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BSHS 441 Entire Course Week 1-5 ( A Graded )Follow Link Below To Get

Description: BSHS 441 Week 1 DQ 1Define the following terms and describe the role of the human services worker in regard to each function; provide an example of how each might be used:o Advocacyo Mediationo Arbitrationo Mediation-arbitrationBSHS 441 Week 1 DQ 2Describe three ethical issues involved when taking the role of mediator and provide examples of each.BSHS 441 Week 1 Individual Assignment Paper on a Specific Population and the Advocate RoleBSHS 441 Week 2 Individual Assignment Literature Review of Mediation and AdvocacyBSHS 441 Week 2 Team Assignment Interview of a Social Service Agency Using AdvocatesBSHS 441 Week 2 DQ 1Describe conflict styles and discuss how you, as a mediator, might increase positive interaction in mediation with someone of each style.BSHS 441 Week 2 DQ 2Compare and contrast interest-based negotiation with power- and rights-based negotiations.BSHS 441 Week 3 Individual Assignment Paper on the Challenges of Being an Advocate and Neutral Facilitator (Mediator)BSHS 441 Week 3 Team Assignment Interview of a Social Service Agency on Their Use of MediationBSHS 441 Week 3 DQ 1Describe a win/win negotiation and give an example.BSHS 441 Week 3 DQ 2Define BATNA.BSHS 441 Week 4 Individual Assignment Paper Based on Literature ReviewBSHS 441 week 4 Team Assignment Interview With a Social Services LobbyistBSHS 441 Week 4 DQ 1How does a human services worker integrate the use of mediation, or third-party neutrality, when he or she also serves as an advocate for the client and is an employee of the agency?BSHS 441 Week 4 DQ 2Describe the philosophical positions of the major political parties on providing social services for the homeless, the poor, victims of disasters, victims of prejudice, children, and single parents.BSHS 441 Week 5 Individual QuizBSHS 441 Week 5 Team Assignment Presentation on the Use of Mediation within an Agency SettingBSHS 441 Week 5 DQ 1Who holds the power for creating social change within the social service industry? Support your answer.BSHS 441 Week 5 DQ 2Can we have client advocacy, a forum for conflict resolution, and agents for policy change without competing for limited dollars and resources? Why? What do you see as the most vital function?