Book 2 金台高级中学 李景萍 Warming up Ming Dynasty vase Let’s enjoy some pictures about cultural relics

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Text of Book 2 金台高级中学 李景萍 Warming up Ming Dynasty vase Let’s enjoy some pictures about...

  • Book2

  • Warming up

  • Ming Dynasty vaseLets enjoy some pictures about cultural relics.

  • The Taj Mahal (In India)

  • ivory dragon boat

  • Mogao Caves (In China)

  • The Pyramids in Egypt

  • The Sydney Opera (in Australia)

  • The Big Ben (In England)

  • The Great Wall

  • Temple of Heaven

  • The Imperial Palace

  • Discussion:Do you know what a cultural relic is?It is something like buildings where important events happened.It can be any objects that are helpful for us to know peoples life in the past.It can be any artwork made thousands of years ago.

  • It is any object, building or that was made something in the past. It may be many thousands of years old or it may be a few hundred. It may or may not valuable.

  • It tells us something of the way people lived at the time it was made. This may be because of its method of manufacture or how the item was used.

  • Unit 1

  • amazing select honey design


    style decoratejeweladj. vt. ; n. ; n. ; ; vt.; ; adj. ; vt. ; ; n. ; ; v. ; n. ;

  • artistbelong troop receptionremovewoodendoubt

    formern. vi. ; n. ; ; n. ; ; vt. ; adj. n. ; vt. ; adj. ;

  • belong to in returnat warless than;

  • 1. Have you ever seen a piece of amber? What do you know about it?2. Look at the title and the picture of the reading passage and predict what it is about. Then skim it quickly and see if you were right.Pre-reading

  • Amber

  • amberbeautifulrare/preciousCan you imagine a house made of amber?

  • In Search of the Amber Room (Prussia)

  • The Amber Room was made of almost seven thousand tons of amber. It was built in Prussia. Then, the king, Frederick William I, sent it to Peter the Great as a gift of friendship. And it soon became part of the winter palace. Later, Catherine had her artists add more details to its design. In September, 1941 the Nazi German army secretly stole the Amber Room and then it disappeared mystically. Background

  • Listen carefully and find out characters ,years ,and places in the passage.charactersyearsplaces123

  • Frederick WilliamPeter the Great CzarCatherineFrederick

  • What did these people do to the Amber Room?

  • FrederickFrederick Williampass down

  • Peter the Great Czargive as a giftFrederick William

  • What did Peter the Great do after he received the gift?

  • Frederick William I Peter the Great In return

  • pass down

  • stole

  • FrederickFrederick WilliamPeter the Great CzarCatherineNazi

  • Fill in the form:In 1716 , Frederick William I gavethe Amber Room to Peter the Great , as a gift of friendship from Prussia to the Russian people.In 1770, the Amber Room wascompleted the way Catherine wanted it.

    YearWhat happened to the Amber Room17161770

  • In September, 1941, the Nazi German and Russia were at war, and the Amber Room was lost.In the spring of 2003, a new Amber Room was built at the Summer Palace to celebrate the 300th birthday of the city of St Petersburg.


  • Prussia

    winter palace in St Petersburgsummer palace outside St PetersburgRussiaGermanyKonigsgerg on the Baltic sea?places

  • PrussiaAs a small reception hall for important visitors.Catherine spent her summers there.Summer Palace2003 As the palace of FrederickRead again

    Names of placesWhat is the amber room used for? St. Petersburg (Winter Palace)Summer PalaceFor the people of St. Petersburg to celebrate the 300th birthday of the city.

  • Do true or false exercises according to the text. 1.Frederick William I was the King of Russia.2.The Amber Room has a strange history and it remains a mystery.3.The Amber Room was made up of seven hundred tons of amber.F T F Prussiathousand

  • 4. Peter the Great made Amber Room his Summer Palace.5.Catherine II added more details to the Amber Room and made it her Summer Palace.6.The amber is as hard as stone and hard to be made into shapes.

    F T wintereasyF

  • Read the text again and discuss the main idea of each paragraph.

  • CreationParagraph 1: ____________of the Amber Room.

    Paragraph 2-3: __________ of the Amber Room.

    Paragraph 4: ____________ of the Amber Room.

    Paragraph 5: _______________of the Amber Room.HistoryDisappearanceRebuilding

  • Amberfancy style4 metres

    Description of the Amber RoomMaterial1._____ColorYellow-brownDesignIn the 2. ______ popular in those daysDecorationsGold and jewelsLengthAbout 3. ______

  • Designedwinter palacemore details

    History of the Amber Room4. ________ for the palace of Frederick I.Given to Peter the Great by Frederick William and became part of the Czars 5. ___________.Moved to a palace outside St Petersburg by Catherineand 6. ____________ were added to it.

  • celebratedsmall art objectsthe room itselfready / built

    Some furniture and 7. _______________ were removed from the Amber Room by the Russians in wartime, but some of the Nazis stole 8. _______________.A new Amber Room was 9. ___________ for the people of St Petersburg when they 10. ___________ the 300th birthday of their city.

  • Post-readingThe characteristics of the passage This passage tells the history of the Amber Room in the order of time so that we can clearly know what happened to it. Besides the passage uses the Past Tense.

  • Listen to the tape and follow it to read the text.ListeningDiscussionWhat should we do to protect our cultural relics?

  • 1. Remember the useful words and Expressions.2. Try to use your own words to retell the story of the Amber Room.Homework