweek

    Ranked t op 5 Bes t I n t e r i o r webs i t eThe I ndependen t UK

    Ranked t op 1 5 Bes t I n t e r i o r webs i t e T imes Magaz i n e UK

    10 des i g n vo i c e s t ha t ma t t e r . . . The SAY 100 - T i n a Ro t h E i s e nberg

    B l o esem i s on our l i s t o f t o p vo i c e s . . . P i l a r Guzman

    Bes t o f t h e B l o g s - Ed i t o rs P i c k sMar t ha S tewar t L i v i n g

  • BLOESEM SHOPB l o esem s f i r s t f l a g sh i p s t o re i n S i n g apore

  • BLOESEM CLASSExc l u s i v e crea t i v e workshops

    Bloesem classes are the best ! From the momen t you walk in the door, Irene and her team o f in ternat iona l teachers have captured that fee l ing o f be ing who you wan t to be whi le tak ing a workshop.

    And the studio space itse l f is an oasis !Sarah Moul ton (student)

  • BLOESEM CLASSExc l u s i v e crea t i v e workshops

    I have learned so many use fu l t ips and tr icks throughout the c lass that I can now apply to my own blog. I can start creat ing my mood boards

    to get insp irat ion be fore start ing any creat ive project . Kelly T. (student of Art of Visual Storytelling class)

  • BLOESEM GAZETTEJaw-dropp i n g pr i n t e d newspaper ( q u ar t e r l y )

    It has he lped me and my designs reach readers in Asia , as wel l as a l l over the world with the e-gazette. The Bloesem Gazette is f i l led

    with qua l i ty con ten t and it was a priv i lege being featured in their latest edit ion

    Jurianne Matter (Dutch designer)

  • Bloesem is at the forefront of tasteful and discerning lifestyle and travel choices.


  • Custom coverage : Mon t i g o resor t s i t e v i s i t i n I n dones i a f o r Conde Nas t Trave l e r

  • Travel reports : City Guide :Bes t spas i n Ams terdam f o r Conde Nas t Trave l e r Ams terdam ho t spo t s i n B l o e sem Gaze t t e

  • Styling & photography :

    Styling & photography :

    No t . a . s p onge *

    Shop Frank

  • Styling & photography : Make H i s t o ry - Growth Char t

  • Styling & photography : Le Pe t i t Soc i e ty

  • Des i g n er home v i s i t s f o r B l o e sem B l o g


  • Styling: L i v i n g by t he Lake Brochure

  • We are comm i t t e d t o work i n g w i t h c l i e n t s t ha t share our f i n e sse and dr i v e t o push t he l i m i t s , f o r g i n g ahead . We wan t t o he l p you d i s c over new ways t o grab t he a t t e n t i o n o f t h e b i l l i o n s o f p eop l e t h a t consume med i a on a da i l y bas i s .

    Se t yourse l f a par t f r om t he crowd . Crea t e con t en t t h a t w i l l g i v e you a d i s t i n c t compe t i t i v e advan t age .

    We l o o k f o rward t o hear i n g f r om you ,

    I r ene Hoo f s ( F o under B l o esem )Zara Sa l a h udd i n ( S ty l e Ed i t o r )Me i Kwee Chong ( B us i n e ss Manager )

    We want to work with youto create more amazing content

    & help you spread your story ...

  • Creating quality content

    to connect brands with an

    international audience of loyal

    readers and potential customers.

    B l o esem S i n gapore phone : +65 83287807 ema i l : b l o e [email protected] . c om

    b l o esem . c ob l o e sem . b l o g s . c ombk i d s . t y pepad . c omi n s t agram . c om/b l o esemb l o gstw i t t e r . c om/B l o esemB l o gf a c ebook . c om/b l o esemb l o gp i n t e res t . c om/b l o esemb l o gs

  • Heres to new collaborations!

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