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    Abhishek Maurya


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    Date of Incorporation

    The company was incorporated in January 1995 as Bawana Power

    Private Limited

    Changed its name to Reliance Delhi Power Private Limited in

    February 1995

    Reliance EGen Private Limited in January 2004, to Reliance Energy

    Generation Limited in March 2004

    Reliance Power Limited in July 2007

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    Main Activities

    Electric Power Generation, Transmission and


    Reliance Power Limited, together with its subsidiaries,

    engages in the development, construction, and operation

    of power generation projects in India andinternationally.

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    About Company

    Reliance Energy Limited, incorporated in 1929, is a fully

    integrated utility engaged in the generation, transmission and

    distribution of electricity.

    It ranks among Indias top listed private companies on all

    major financial parameters, including assets, sales, profits

    and market capitalization.

    It is Indias foremost private sector utility with aggregate

    estimated revenues of Rs 9,500 crore (US$ 2.1 billion) and

    total assets of Rs10,700 crore (US$ 2.4 billion).


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    Reliance Energy Limited distributes more than 21 billion units of

    electricity to over 25 million consumers in Mumbai, Delhi, Orissa and

    Goa, across an area that spans 1,24,300 sq. kms.

    It generates 941 MW of electricity, through its power stations located in

    Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa.

    The company is currently pursuing several gas, coal, wind and hydro-

    based power generation projects in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh,Arunachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal with aggregate capacity of over

    12,500 MW.

    Powering 2 out of 3 homes in Mumbai, and 1 out of 2 in Delhi

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    Sector performance

    Reliance Power Limited is part of the RelianceGroup

    Established to develop, construct and operatepower projects domestically and internationally.

    Developing 13 medium and large sized powerprojects

    Combined planned installed capacity of 28,200MW, one of the largest portfolios of powergeneration assets under development in India.

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    Credit Ratings

    Rating Agency Instrument RatingCRISIL Long Term Debt AAAFitch Long Term Debt AAACRISIL Short Term Debt A1+CRISIL Working Capital

    Debt AAA

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    Brief Profile of Competitors


    Incorporated on November 7, 1975 to accelerate power development in India. With a current

    generating capacity of 30,144 MW, NTPC has embarked on plans to become a 75,000 MW company

    by 2017.

    Power Grid Corp

    Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) is one of the largest transmission utilities in the world.

    PGCIL, incorporated in 1989, was earlier known as National Power Transmission Corporation.


    CESC, incorporated in 1978 as Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (India), is engaged in power

    generation and distribution in state of West Bengal.

    BF Utilities

    BF Utilities (BFUL), incorporated in 2000, is engaged in power generation through wind mill

    technology interests in areas of steel making, forging, machining, etc.

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    Name Last Price Market Cap.

    (Rs. cr.)



    Net Profit Total Assets

    NTPC 170.20 140,337.80 54,874.00 9,102.59 111,572.36

    Power Grid Corp 108.60 50,278.82 8,388.70 2,696.89 62,092.11

    Reliance Power 132.95 37,294.16 36.38 274.55 17,450.60

    Tata Power 108.95 25,854.62 6,599.36 970.01 18,229.27

    Adani Power 74.30 16,197.66 2,106.43 523.75 23,668.77

    Torrent Power 212.95 10,060.79 6,834.56 1,065.72 7,846.63

    CESC 267.55 3,371.13 3,940.00 488.00 8,585.82

    BF Utilities 368.45 1,387.86 22.37 -2.27 168.57
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    Financial Details(Mar'11)INCOME:

    Sales Turnover 36.38

    Excise Duty 0.00

    NET SALES 36.38

    Other Income 0.00

    TOTAL INCOME 279.96


    Manufacturing Expenses 18.91

    Material Consumed 4.33

    Personal Expenses


    Selling Expenses 3.86

    Administrative Expenses 85.55


    Operating Profit -136.88

    EBITDA 106.71

    Depreciation 1.14



    Interest 42.35

    EBT 63.22

    Taxes 0.03

    Profit and Loss for the Year 63.19

    Non Recurring Items 190.45

    Other Non Cash Adjustments 20.91

    Other Adjustments


    PAT 274.55

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    Particulars Mar'11

    Profit Before Tax 253.67

    Net Cash Flows from Operating Activity -237.96

    Net Cash Used in Investing Activity 1,000.51

    Net Cash Used in Financing Activity 165.01

    Net Inc/Dec in Cash and Cash Equivalent 927.56Cash and Cash Equivalent - Beginning ofthe Year


    Cash and Equivalent - End of the Year 1,234.92

    Cash Flow

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    Technology Management

    Reliance Energy has installed Integrated Control system called the

    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for its Generation,

    Transmission and Distribution

    The SCADA system is a real time operating system. It closely monitors

    the distribution system and its behavior.

    The focus areas are: Climate change, waste management, new &

    renewable energy, efficiency improvement and cost reduction besides

    providing scientific support and external utilities for improving

    availability, reliability and efficiency.

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    Human Resources Management

    strongly committed to the development and growth of all ouremployees as individuals and not just as employees.

    Recruitment: 'Grow your own timber

    Career Advancement & Opportunities

    Rewards & Recognitions

    Innovate, Create, Compete

    Quality of Work-Life

    Knowledge Management

    Training & Development

    Education Up-gradation Schemes

    Seeking Feedback


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    Marketing Arrangements

    The Company has recently achieved the financial closure for its 4,000 MW

    Krishnapatnam Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) in Andhra Pradesh with a

    total project cost of Rs. 17,500 crore.

    In fact, during the last financial year, the Company achieved financial closure

    for 4,860 MW of generation capacity and raised over Rs 18,600

    (approximately US$ 4 bn) of debt for 3 projects viz the Sasan UMPP, Rosa

    Phase 2 and Butibori Power Projects.

    Company believe that the timely availability and the cost of fuel are two ofthe biggest challenges facing the power generation sector. So they do

    considerable care to secure fuel supplies both for domestic and imported

    coal-based projects. They have also tried to minimize our dependence on

    external parties for supplies.

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    The Reliance is Trusted brand .

    Indian Retail investors have faith in the name of Reliance

    Reliance is Capitalizing on the growth of the Indian Power Sector

    Based on the achievements of Reliance Infrastructure ltd.

    This company has shown exponential growth which has made

    difficult for its competitors to catch hold of this company. Apart from

    all the achievements made, there has some diversions from themission statement of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

    Based on the various cases it can summarized that Company is

    finding it tough to carry out their business by being transparent.

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