Breaking the silence. aphasia world of silence associated with depression

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Text of Breaking the silence. aphasia world of silence associated with depression

  • breaking the silence

  • aphasia

  • world of silence

  • associated with depression

  • 60 yearsof aphasia groups in the West

  • Allow them to

    Communicate & Socialize

  • our peopleare different

  • our cultureis different

  • Our model IS


  • GreetingsSinging WritingGesturingDrawingGamesOut-doorsGreetingsRecitationSupplications WritingGesturingWestEast

  • Our model IS


  • our patients GAINEDfrom groups

  • ...

  • ...

  • ... ... ...

    " " ...

    ... " " "

  • caregivers CONFIRM our findings

  • what have we learned?

  • - our patients benefit- caregivers agree- a life-altering experience- groups tailored to fit culture- culture determines dynamics

  • We have along way to go!

  • A very long way!

  • FIRST steps

  • Small Steps

    GREAT Expectations

  • in their SILENT world

    can you hear the UNSPOKEN word

  • our OBLIGATION is to make aphasia groups accessible to all

  • VISIONYEAR 2020every major hospital and rehab center will have aphasia groups

    YEAR 2030aphasia groups accessible to all

  • aphasia group therapy a region-wide reality

  • the VISION is crystal clear

  • Dr. Areej Al AsseriPhD, CCC-SLP, ACBRehab Supervisor

  • Small Steps GREAT Expectations

    *INTRODUCTIONOpening quote that intrigues about aphasiaBreak the silence overcomes isolation and leads to psychosocial well-being* OPENINGIMAGINE suddenly not being able to express yourself in a way that youve always been able to!!!Suddenly losing your ability to communicateThousands of men & women (people) with aphasia are facing this ordeal every single day of their lives after suffering a stroke to the left side (hemisphere) of their brain!!!If you look to your right or left, one of the people next to you the person next to you is likely to know someone suffering from aphasia!!* DEFINITIONAPHASIA is a language disorder which may affect ones ability to speak, understand language, read or write. Its a most devastating conditionIts devastation is not simply caused by/due to/limited to ones inability to communicate, but that inability manifests in gradual isolation from people creating . Leading to . A WORLD OF SILENCE!!!**This isolation and silence are often associated with depression, which NEGATIVELY impact psychosocial well-being

    *What can we DO to break that silence SHATTER IT?

    *GROUP THERAPY is ONE cost-effective treatment approach to overcome isolation and increase interaction for people with aphasiaAphasia group therapy is a well-established tradition in the west, dating back to the end of World War Two (almost to sixty years ago) Aphasia groups have gained popularity for almost ten years

    Documented benefits include enhanced communication & interaction, improved psycho-social well-being, and greater adaptation to their condition.

    *Others have succeeded! No doubt that aphasia groups are effective

    Its now a matter of tailoring the group concept to our culture/to our peopleIts simply a matter of tailoring the group concept to our people

    But wait, theres nothing simple about that**So/then How does our aphasia group work/ how is our group different? Tasks in our group**************They may be SMALL steps, but they lead to GREAT expectations***GRAND FINALE And one more thing!!*GRAND FINALE And one more thing!!***They may be SMALL steps, but they lead to GREAT expectations