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Capitalization rules

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  • 1. Capitalization Rules

2. 1. Capitalize the first letter ofthe first word in a sentence. We walked along the path to the lake. Did you bring the camera? Tie the boat to the dock. The water is freezing! 3. Rule #1 bill left on the afternoon bus. do you recognize that girl? please go away. stop! 4. 2. Capitalize the pronoun I. Should I call you later? I think Ill call at six oclock. Louis and I shall both call you. Oops, I just rememberedImgrounded from the phone. 5. Rule #2 i dont understand this assignment. May Susan and i work together? Mrs. Jones said, i dont think thats agood idea. But ill make sure we are quiet. 6. 3. Capitalize the first letter of thefirst word in most lines of poetry. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And I am too! 7. #3 there was a young lady named Rose who had a large wart on her nose. when she had it removed her appearance improved, but her glasses slipped down to hertoes. 8. 4. Capitalize the first word, thelast word, and all importantwords in any title. Do notcapitalize a, an, the, and, but, or,nor, or prepositons of four offewer letters unless they are thefirst or last word of a title. 9. The Little Prince Gone with the Wind Happy Birthday Ghost of the Lagoon 10. #4 lord of the rings summer of fire of mice and men a roman villa 11. 5. Capitalize peoples namesand their initial(s). George W. Bush Cathy Melissa Thurmond Dr. Richard Smith T. J. Duckett 12. #5 chris tovani red riding hood john paul jones richard m. nixon 13. 6. Capitalize days, months,holidays, and special days. Tuesday July Arbor Day Christmas Eve 14. #6 sunday january veterans day hanukkah 15. 7. Capitalize Mother, Dad, andother titles if you can insert thepersons name Has Dad gone to the store? We all know that Uncle Duane tellscrazy stories.But dont capitalize when names or titlesare used like:My dad has gone to the store.Our uncle tells crazy stories. 16. #7 aunt susan my grandma cousin fred your father 17. 8. Capitalize names oforganizations. Boy Scouts of America American Red Cross North Atlantic Treaty Organization National Organization for Women 18. #8 kiwanis club national honor society organization of states welcome wagon club 19. 9. Capitalize the names ofinstitutions. Boston College Berkmar High School Grady Hospital Fulton County Jail 20. #9university of georgiagwinnett medical centerberkmar middle schoolsmithson school of design 21. 10. Capitalize business names. Delta Airlines Posada Restaurant Holiday Inn Kroger 22. #10 foot locker pizza hut jens hallmark shop barnes and noble 23. 11. Capitalize the names ofstructures. Washington Tunnel London Bridge Leaning Tower of Pisa Cumberland Expressway 24. #11 statue of liberty white house lincoln memorial eiffel tower 25. 12. Capitalize the names ofspecific geographic places Indian Ocean Pocono Mountains Fulton County Midwest 26. #12 cape cod gulf of mexico germany great salt lake 27. 13. Capitalize the names ofhistorical events and historicaldocuments. American Revolution Battle of Shiloh Declaration of Independence U. S. Constitution 28. #13 war between the states gettysburg address treaty of paris battle of the buldge 29. 14. Capitalize the names oflanguages. French Spanish Russian English 30. #14 italian mandarin chinese german arabic 31. 15. Capitalize the Romannumerals and the letters of thefirst major topics in an outline.Capitalize only the first word inan outline unless the words are aproper noun. 32. #15.I. Oceans and seas A. Major oceans B. Major seasII. Land formsA. Western hemisphere continents1. North America2. South AmericaB. Eastern hemisphere continents 33. 16. Capitalize the first word of adirect quotation. Do not capitalizethe word following the quotationunless it is a proper noun. Harvey asked, How old are you? I am ten, sad Jodi. You look older, Harvey said. Jodi replied, Everyone says that. 34. #16 mrs. logan said, here is your test. how did I make a 56? asked terry. you missed a lot of question, mrs.logan replied. my dad is going to ground me for therest of my life, cried terry. 35. 17. Capitalize brand namesbut not the products. Ford van Mayfield ice cream Sony computer disc Bar S hot dogs 36. #17 lays potato chips nike tennis shoes liz claiborne dress harley davidson motorcycle 37. 18. Capitalize religions, religiousdocuments, names of churches,and names for a supreme being. Christian (religion) Heavenly Father (reference to God) Talmud (writings of Jewish religion) Palmcroft Baptist Church 38. 19. Capitalize a proper adjectivebut not the noun it modifies. A California beach A Payson music festival A Memorial Day parade An African nation 39. #19 greek god english muffin christmas vacation shakespearian theater 40. 20. Capitalize the first world of agreeting and closing of a letter.My dearest friendSincerely yours 41. Capitalize directions when theyrefer to a region of a country orthe world Georgia is in the South. He lives in China which is also called theEast. BUT Georgia is south of Tennessee.