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    Wiper Blade

    Catalogue 2015

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  • Wiper Blades Table of Contents

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    Table of Contents Inhaltsverzeichnis Table des matières Índice

    Indice Innehåll Spis treści Содержание


    4 Introduction

    6 Technologies and

    Fitting Options

    9 Replacement Signs

    10 Identification Table

    68 Range Updates

    71 Application Tables

    - Left Hand Drive

    Right Hand Drive

    157 Buyers Guide

    205 Cross Reference Chart

    209 Abbreviations

    12 Einführung

    14 Wischblatt-

    Technologien und


    17 Anzeichen für



    18 Kennzeichnungstabelle

    68 Sortiment-Updates

    71 Anwendungstabellen

    - Linkslenker


    157 Kundenführer

    205 Querverweistabellen

    209 Abkürzungen

    20 Introduction

    22 Technologies et

    fixations au choix

    25 Signes de remplacement


    26 Tableau d’identification

    68 Mises à jour des gammes

    71 Applications

    - Conduite à gauche

    Conduite à droite

    157 Guide de l’acheteur

    205 Tableau de


    209 Abréviations

    28 Introducción

    30 Tecnologías y opciones

    de montaje

    33 Indicios de la

    necesidad de cambiar

    las escobillas

    34 Tabla de identificación

    68 Actualizaciones de la


    71 Tablas de aplicaciones

    - Volante a la izquierda

    Volante a la derecha

    157 Guía de Compra

    205 Referencias Cruzadas

    209 Abreviaturas

    36 Introduzione

    38 Tecnologie sistemi di


    41 Segni visibili per cui

    è necessaria la


    42 Tabella


    68 Aggiornamenti di gamma

    71 Tabelle applicative

    - Guida a sinistra

    Guida a destra

    157 Guida per l’acquirente

    205 Tabella di riferimento

    209 Abbreviazioni

    44 Inledning

    46 Bladtyper och


    49 Tecken På Att

    Torkarblad Behöver


    50 Identifieringstabell

    68 Sortimentuppdate-ringar

    71 Tillämpningstabeller

    - högerstyrning

    157 Köpguide

    205 Korsreferens

    209 Förkortningar

    52 Wstęp

    54 Technologie i opcje


    57 Oznaki Zużycia


    58 Identyfikacja


    68 Aktualizacja serii

    71 Lista zastosowań

    - Kierownica z lewej strony

    Kierownica z prawej strony

    157 Przewodnik kupującego

    205 Tabela zamienników

    209 Skróty

    60 Введение

    62 Технологии и ассортимент

    65 Признаки износа

    66 Система обозначения

    68 Обновления в


    71 Таблица применения

    - Леворульные автомобили

    Праворульные автомобили

    157 Руководство покупателя

    205 Таблица


    209 Сокращения

  • Unique design features. Superior quality materials. Made to the strictest OEM standards. These are the exceptional credentials of DENSO’s Wiper Blades – providing drivers with a safe, comfortable field of vision whatever the weather.

    Fitted as original equipment to the windscreens of cars such as BMW’s new X5 and X6 models, the Land Rover Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee, Japanese marques including Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Suzuki, Korean marques including Hyundai and Kia, and all Ferraris since 2008, DENSO Wiper Blades are the choice of leading car makers worldwide. Why? Because in our work as one of the world’s foremost developers and manufacturers of original vehicle parts and systems, DENSO is a relentless pioneer of advanced Wiper Blade technologies. From Standard and Flat blades to the latest Hybrid designs, DENSO Wiper Blades combine intelligent design, top quality materials and accurate manufacture – ensuring they wipe better and last longer.

    All these advantages are also available to aftermarket customers in our DENSO Wiper Blades programme. We put our unrivalled OE know-how and unique features into every replacement Wiper Blade we make, ensuring they deliver a clear, streak-free finish across thousands of driving miles. And with an extensive range of technologies and fitting options available, DENSO is your complete supplier.

    Why choose DENSO Wiper Blades > Original equipment technology and quality guarantee outstanding

    wiping performance > Durable, non-corrosive materials, including a natural, high

    compression rubber wiper, deliver long service life > Evenly cut edges ensure an effective wiping edge > Low profile inserts provide the perfect wiping angle > High coverage of Asian and European vehicle applications offer

    optimum customer convenience

    So when you need replacement Wiper Blades, there’s only one name to choose: DENSO.

    As well as superior OE quality and advanced design, DENSO’s Wiper Blade programme for the aftermarket offers complete convenience and choice.

    With 1,700 applications – covering 85% of the European car parc - there is a DENSO Wiper Blade for almost every car. Yet that coverage is achieved with only 142 convenient part references; making the programme the most consolidated range in the aftermarket.

    What’s more, the DENSO programme offers three essential Wiper Blade types, and a choice of easy fitting options including bayonet, hook or twin screw installation systems. Choose from:

    Standard Blades - A popular choice for the everyday motorist, DENSO’s Standard Wiper Blades offer all-round, long-lasting performance with a selection of different blade and installation options. As well as front windscreen wipers, this range also includes OEM specification Rear Wiper Blades, ensuring a complete replacement option for customers.

    Flat Blades - Intelligently engineered for close, even contact on any windscreen, DENSO’s Flat Wiper Blades deliver long-lasting, streak-free performance in all weathers. Now you can also upgrade your left-hand drive customers from conventional blades to DENSO’s stylish, superior performance Flat Blade technology by selecting from our extensive Retrofit Flat Blade range.

    Hybrid Blades - Truly advanced, OEM specification wiping technology - developed by DENSO - that blends outstanding wiping performance with stylish, integrated design. You can also take advantage of our Retrofit Hybrid Blade range. Covering hundreds of key applications the range enables your customers to upgrade from conventional blades to high performance Hybrid Wiper Blades.

    RangeThe DENSO difference

    Wiper Blades Introduction GB

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  • Each of the three Wiper Blade technologies in DENSO’s range offers specific benefits. There are a number of industry-wide, core performance measures that differentiate each type; helping you choose the best blades for your needs:

    > Windscreen curvature versatility: Will the blade match both very flat windscreens and extremely curved ones? This is key for aftermarket businesses and ensuring a consolidated range

    > Low speed performance (static pressure): This provides the initial performance parameter

    > High speed performance (aerodynamic pressure): Essential for premium sector cars, and vehicles that are often driven on motorways

    > Noise: Are the blades noisy during use? > Water droplet spills: Do many water droplets fall off the blade and

    onto the windscreen after wiping?

    Wiper technologies compared

    Wiper Blades Introduction GB









    Windscreen curvature versatility

    Low speed performance (static


    High speed performance (aerodynamic




    Water droplet spills

    Cold weather performance

    Durability (life time)

    Performance comparison of wiper technologies

    Standard Flat blade



    > Cold weather performance: Of particular importance in colder regions

    > Dust resistance and durability (life time): Dry wiping, sandy particles and UV radiation are the most common causes of premature wear – but rubber composition and blade construction can be optimised to improve these characteristics

    > Appearance: Modern, sleek designs upgrade the appearance of the car

    The chart below compares the performance of each DENSO wiper technology, based on these performance parameters. In general, Hybrid Blades combine the best characteristics of both Standard and Flat Blade designs.

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  • Standard Blades

    One of our top-selling Wiper Blade ranges, DENSO’s Standard Blades offer a selection of four, advanced blade profiles – including Rear Wiper Blades – to suit different windscreens and vehicle styles. There are also four different choices of insta