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    China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.


    2016China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.




    China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.

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    China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.

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    DEVELOPMENT REPORT 20162016China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.

    China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.(CAIH), the primary

    platform of investment, capital operation and strategic

    cooperation authorized by China Aerospace Science Technology

    Corporation(CASC), implements "13th Five-Year" planning of

    CAIH, makes progress while ensuring stability, adheres to

    innovation, actively carries out investment and financing,

    mobilizes internal and external resources. CAIH, closely relying

    on the aerospace industry, has become an industrial investment

    holding company with strong industrial background and

    technical advantages.

    CAIH adheres to its mission and keeps sustained stable

    development on the support of CASC and other shareholders. At

    the end of 2016, CAIH with registered capital RMB 7.425

    billion has reached the owners equity of RMB 12.341 billion

    and fund management more than RMB 50 billion. CAIH general

    income and total profit reaches RMB 1.702 billion and RMB

    1.551 billion respectively and ROI achieves 16%. Since the

    establishment in 2008, CAIH has kept sharing out bonus 8 years

    straight and recent 2 years in accordance with nearly 8% of

    equity capital to share out, accumulated bonus reach RMB 2.637


    In 2016, CAIH on behalf of CASC invested RMB 5 billion, as

    the main sponsor together with 13 military central enterprises

    and well-known finance firms launches SINO Civil-Military

    Integration Industry Development Fund, first phase of the fund

    RMB 30.2 billion, which is the first industry fund of SASAC.

    CAIH on behalf of CASC together with China Insurance

    Investment Fund, Postal Savings Bank, SPD Bank, ICBC,

    Beijing Government, GUOXIN International Investment

    Corporation Limited and CRRC launches China Innovation

    Fund, the only fund initiated by industry group entrusted by

    SASAC, which is dedicated to promote the central enterprises to

    break through the key technology of strategic emerging

    industries and achieve industrialization, to promote

    collaborative innovation between the central enterprises and

    between the central enterprises and the other enterprises. Total

    size of the fund is RMB 150 billion, first phase of the fund is

    RMB 113.9 billion.

    In 2016, CAIH continues to increase strategic investment in

    aerospace industry and promote the integration of military and

    civilian and asset securitization to CASC. Aerospace related

    investment amount reaches RMB 7.231 billion and completed

    projects including high-throughput satellite, smart city,

    aerospace high-end equipment manufacturing, robots, drones,

    photovoltaic plant and so on. CAIH seizes the commercial space

    development opportunity to build a rocket business operation

    platform. CAIH facilitates aerospace new energy and new

    materials sector mergers. CAIH innovates business model by

    establishing new energy operating company. CAIH plans deep

    arrangement in UAV industry and promotes capital operation of

    invested enterprise.

    CAIH actively participates in setting up High Scores Satellite

    Industry Fund, CNIC Cooperation (Zhejiang) Investment Fund,

    China Nuclear Engineering Construction Industry Fund

    Management Co., Ltd and China Shipbuilding Industry

    Investment Fund and facilitate the combination of central

    enterprises in the advantageous field to jointly promote the

    realization of strategic innovation and industrial upgrading of

    central enterprises

    In 2016, CAIH takes advantage of cooperation between CAIH

    and all subsidiaries to promote combination between industry

    and finance to aerospace in various forms. All funds of CAIH

    accumulated investment amount reaches RMB 6.491 billion.

    Aerospace Leasing annual investment amount reaches RMB

    2.801 billion. CAIH enhances post investment management,

    actively promote IPO process of invested companies. China

    Nuclear Engineering Construction successfully gets listed in

    Shanghai Stock Exchange on 6th June in 2016, stock code is

    601611. At the end of 2016, CAIH has hatched 8 listed

    companies and floating profit of all invested listed companies

    reach RMB 5.496 billion. CAIH achieves income of RMB 0.45

    billion by share withdrawal through accelerating flow of stock

    of the invested companies.

    CAIH continues to strengthen soft power construction by

    enhancing strategic plan and research ability, enhancing team

    building, establishing incentive mechanism suited for CAIH,

    constantly optimizing internal control system and improving

    risk control and supervision system.

    CAIH bears in mind the social responsibility and actively

    invests in energy conservation. CAIH avails combination of

    financial capital and aerospace technology in order for making

    aerospace high-end technology to enter into every regular

    family and benefiting peoples livelihood. CAIH invests RMB

    0.3 billion and participates in the establishment of SOE Poverty

    Area Industry Investment Fund to practice the political

    responsibility and social responsibility of central enterprises

    and promote regional economic development in poor areas.

    CAIH actively participates in social welfare establishments by

    helping to improve the production and living conditions of poor

    people in Hebei Province.

    In 2017, global economy will continue the state of slowly

    recovering and uncertainty increases. China's economy remains

    in the new normal. Real economys adjustment continues and

    capital market is still in fluctuation. CAIH , adhering to

    maintaining stability, reform and innovation, overall

    coordination, management improvement, ability enhancement,

    serving aerospace working guideline, continues to increase

    investment in the aerospace industry to promote the integration

    of military and civilian and the combination of industry and

    finance to aerospace industry. CAIH strives to become

    domestic first-class and internationally renowned modern

    industrial investment company as soon as possible and make

    greater contribution to the development of China aerospace


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    China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd.(CAIH) was established in Dec. 2006, with a registered capital of RMB 7.425 billion. At the end of 2016, owners equity reaches RMB 12.341 billion, and fund management is more than RMB 50 billion. CAIH concentrates on fulfilling the responsibility of industry incubation, capital operation, strategic merger and acquisition, investment and financing services that given by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC).

    CAIH, authorized by CASC, as main body for investment management, platform of capital operation and strategic cooperation. It is co-founded by CASC and its subsidiaries, together with GUOXIN International Corporation Limited, PICC property and Casualty Company Ltd., China Everbright Investment Management Corp Limited, Export-import Bank of China, China SDIC Gaoxin Industry Investment Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, Cinda Investment Co., Ltd., China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group.

    CAIH together with E-town Capital, Haidian District State-owned Asset Management Center, CITIC Limited, China Three Gorges Corporation and Taikang Life launched Aerospace Industry Fund with RMB 4.04 billion in 2010. CAIH together with SND Ventures Group and Zhejiang Xinhu Venture Capital launched Aerospace Hi-Tech (Suzhou) Venture Capital with RMB 0.5 billion for the first phase and together with Wuxi Venture Capital Group and etc launched Aerospace SINO Internet of Things Investment Fund with RMB 0.308 billion in 2012. In order to obtain international investment opportunities and conduct overseas merger and strategic investment, CAIH established the wholly owned overseas subsidiary Easy Smart Limited in 2012 as well. CAI