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In this issue: Ceramics China 2016 - World production and consumption of ceramic tiles


  • n World production and consumption of ceramic tiles

    n Ceramics China 2016



    marketsR eview


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    27-30 May


    STAND C20

    6Hall 3.1

  • May 25-28, 2016

    will be present at

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  • CWR CHINA 2016 3


    Cover picture by: Giancarlo Pradelli

    Year 26, Chinese Edition Supplement to No. 116April/May 2016Bimonthly review

    9 Editorial Greetings to Ceramics China 2016 Fabio Tarozzi 2016

    10 World NEWs22 EvENts SITI-B&T Group debuts on the Italian stock exchange 26 EcoNomics World production and consumption of ceramic tiles Luca Baraldi

    40 The big players in the sector

    42 The state of the art of digital decoration Paolo Zannini

    48 The state of the art of Systems full digital process Rita Cagnoli System

    50 New developments in digitalisation of the ceramic production process Alessandro Ferrari

    52 Colorobbia Digital Space: a step towards the future of ceramics Angelo Onorato Colorobbia Digital Space

    54 On-demand digital printing: everything you need, nothing you dont Vincenzo Palumbo Angelo Montalti

    56 Ceramics: a strategic sector for Durst and the state of the art Norbert von Aufschnaiter Durst

    58 Art for creation, technology for reproduction Antonio Maccari

    60 The advantages of Efi Ecosystem for the ceramic industry Natalia Martinez Efi

    62 Products

    74 tEchNology Workability, a key parameter for Electrical Porcelain Luc Bourgy, Andrew Sugden Martyn Gadsdon

    78 Products 6 advErtisErs list

    Focus oN digital glazing & decoration

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    C201- Hall 3.1

    ADV Creadigit Ceramics China 2016.indd 1 02/05/16 10:23

  • CWR CHINA 2016 9


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    On behalf of ACIMAC, the Associ-ation of the Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics, I would like to express my warmest greetings to the Chi-nese institutions and to the oper-ators of the Chinese ceramic in-dustry.

    Ceramics China represents a ma-jor chance for both Chinese and Italian companies to communicate and to strengthen their long-last-ing cooperation.

    The world ceramic market re-quires every day better quality tiles, for the production of which the best available technologies are needed. Italian technol-ogy for ceramics, world leader in terms of quality and inno-vation, will be represented in this years exhibition by several top companies, which will present their latest solutions and newest technologies.

    Confirming the support of our Association to the exhibition, we wish to all the exhibitors, visitors and organizers a very successful Ceramics China 2016.

    Fabio TarozziACIMAC Chairman 5


    ACIMAC 5



    Greetings to Ceramics China 2016

    Fabio Tarozzi

  • CWR CHINA 2016 10

    accounting for more than 80% of turnover. Customers include some of the worlds largest groups such as Kohler, Corona, Deca, Amer-ican Standard, Toto and Villeroy Boch. One of the groups distinc-tive features is its internationally recognised expertise in the tech-nological aspects of the produc-tion processes, from body prepa-ration to traditional casting, robot-ic glazing and most recently firing. In this segment it not only oper-ates under the Ipeg brand name but at the end of January final-ised the acquisition of Coeltunnel Srl, a company owned for sever-al years by Sait and Nexus group (Civita Castellana). Coeltunnel is a leading player in the segment of tunnel and shuttle kilns for bricks and tiles, sanitaryware and table-ware and has installed approxi-mately a hundred kilns during its

    Setec reportS Strong growth in 2015

    The reawakening of the table-ware sector in the Far East and the higher demand for sanitaryware manufacturing technologies in the region together with the con-solidation of traditional markets in North Africa and Central and South America are the key posi-tive factors that have enabled Civ-ita Castellana-based Setec Group to close fiscal 2015 with approxi-mately 30% growth in sales. The forecasts for 2016 are even more encouraging thanks to further strong growth in orders. For the group led by Domenico Fortuna which consists of the brand