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Bmw marketing strategy

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hw bmw laid itself and instilled itself in the global scenario

Text of Bmw marketing strategy



BMW- The Company HISTORY1916 RMW(RAPP MOTEREN WERKE) is found in an aircraft engine factory in Munich 1928-The first BMW automobile, the DIXI3/15 is developed in Munich 1917 1923

Name changed to BMW

The BMW motorcycle leaves the Munich production site

1955- The BMW 503 & 507 are todays golden oldies

1962- The 1500 model establishes the trend for the new class of sporty cars

1977- BMW introduces the first 7 series car 733i

1981- Becomes the first European car maker to establish a subsidiary in Japan

1989- BMW has another first by producing half a million cars

VISIONTo emerge as the world leader in providing premium product and premium services for individuals mobility


OBJECTIVES The ability to innovate will be an essential factor for BMW groups success in world wide competition Recognize early trends and respond to these rapidly with appropriate solutions To create a perfect automobile To give customers sheer driving pleasure combined with comfortablity and class


BMW was able to establish well in the market and has seen considerable amount of growth in terms of sales, innovations It gained about 50000 thousand sales per annum by the year 1990 It became a recognized and sought after brand for car and two wheelers


SLOGANS USEDPositioned itself as a luxury car that provides an exhilarating driving experience with advertising The Ultimate Driving Machine

TIME FRAMEEstablished itself overtime from its introduction in the US market in 1974

Ran for 15 years-Overall brand-Focus on prestige

The new 7 series Designed for peace of mind, not just peace and quiet

Focus on the 7 series

BMW The Smart Choice

New strategy with a focus on brand & product, franchise and organization

Segment-Wise RevenueSales12%


Automobiles Motorcycles Others


COMPETITORSBMW shares its segment of luxury cars with the following companies Mercedes-Benz Lexus Acura Audi Chevrolet Nissan Porsche

Region- Wise RevenueWe can see that BMW is present world wide and its products are being sold everywhere extensively 24%

27% Germany

North AmericaAsia Rest of Europe 10%


SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHIndependently ownedProduct development keeps its brand distinct Focus on being The Best Extensive distribution channels

WEAKNESSFails to appeal wider range due to affordability of carMaintenance cost is expensive Competitors have exclusive dealership

OPPURTUNITIES THREATSGlobal expansion entering into new marketsHuge demand for smaller cars in the market Asia is the key market for BMW

Oil prices increasing

Governmental policies changing Environmental/ Social issues

Perceived to be There is market for affordable only by the luxury cars upper class

PRODUCTS Bmw majorly provides exclusive products with a perfect blend of features and quality Its product are extensive in range and boast of a bag full of suprises that promise to be class APART3,5,7.SERIES Rolls Royce Motor Car X3, X5, X6



BMW Motorcycles

M series

PLACEhas its operations and products spread over 150 countries which are coordinated at its headquarters in


MUNICHThe worldwide production network of the BMW Group is the backbone for growth in the global market .due to the close cooperation between all of the plants, manufacturing takes place quickly and flexibly. This creates significant advantages in the international market. The BMW Group currently has 17 production facilities in six countries:

Berlin Rosslyn Shenyang Spartanburgto name a few


Bmw follows a very simple channel of distribution i.e.




as u can see BMW follows a very simple distribution channel . Their main aim is to provide luxury comfort and a memorable experience to its customers . they have exquisite dealer showrooms which are present globally to provide a class apart purchasing experience.

PROMOTIONBMW has devised and uses various promotional techniques and tools , mediums . some of them are as follows: television commercials-BMW uses TV ads and commercials as itattracts a large group of viewers . it helps to convey the message with sight , sound and motion which gives their products instant credibility

internet-it gives mass reach as it is not bounded by geographicalregions nationalities .it is also very less expensive as compared to traditional media .it allow quick communication between visitor and co. via filling order forms e-mails and live chats makes session and sales very interactive

print- BMW uses print media because print media ensures loyalreaderships , specific target audience , long life spans

Event sponsorships- BMW sponsors prestigeous events like motorsports racing , golf events and yatch sporting events etc.such events bring about their sportiness professionalism and leadership spirits . it all is done to establish BMW as a class and luxury brand that people want to be associated with apart from creating brand awareness . Some popular events are BMW MOTOSPORTS


THE HIRE The Hire is a series of eight short films. The films were made to lure upscale, mostly male audience. To exploit the popularity of the Internet. It is estimated that over 85% of potential car buyers will conduct their initial research on the Internet before they buy After the series began, BMW saw their sales numbers go up 12% from the previous year Following the web site films, traffic to the site was up 55% to 214,000 compared to only 138,000the previous week. was one of the Internets fastest growing SITE

BMW launches all-new Mobile Showroom BMW India have plans to launch the innovative BMW Mobile Showrooms in Karnal , Agra (Uttar Pradesh), Dehradun (Uttarakhand), Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), ETC to reach customers in emerging markets across India. The BMW Mobile Showroom will give customers an opportunity to experience the BMW brand, where they can test drive vehicles, interact with product experts and avail promotional financial offers and discounts from BMW Financial Services. The BMW Mobile Showroom will reach those cities that have the potential to be covered under the existing BMW sales and service network.

market refers to a set up where two or more parties are involved in transaction of goods and services in exchange of money. It is the responsibility of the marketers to create awareness of their products amongst the consumers. It is essential for the individuals to be aware of the brands existence. The USPs of the brands must be communicated well to the end-users. An organization cant afford to have similar strategies for product promotion amongst all individuals. Not every individual has the same requirement and demand.

The marketers thus came with the concept of STP. STP stands for: S - Segmentation T - Targeting P - PositioningNOW WE SHALL STUDY THE STP STRATEGIES OF BMW

SEGMENTINGBMW basically divides its segments on the basis of some important aspects . they are as follows Income basis-it divides people on the basis of their income generation . like people earning between $10000-40000 are kept in 1 group b/w $45000-80000 in another and so on Age basis gender basis Geographical region basis

TARGETING The target market for BMW includes: Upper class Generation X Average work hard and play hard types in their mid forties. most male , married. The median income about $1,50,000. Creative class High net worth Individuals and Professionals who earn $90,000 and above per annum.


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