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    Mercy / Cruelty, - - . , - .

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    Mercy / Cruelty -- , - . -, - - .

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    : You are a woman, and women in all times have tempered this

    rough world with mercy and compassion [7]; In fact, everybody elses relation with the home is temporary, limited and relative. But a woman, whether she has other jobs or not, always stands up straight in the heart of her home and nourishes our feelings with affection, mercy, and love [8].

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    We women have our special mission. Always, even in the most cruel and troubled times, women have had the mission of peacemak-ing, humanism, mercy, and kindness [7].


    People who understand we can't move forward trying to match your terrorism with ours. I see our role, as women of faith, as con-stantly inserting a language of salvation and mercy and hope into the

    dialogue. Because who better to do it than women who have been, and always will be, the givers and nurturers of life? [7].

    - -:

    He had the wit and wisdom to put her affliction quite out of the question, and allude only to her sacrifice in marrying a blind man, hopelessly and helplessly dependent on her sweet offices for the rest of his life, if she, in her womanly mercy, would love him and help him bear his burdens [7].

    -, [9, 144]. , :

    At thirty-nine, Glenda's face was a collision of two centuries. Her girlhood beauty had embodied the nineteenth-century feminine ideals of hope, charity and mercy as portrayed in naive American statuary, but life had blasted her hot and hard and now the nerves of her face seemed too raw to feel hope [7].

    () [4, 45]. : , :

    - : Feller falls down at the feet of the Lord. He cries and begs for

    mercy. Its true that I didn't lead a good life, but I wasn't all evil. I cared for my mama and gave to the poor. I gave money to your church [7]; One night he ran out of the tent with a terrible fright. Another time, when standing with a sentry, he fired his piece and gave the alarm to the whole army. Then he'd fall upon his knees and beg for mercy, and cover his eyes with his hands, as if to shut out some frightful thing he couldn't bear to look upon [7];

    - : She turned towards him, and sunk on her knees, and with tears

    and entreaties besought him, " as he hoped for that mercy from Heaven, which he would so soon need, that he would have mercy on her. " [7];

    - : For an instant Pascalet held him thus; then, gradually relaxing

    his grasp before life should escape, he held him by the throat with one hand, while, suspending his knife over him with the other, he threatened him with instant death if he moved or spoke. Joseph clasped his hands and silently pleaded for mercy [7];

    - , : We'll capture Major Sheffield, truss him up like a Christmas

    goose so he can't cover his ears, and force him to endure the full range of your vocabulary! He'll be screaming for mercy inside half an hour. Despite the memories that had overtaken him, Duncan clasped his friend's slightly stooped shoulder and laughed " Suppose I recited the whole of Dante's Divine Comedy, he said. " In Italian, of course, " Alex agreed [7];

    - : It was then on this ground, that David relied on the mercy of

    God; not because he thought it a blind undistinguishing affection; but because he was conscious himself of a heart penetrated with grief and remorse, and a spirit broken down under a sense of guilt; and he believed that a spirit thus truly humble and contrite, would not fail of mercy and acceptance [7];

    - : It is pleasing to add that in 1833, during a season of religious in-

    terest in Gilmanton and vicinity, his mind became very seriously affected with a view of his situation as a sinner; and after a state of

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    anxietv of some weeks' continuance, during which he laid aside worldly business, and gave his whole attention to the subject, he ventured to hope in the forgiving mercy of God, and found a peace of mind which he ever after retained [7].


    I was with the men of Colonel Buford, on the waters of the San-tee River, where out of four hundred, only fifty-three escaped the sword of Tarleton. I saw an hundred hands of brave men raised to implore mercy. They were stricken off by the sabres of the horsemen, who soon trampled upon their bodies [7].

    : There are few people better prepared to talk about trouble, few

    people who have survived the fieryordeal that Merrill Womach has weathered. He has survived without a hint of bitterness. He doesn't dwell on the pain, the stares of others, or what might have been. Instead he talks about the mercy of God, a mercy he feels allowed him to survive the accident and continue to spread hope and joy to people through his songs and his testimony. When one suggests that he must have been born with lots of moxie to begin with, Merrill won't deny that he has a streak of perseverance [7].

    : We were as brothers, or rather as father and son, for though I

    am gray, he was twenty years my senior. He was a lion in battle, and an eagle in pursuit. He was born to command. He read men as I read a child's book. They have said he was cruel. It is not true! He loved to exercise mercy [7].

    . , [9, 150]. :

    Two days later, The Times, comparing Castro to a variety show performer, seemed to advocate a more physical response: the Euro-pean power shave naturally looked to Uncle Sam, who is a kind of unwilling director of the whole South American vaudeville pro-gramme, to insist on an improvement. Uncle Sam, however, is long-suffering and full of mercy toward the southern performers whom he shelters beneath his Monroe doctrine wing [10]. - , - (Uncle Sam is long-suffering and full of mercy toward the southern performers). , (the southern performers whom he shelters).

    - [1, 124]. , - , , :

    - : Man is cruelly wasteful of life when his own safety is endangered

    and he is sheltered by impunity, and little mercy is to be expected from him when he feels the sting of the reptile and is conscious of the power to destroy [7];

    - - : He argues, however, that he acted out of mercy, because his wife

    was suffering from a terminal illness and no longer wanted to live in pain [7].

    : "Do you mean to tell me that it takes a whole year to make a

    wedding dress? " And then the cruelty that lies in every woman made her shake her head and say, " No - that isn't why nice folks wait a whole year. They wait to give each other plenty of time to change their minds" [7]; "Bianca studied this great, strange man who had become her husband, who would sire whatever children she would have, and the intimacy of both these reflections did not detract from his strangeness. She could say in all honor and all truth that nothing had happened between her and Kit -- nothing, save only a kiss. So her thoughts ran. But Bianca was not lacking in that strange quirk of utterly feminine cruelty which is so much a part of every woman [7].

    - : The analysis of woman's mind is typical. " Inclination to lies,

    falsehood, foolishness, greediness, hastiness, uncleanliness, and cruelty are inborn faults of the woman "; or " Water never remains in an unbaked vessel, flour in a sieve, nor news in the mind of women ";

    or " The mind of a woman is less stable than the ear of an elephant or the flash of lightning" [7].

    : - : They wandered over a wild field; one that included Anna, with

    her beauty, her mild truth, her womanly softness, and her womanly cruelty; Captain Poke and his peculiar opinions; the amiable family of quadrupeds and their wounded sensibilities; the excellences of the social-stake system; and, in short, most of that which I had seen and heard during the last four-and-twenty hours [7];

    - : Wall, it run along for weeks and weeks, he with his hopes a risin'

    up sometimes like his yeast and then bein' pounded down ag'in like his bread, under the hard knuckles of a woman's capricious cruelty. For I must say that she did, for sech a soft littte creeter, have cold and cruel ways to Abram [7].

    : I trust that in making up your mind upon this point, you will re-

    member what I have done for you. You will find my expenses on your account in a book which I will give you. The cool cruelty of the wom-an, at this supreme moment of her life, angered and disgusted me. I bit my lips to keep back the hot words that pressed for utterance [7].

    : , - , - [11, 420]. - . :

    THE sex in these books, in short, is not normal. Except for the insane and the emotionally ill, men and women do not derive pleas-ure from hurting or frustrating their partners. Women do not gener-ally rip off their own clothing at the first sight of a man, ugly or not. Women are not attracted by cruelty; they are repelled. And very few rational women take drooling as a true compliment [7].

    - , - [4, 42]. :

    She was despondent and had applied twelve leeches to her breasts to drain from her the milk of generosity. That she might ac-quire a cruelty of hea